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Opera Kashu (incomplete) - PART ONE - Hannigram fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family
Opera Kashu

by IantosCoffeeIsTheBest

(AU) Will is an Opera singer and Hannibal is entranced by him.

Basically Hannibal is a little bit of a stalker, and Will is feeling guilty.


See the end of the work for notes
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hajimemashite

Will Graham was an opera singer. Some said he was the best in his state, but Will being the nice guy he is, he begs to disagree. He was currently playing Jørgen in En Kort En Lang and currently had a fan by the name of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Every night when the curtain went up Will would lock eyes with the man; it came to a point where he would actively seek him out amongst the other public members in the audience, although he favoured the middle seat in the front row. How apt will thought.

After a while this Mr.Lecter started sending him notes which would be attached to the mirror of his dressing room at the end of each performance. At first Will was baffled as to who these decelerations of gratitude could have come from, but after seeing the grand Hannibal Lecter, a pillar of the community at every show, making his opinions on Will known to all those that were behind the play and others who were speculating on this recent remake of the classic, Will put two and two together. He wasn't as incompetent as his father had once thought. Sure he was in the performing art business but that didn't make him any less of a man, Will scowled thinking back to his fathers unkind words on the subject matter.

The notes in question dictated how Will had done the role justice and did not have to worry about the standard set by his predecessor as he had excelled them. By June these notes had taken a more optimistic tone as Hannibal had taken it upon himself to state his dire need to meet the star that had captured his fixated gaze for the past two months. Will ignored this in favour of being professional. Sure he owed the guy for coming to every single show and taking the time to write him notes of appreciation, but he didn't ask him to did he? After the curtains had lowered and he had taken his bow for what seemed like an age, Will walked back to his dressing room contemplating the contents of the note he would receive once more. A place of meeting perhaps? Or a means of contact? Surely Dr.Hannibal Lecter would be desperate by now? But what Will found was a very large, very expensive bunch of red roses with a note attached in what only could be recognised as 'doctor scrawl' therefore these were from the ever adoring Mr.Lecter.

Will smelt the flowers and smiled. He really should thank the man next time he sees him; which would be very soon based on past data. What would he say upon meeting the man? Would he thank him, although that did not seem enough for someone as dedicated as he. Beverly, Will's friend had seen these notes and endlessly teased him about them, she told him as much as they were a nice thought, that the guy seemed a creep and to stay away. But Will never judged people straight away. He decided he had to meet the man behind the flowers. He would meet him tomorrow, it would be easy seeing as Dr.Lecter always was the last person to leave the premises. Probably hoping I'd stop him, this has been going on for ages though, I've made him wait. That's kinda rude.

After another successful show Will came back to his dressing room to quickly change so he could speak to his admirer, but what he found stopped him in his tracks. A box. Tied with a sapphire coloured ribbon and a note with his name on. Hannibal. This was his handwriting. Will pondered as to what this box could hold before anxiously opening the present to find diamond cufflinks shaped in the form of a deer of some sort. This was too much, surely Mr.Lecter knew he couldn't accept something of such an extravagant nature? Will changed his shirt, but left the stage-pants on in an attempt to catch the man before he left, although with less of an audience. His new shirt was sticking to him as he made his way through the mass of people congratulating him on his performance, his body still sweat soaked from his on-stage antics. Maybe I should have showered first. Will thought to himself as he came ever closer to his loyal fan.

'Mr.Lecter! Sir!'

Will called out as he came face to face to the Lithuanian.

'William Graham. What a pleasure it is to finally meet you'.

Hannibal took his hand, glancing at Will's puzzled face before placing a chaste kiss to the top of his hand.

'Th-thank you sir' Will stuttered, not knowing what to make of this. No one has kissed me on the hand this normal?

Sensing his unease Hannibal begrudgingly let young William's hand fall back down to his side and smiled whilst inhaling his sent. Sweat. Anxiety. Arousal? What?

'You really must change your aftershave William' Dr.Lecter retorted before turning his back to a stunned Will.

'Oh, and Mr.Graham?'

'Yes sir?' Will called back, bunching his brows in an expression of confusion.

'You may call me Hannibal, good day'.

With that he left. Just as promptly as he was there, he had dissipated into the roaring crowd leaving Will looking around for Beverly. She'd know what to do he muttered to himself, he wasn't one for social interactions, maybe this was the norm, he was yet to find out.


Chapter Summary

Hannibal closes in on Will like the shark from Jaws.

He sends Will a dinner invitation, but Will doesn't do social events. He thought he had wormed his way out of it until the good doctor phones him. He's one persuasive guy.

Chapter Notes

A big thank you to moonphase9 & Cee cee for being the first to comment! This ones for you and those who have left Kudos! Thanks!

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 2: Tomodachi

Life went on for Will Graham quite rapidly after meeting Dr.Lecter (Or Hannibal as he instructed him to address him). He was half way through his contracted time in the theatre and he was finally at ease in the role. It took a while. Beverly was a little more close since his meeting with the doctor, he knew he should have kept it to himself but he was so baffled by the encounter that he needed to seek advice.

'I told you not to go near him!' Beverly raised her voice. 'Especially not alone, jeez Will'

'I don't see why it's such a big deal, I mean did you see what he's been sending me? First the notes, then the flowers, and now damn expensive cuff links with diamonds, diamonds Beverly!' Will explained, rubbing the back of his mused hair in discomfort.

'Look, I know you feel guilty and all. Your dad brought you up as a fine young ma-'

'Don't mention him, please.' Will whined. She always did this without thinking.

'Sorry, but you can see what I'm getting at right? This guy is obviously a stalker; a wealthy stalker, but still. Think of what he's capable of. He has money right? He could tap your phone, have you investigated, even hire people to follow your ass 24/7 to get photos that log your every move. Just think about it okay? I'm not saying never speak to the guy, but at least tell someone first, let me know where your going at least that way if anything happens...'

Will could see the glint in her eyes at the thought of all these possibilities in her head. Not that she wanted them to happen, but she was intrigued what someone with large sums of money and all the free time in the world would concoct to feed their pleasures.

'Nothing's gunna happen Bev, he's a really nice guy...well I only had five minutes with him but still. Look he obviously wants to express his gratitude, and who am I to stand in the way? 'Sides you have one hell of a vivid imagination! I mean c'mon, what's he wanna stalk me for? I'm boring!' Will sighed.

'Just be careful you idiot' She said trying to lighten the mood.

'I promise, mom...'

'Very funny, get back to your dressing room, I'm sure your dogs are wondering where you've got to' She smiled remembering their sad little faces when she looked after them for a week when Will had to go into hospital to have his Shunt fitted.

When Will had gotten ready to go home, he looked around to see if he had missed anything he definitely wasn't driving all the way back to get his phone like last time, he'd never hear the end of it from Jack. Jack was his manager, and he always worked him too hard. Beverly said he was only doing it to make money whilst he still could, and that Will was a mug for going along with it although she knew he wouldn't complain, everyone and their mothers were scared of the guy. He had a temper and Will knew deep down he was only doing what he though was best for him, even if it was making him work for four years straight without a break in sight.

Will spied a lavender coloured envelope carefully placed underneath his water bottle. That's weird, I didn't notice that there before. He took the letter and opened it to reveal a very formal looking invitation, it read in the neatest of calligraphy:

Mr. William Graham,

Please do me the honour of attending a dinner party in your favour at my home in London.

Please inform me of your decision by this evening,

Contact details are placed on the reverse.

Kind regards,

Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Well shit. Will thought. A dinner party!? I don't do social events, let alone eating in front of people. God, I am totally screwed. He really didn't want to be rude as Hannibal had gone to so much trouble but he barely knew the man and now he is creating dinner parties with him as the guest of honour. Beverly was right. He needed to find an excuse that wouldn't make him look like a complete tool in front of the world's most delectable eligible bachelor.

He turned the thick embossed card over to find an address and a mobile number. Probably his PA's. He wouldn't have a PA would he? He came to the conclusion that he would deal with this when he arrived home and not a minute sooner. He grabbed his messenger bag and coat, shoved the invitation deep into the bag and swiftly made his exit.

When he pulled up outside his flat in central London he kicked his shoes off, petted every one of his seven dogs and collapsed onto the nearest sofa. He placed his palms against his eye sockets and sighed deeply. Why did this have to happen to him. Winston, his newest rescue dog, trotted over and placed his head in his lap as if he was sympathising.

'I know, I know. Better to get it over and done with eh, Winston?' he muttered to the empty room.

He just didn't know what to say...He supposed he could go for an hour and leave? No. NO. Definitely not. A room surrounded by snobby people who probably hated his impersonation of Jørgen, besides, he didn't even own a tux, or a good suit for that matter. He had decided, he couldn't possibly attend. Now for the hard part, texting was too informal given the whole invitation, but he hated speaking to people on the phone, it made him uncomfortable. He'd have to text.

He typed the number from the back of the card carefully into his phone, then proceeded to punch out a short message.

Hey, It's Will Graham.

Just letting you know that I appreciate the gesture of the dinner party, but I unfortunately can't attend.

I hope it goes well without me.

I apologise once again.


Will put his phone down and went to rustle up something to eat before he hit the hay. He got as far as opening the fridge when the phone began ringing. Joy. Who the hell calls someone at 10 to 1 at night?. Will closed the door with a bang and went to retrieve his phone.

'Hello?' He asked sceptically. If this was Jack again...

'Ah, William, I must apologise for calling at such a late hour but I had just received your text message'. He said the word 'text' as though it has personally offended him. Note to self: call in future.

'Oh, ohh, sorry about that. I'd have though you might have turned your phone off and I'd have forgot to send it in the mornings, especially with feeding the dogs and going over my lines and-' Will rambled.

'Yes, yes, I understand. Although may a enquire as to why you cannot attend the even which I propose in your favour?' Shit. No. Don't ask me that!

'Erm, It's not that I'm not grateful, cuz I am, really' Will began nervously. 'It's just that Jack- My manager- has booked me to try out for all these roles and-'

'You really should take more of an active role in your own career, William' Hannibal interrupted for the second time. Did he not know it was rude to interrupt?

'I know, but that's what I'm paying him for, and he really knows what's best. I wouldn't have the first idea on how to go about some of the things he manages to pull off' Will defended.

'Nevertheless, this Jack fellow seems to be running you quite ragged, my dear. Maybe some time off is in order?' You would say that wouldn't you. Damn your sexy voice and your posh accent.

'Yeah, maybe. Anyway I've got to go, I'm really hungry, and super tired. Beverly -that's my friend- I'm meeting her tomorrow in Starbucks to catch up and she's kinda an early bird' Will lied again.

'Ah, I apologise. You must be terribly exhausted. I will let you go now William, perhaps I could join you and your friend tomorrow to discuss your preferences for the menu?' What menu? Won't you take no for an answer! jeez.

'Erm, yeah, I guess -yeah, sure. I'll erm, text you the address? and the time?'

'That would be most accommodating. Thank you. Now off to bed, wouldn't want you falling asleep upon our meeting tomorrow now, would we?' Pompous git.

'Thanks, and erm, thanks again, sorry to wake you. Bye' Wil finalised.

'Goodbye William' Hannibal agreed.

'Call me Will, everybody does. William sounds so formal'. Will retorted without thinking, then cursed himself for it.

'If you insist. Goodnight Will, I hope you have pleasant dreams'. Dr.Lecter replied, making sure to emphasise Will's name.

'You too'. Will closed the phone and flung it halfway across the room where it landed in Buster's bed.

"Sorry boy, daddy's just tired, and annoyed, and totally mental for not correcting Hannibal sooner. What kind of name is Hannibal anyone? What is he a count? Like Dracula. I hope he doesn't eat me.'

Will picked up the mobile. Placed it on the side table along with the keys he fished out of his trouser pocket, giving up on finding something to eat in favour of his bed. What was he going to do now?

Chapter End Notes

Hannibal is one persuasive motherfu**** when he wants to be. Poor Will, he's never gunna get out of this now!

Anywayyyy, hope you enjoyed it! Drop a comment below, or just kudos if u'd like. Thanks!


Chapter Summary

Will's hypothetical meeting with Beverly become existent, and she isn't happy about playing gooseberry.

Chapter Notes

This chapter is dedicated to: JunsuChinCritic,, MoMA_Bee, MayMeiKuru, mugglekat, ShadowAngel, katzchen, haru_ran, and Sept_Meules as well as 7 others who left kudos! So thanks!

Chapter 3: Tasukete

Will woke up with a start. His nightmares were getting worse since he'd first laid eyes on Hannibal; The stag was haunting his dreams with those maroon eyes that quite clearly belonged to the doctor. He had been up for most of the night worrying about this fictional meeting with Beverly that Hannibal was gatecrashing. He groaned knowing he'd have to phone her, then she'd find out he's been talking to him without telling her and he really couldn't be bothered with an argument this early in the morning. He got up, took off his sweat-soaked shirt, grabbed his phone off of the side table and dialled Beverly's number whilst feeding his dogs.


'Beverly? Hi!'

'Will? What's wrong? You never phone me unless it's an emergency. Are the dogs okay? Your not hurt are you?' Her voice echoed over the line, she must be in the shower. It was early.

'No and no, but this is an emergency. Hannibal Lecter has invited himself to our get-together in Starbucks today'

'Were meeting? Since when?...wait a minute, did you just say Hannibal? Will! What did I tell you!'

'No-Beverly listen, please! I had to make an excuse cuz he's thrown me a damn dinner party. I tried to get out of it, really I did, but that man is all kinds of stubborn.' Will complained.

'A dinner party? In your honour? Seriously. Gawwwd he must be lovestruck.'

'Look, are you free today? Can you come?'' Will sighed, crossing his fingers behind his back.

What to watch that creep stare at you all doughy eyed for a coupla hours?'

'Bev...' He sounded exasperated.

'Okay, okay, but if you two start smoochin' I'm off!' she warned.

'BEVERLY!' he shouted in mock disgust. Hannibal was definitely a catch but he'd never though of him in that way before.

'What? You clearly like him or you wouldn't be doing anything anywhere near as social as this! C'mon I've known you since kindergarten!'

'I just feel bad is all, plus he won't take no for an answer, he phoned me in the dead of night banging out about what food I'd like for the party even though I'd quite clearly text him saying I couldn't go! I mean who does that?' Him, clearly.

'You text'ed him?'

'Yeah...His number was on that back of he invitation' Shit.

'The most eligible bachelor for states, and you happen to have his number' She said that as though it was a good thing!

'I didn't ask for it if that's what your thinking, I told you it was on the back-'

'-Of the invite, I know, you've only told me about ten times' Beverly interrupted with a sigh.

'Sorry...So you'll come?'

'Sure, what time?'

'Erm, around 12?' I told him she gets up early but I'm sure I can make something up.

'Okay, consider me there.'

'Thank youuuuuu, your a life saver' Will all-but sings.

'I know I am, don't think I'm gunna forget about this! The next time Trent wants me to go to one of his god-awful soccer matches you can bail me out'

'I do that anyway!'

'Not very well, he thinks we're having an affair because you, to quote, look all nervous around me'

'You know I don't do eye contact' Will grumbles.

'I know but you can at least be less shifty around him is all'

Shifty? 'The guy intimidates me, with all his macho muscle, I mean he's 6 foot 4 for christ sakes!'

'A whole lotta man' Yes, god she's one lucky g'all.

'Too much information! Anyway, I gotta go now, Iv'e gotta text Hannibal the details. Starbucks, 12am, okay?'

'Yesssss, now go text loverboy, I've got some lines to rehearse'

'His name is Hannibal! Anyway, bye, and thanks. This means a lot.'

'What are friends for?' She laughs.

Will ends the call and make a beeline for the shower. He'd sweat so much last night that he felt disgusting. He pondered what Hannibal would look like all sweaty. He'd have muscle, he was sure of it. Gawd, I bet he's hiding all sorts under those cleanly pressed suits. Will groaned. Shower. Extremely, cold, shower.

Kō hī asa

Chapter Summary

Hannibal in Starbucks with Will. Need I say more? ;)

Chapter Notes

Dedicated to: Cee Cee, moonphase9, Kat, Thranalla, haru_ran, stepfault, Jasminiasa14, Sevslittlesecret, Indigo_Nebula, KendraDuvoa, SanLynn, llfrozensunll, IceRose, TearMeOpenPourMeOut, Brynhilde, JunsuChinCritic, MoMA_Bee, MayMeiKuru, mugglekat, ShadowAngel, katzchen, haru_ran, and Sept_Meules as well as the other 29 guests that left kudos and/or reviews! I wouldn't be as motivated to update without you guys!!

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 4: Kō hī asa

After ending the call to Beverly and taking a long, cold shower, Will Graham went to his closet to decide what to wear. It took him ten minutes just to choose what trousers he was wearing and his shirt had yet to be chosen. His undershirt, pants and socks were already taken out from their neat spaces in his draw. Why am I worrying so much, it's only coffee...but then again, it's it with Hannibal Lecter! Will stressed as he threw almost every plaid shirt from his wardrobe onto the floor behind him.

He was momentarily halted when her heard a whine from one of his dogs. He turned round to access the situation and laughed; he'd only gone and thrown one of his blazers over Winston's head.

'Come 'ere you silly pup!'

Will grabbed the blazer from its place upon the dogs head and ruffled his mane affectionately.

'I'll wear this blue shirt, I read somewhere that wearing something the same shade as your eye colour helps bring them least thats what I thought it said.' Will mumbled to no one in particular whilst bringing the shirt over his head and checking himself out in the long mirror.

He huffed. His hair was a mess, he had dark circles under his eyes where he hadn't been sleeping, and his stubble was more of a beard now. Trust him to look like shit when he was meeting a man that took more than pride in his appearance. He was late anyway, this would have to do.

On the way towards the door he blew all his dogs a kiss; when Jack noticed this he endlessly teased him but he wanted to portray his feelings towards the dogs as often as he could as the thought of loosing them posed too high a threat due to where he was currently living. He grabbed his keys and phone off of the counter, careful not to forget his jacket encase the weather turned as it normally did in England. He wished he was back in the boat yards of Greenvile or back in Baltimore, his home town. It was always so sunny there, although he wasn't one for hot weather, especially with his night sweats.

After locking the front door and double checking the lock Will made his way into his car to make his way to the Starbucks in town. Slipping his seatbelt on and switching to Capital radio, he was off.

Once he reached the shopping complex he drove straight into the car park and paid for a couple of hours; he had no idea how long he would be, especially if Hannibal got his way regarding the dinner party, he'd have to give his opinion on all sorts as what little he knew about the man was that his attention to detail was what he was known for.

Walking into the coffee shop and looking around to see if he was too early, the absence of both his friend and admirer was evident. He left early intentionally because the traffic was unpredictable and he did hate to be late. He found a table in a quiet corner; the furthest away from the window so that he didn't have swarms of unknown people staring at him as they passed. He pondered as to whether to order or not, if that would be rude, but he was self conchious and felt that sitting at the table without buying anything for any space of time was uncomfortable. He only hoped Mr.Manners himself -Hannibal Lecter wouldn't mind.

He browsed the menu deciding whether to stick to his usual beverage of a Caramel Macchiato or to order something new. He was brought out of his train of thought by a warm hand being placed on his shoulder; the action made him jump.

'Mr.Graham, I do apologise for startling you, I assume you were about to order?' Hannibal's thick accent pronounced each word with an air of elegance.

'Um, yeah. I didn't want to be rude and sit at the table without at least buying something so I was gunna order, I hope you don't mind, I know I should have waited for you guys' he explained.

'Not at all William, that would be the sensible option. Speaking of friends, where is Miss.Katz? I assumed she was attending also?' He almost sounded disappointed.

'Yeah, she is. She's probably running late. I guess we could order for her and keep it warm till shes here, that's if your okay with that?'

'Certainly, have you decided as to what you will be ordering? I hear they have a range of new drinks avaialble'. Will laughed. Hannibal in Starbucks of all places was a hilarious thought. Now he was making small talk about the place?

'Something the matter?' Hannibal enquired upon seeing Will giggling to himself.

'Wha-? No, no, sorry. I -uh...this is just funny you know? Not to be rude but this hardly seems like the sort of place you'd willinging come into.' Will explained hesitantly.

'You are, of course, correct. I have not visited this establishment before although this is your meeting place of choice, and I am very accommodating'. I bet you are Will thought to himself snidely.

'Well, thanks, I guess.'

'Not a problem, now please order you are holding up a que'. Will turned to see a line of disgruntled people in suits mumbling amongst themselves and sighing.

'Sorry' Will directed to them, as well as Hannibal who placed his hand gently on his lower back to guide him towards the counter.

'Do you know what you want yet?' Will asked peeking at the menu once more.

'Of course, the question is, have you finalised your choice? I have seen you biting your lower lip and glancing back over the menu quite a few times' the doctor added smiling. God his smile was predatory.

'Ha! Yeah, I do that a lot, there's so much to choose from. I'm bad at making decisions as you can probably tell'. Will smiled back looking at the spot where Hannibal's eyebrows seperated in a bid to look as though he was listening.

'May I make a suggestion?' Dr.Lecter said edging closer to Will.

'Yeah, sure! Knock yourself out!' He added a little too enthusiastically. He blamed it on his nerves seeing as Hannibal was practically a breath away.

Hannibal patiently waited his turn to be served. Placed his hand back to its rightful place behind young Will's back and guided him towards the counter.

'Heya, can I take your order please?' The barista said methodically.

'Yes, that would be most appreciated. I would like a medium, double shot americano if I may, and my friend here would like a large Vanilla Macchiato please.'

'Drink in or takeaway?' The checkout operative asked.

'Wait, erm, we need to order for Beverly too' Will added hastily.

'Ah yes, what would her preference be?' Hannibal asked almost annoyed at the mention of Beverly's name.

'She normally gets a extra frotht Caramel Latte, but I'm sure anything would be fine, she's not picky' Will mumbles catching on to the fact that Hannibal's tone had changed when he realised it was more than just the two of them.

'No, no, if this is what your friend is partial to then this is what we will order'. He says turning to the cashier. 'I would like to add a small Vanilla Latte to that order if I may? To drink in.'

'Of course sir, that would be £11.45 please. Can I intrest you in our loyalty card scheme?' The cashier informed whilst pointing towards the array of cards on offer. A loyalty card to a place like this? Will laughed At the thought. Sure he loved this place but he couldn't envisage Hannibal here, maybe in a posh café that served the best Tirimasu and pavlova's (or whatever posh people ate these days) surrounded by extortionately priced coffee made with liquid gold, maybe. But not here.

'No thank you, that would be all' Hannibal directed handing her a 20 before Will could even reach his wallet, and telling her to keep the change. She stuttered her gratitude whilst Hannibal waved it off in order to direct Will to the end of the desk where the drinks were being made.

'You didn't have to pay, here, take this, I was the one who invited you after all' Will apologised handing him a 20 from his wallet.

Hannibal waved this off once again. 'I think not. If anything I invited myself, and I am in the pleasure of your company therefore I should lavish you while I can'.

'You don't have to, really, I'm really greatful but I feel kinda bad when people buy stuff for me, its a little weird'. Will said whilst rubbing the back of his head nervously. Jeez what was wrong with him! He'd been in his presence for all of two seconds and he was already blushing. Blushing!

'Then you shall make it up to me by attending my dinner party. I am aware that you feel uncomfortable in social situations but William, I will be at your side for the entire night. I'm sure that would be to your liking?' Hannibal enquired.

'I guess I could come for a coupla hours. I can't leave my dogs long because they tend to get a little on edge if I'm not home by a certain time' Will lied.

'You have dogs? Plural? How many do you have if you don't mind me asking?' 'Seven, they're all strays, I took them in. I've kinda got a soft spot for them since they followed me home.' Will smiled. Hannibal noticing the way Will's face lite up at the mention of his furry friends.

'Seven? That is-'

'Yeah I know, they're a handful but I wouldn't have then any other way' Will interrupted.

'I was going to say comforting, I assure you I am not passing judgement'. The doctor said grabbing all three drinks with ease before Will had noticed they had been made.

'Here, let me help you with that' Will offered.

'It is fine, William. I can manage. Pick a table, please'. Hannibal suggested wanting Will to be as comfortable as possible so that he could get closer to the man he admired from afar for months.

'Is this one okay? Its just -its quiet'

'Fine choice. Here is your beverage; careful! It is hot'. Dr.Lecter said cautiously when Will brought the newly made drink to his lips.

Just as Will pulled the drink away from his mouth, placed it on the table infront of him and removed the lid to let the steam out, he spotted Beverly at the door and waved her over.

'Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, that traffics murder. Hope nothing's happened whilst I was gone, you two seem engrossed in something'. She beamed, winking at Will.

He groaned. Maybe this dinner with Hannibal as his chaperone wouldn't be a bad thing after all.

Chapter End Notes

Definition: Kō hī asa - Coffee Morning

kanjiru to sawaru

Chapter Summary

Hannibal is trying and failing to make a move on Will whilst Beverly's around. Being in a crowded place didn't help matters.

Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes
Chapter 5: kanjiru to sawaru

As soon as Beverly arrived Will noticed a change in Hannibal's behaviour. He was more touchy feely towards him, which Will found to be uncomfortable from someone he hadn't known for very long. He wasn't a very social person at the best of times; he lacked eye contact, and shrunk away when he became the centre of attention, therefore making sure not to share anything with people that would result in them being over affectionate. Until now that was.

It started with a light hand placed on his lower back. Just a guide, It didn't mean anything. But after so many touches Will caught on, after all, he wasn't totally blind to Hannibal's advances; there's only so much that can be perceived as friendly. Dr. Lecter was bordering a little too friendly for Will's liking. What was his deal?

It then advanced to their hands brushing over a coffee cup when Hannibal handed him his Vanilla Macchiato, but that could be ruled out. That was accidental, right? Then came the 'If I may? You have a little something on your face' which was an old classic. The feel on Hannibal's super soft hands on his face, brushing something off ever so slightly. Will had to try to look elsewhere but he could feel the piercing gaze on his face, the hot breath on his cheek, and then Beverly had to come and ruin the moment. Now she was around he was down graded to the light brush of the doctors hand on his shoulder from time to time, or the heat of his dangerously close leg underneath the table; it was as if he knew Beverly was cautious of him and didn't want to anger her in fear that he would be taken from his precious William.

Will practically jumped when Hannibal first placed his hand on his knee. The touch so foreign made his skin a touch pink and his collar feeling a little too tight. He wasn't one for relationships, and friends knew not to touch him in this way. He hated it. That was until now when he was virtually revelling in the attention he was being given. The hand never moved from it's place as if Hannibal was unsure of how Will would react if he slide it that little bit higher. Will swallowed, shaking the thought away to realise he was being spoken to.

Hannibal grinned. The bastard.

'S-sorry?' Will stuttered after coming out of his reverie.

'I said where's my invite to this grand dinner of yours? Lost in the mail again?' Beverly joked.

Oh, they were probably going over that stupid party. Trust Hannibal to bring it up. Seriously, the man needed an off switch.

'You can come if you want, right Hannibal?' Will added looking back to the man who looked so out of place in this setting.

'Of course. If you wish her company at the event, who am I to not fulfil this. Any other requests?' Hannibal asked with a serious expression, although all Will could think about was the hand on his leg. That's when Hannibal patted it. Patted him for christ-sakes. Like he was a dog.

'Thanks, and erm, not really. I'm sure everything you've chosen is more than adequate' Will added with a hint of a smile, thinking about Hannibal sitting in his house mansion with a pencil in his mouth, trying to decipher Will's likes and dislikes based on what he already knew of the man. That was impressive, if he got them right of course.

'Very well then' Dr.Lecter answered back, satisfied. Little did Will know he had already planned the party in advanced, everything was finalised from his pick of waiters to the menu and music choices.

'I was just saying to Miss Katz, how we were discussing theatre before she made our acquaintance'.

'Oh, yeah, it was boring really-' Will started before realising what he had just said. Hannibal smiled, showing he did not take offence.

'I m-meant that Beverly probably wouldn't be interested in it is all, not that the conversation was boring, I mean-' Will stuttered, horrified.

'It is quite allright William, we understood what you were implying, no need to worry'. Hannibal smoothed it over looking at Will's grateful face. Phew.

'Unless you discusses something else, let's say...more interesting?' Beverly started, trying to drop hints. They should just hurry up and get it on. Okay, this guy was creep at first but he's actually making Will smile! Beverly thought to herself.

'Nope' Will hastily replied.

'If you say so' Beverly replied back. 'Anyway, thanks for getting me the coffee Will, it's just what I wanted' She smiled.

'Actually Hannibal paid' Will told her sipping his coffee. It had cooled considerably by now, seeing as he had forgotten about it in place of his inner conflict on the man sitting next to him. Next to him was putting it lightly. I may as well be on his lap, Will thought seeing the way Hannibal had shuffled so that he could ensure the optimum amount of body parts were touching at any one moment. No don't think about being on his lap.

'Thanks man, I owe you one' Will heard Beverly reply. God, It was hot in here.

'My pleasure' Hannibal smiled, then looked over to Will. 'Are you feeling all-right Will? You've gone awfully scarlet'. Balls.

'Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine. It's just a bit hot in here' He defended, mentally kicking himself.

'Maybe you should remove your jacket? You may feel cooler' The doctor suggested. You'd like that wouldn't you Will thought to himself.

'Yeah, your probably right' Will began removing his jacket watching the way Hannibal's eyes raked over his body appreciatively. For once he was glad that his shirt had shrunk in the wash.

'Let me help you' Hannibal added, not being able to restrain from touching the man only centimetres away.

Beverly snorted. Hannibal ignored her.

'Oh. no. Really. It's fine' Will tried.

'Nonsense' Hannibal scoffed, reaching over to pull the jacket down Will's back as he was having trouble removing it without hitting the doctor in the face with his elbow. The tables are really cramped in here, Will thought idly.

And then it happened. A hand slowly making its way down his back causing sparks to form in its path, making Will lean into its touch. Canting his back and passing it off as a way to manoeuvre the jacket off quicker. Will swallowed thickly and tried to compose himself whilst folding the jacket in half and placing it over his knee. The knee Hannibal had only moments ago been touching, but removed in favour of the hand that was still placed on his lower back. The thumb stroking him appreciatively in almost a pattern.

Will fidgeted in an attempt to displace the offending hand but his advances failed. That man was as stubborn as a mule, Will thought nonchalantly. Beverly noticed this and silently reprimanded him with her eyes. He soon stopped.

'Anyway, thanks for the coffee. Sorry I couldn't stay long, I've got scripts to read but have fun without me. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!' She joked off-handedly, bringing he phone out of her pocket and shaking it in a way that Will knew, as if to say, check your phone. With that she was gone.

'She was rather...vibrant' Hannibal commented.

'Yeah, she's a force of nature. You'll get used to her' Will added, then thought the better of it as it implied they'd be seeing one another again.

'I must agree with you there. Moving on to more pressing matters...' Hannibal began, watching Will cough and turn towards him. 'What is your colour of choice?'.

Will laughed. 'Are you seriously asking me what my favourite colour is?'

'Maybe. Why don't we relocate this conversation to a place better suited? Would you like to visit my house for a little while. I could show you the progress I have made in regards to your dinner, as well as some samples of food. I would like the night to memorable.' Hannibal asked with confidence, already reaching over for Will's coat as if he already knew the answer. Smug git.

''I-er-Well, okay. Yeah, sure, If you don't mind...I suppose it is a bit noisy in here' Will answered. Real smooth Will, smooth.

'Then let us go' Hannibal finalised by helping Will on with his coat like a gentleman.

'You really don't have to do that' Will defended. He wasn't an infant. He could put his coat on by himself!

'I assure you, it's my pleasure' Hannibal said directly into Will's ear in what only could be described as a husky tone. Great choice of words, Will thought to himself whilst letting the hand reappear to its rightful place on his lower back, and be guided out of the shop. What was he getting himself into.

Chapter End Notes

kanjiru to sawaru: To feel & touch


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