No Leaf Clover: Nagron AU Fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family
Chapter 1

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Agron had been looking forward to this concert for months. He had counted down the days on his calendar, had an app on his phone that did the same, and played the same album over and over in his car to get him ready for the concert. He knew all the words off by heart as he grew up listening to the band, but listening to it made him that little bit more excited for the concert than he already was.

He was going to the Metallica concert with his best friend Crixus, although why he had to bring his wife along was beyond him. This was supposed to be a lads night out.

Crixus gifted him the tickets months after the death of his brother Duro, and at the time Agron felt as though he shouldn't be having fun whilst his brother was in the ground, but - after some persistent talks - he made him realise that Duro wouldn't want him wallowing in self pity all his life; he'd want him to make the most of it. So Agron accepted he tickets.

It it was the day of the concert and Agron had chosen to wear his old-era Metallica t-shirt until he got to the mercy stand to purchase a new one. They had standing tickets therefore they would have to queue for a considerable amount of time, but it was worth it to be near the front and actually see the concert.

Crixus had told him he would meet him at the venue as it was pretty close and he had to go pick up Naevia's friend beforehand. All Agron knew about her friend is that it was a man; which was weird seeing as Crixus seemed the possessive type, but then he had explained that he was gay and that he was fine, well that settled it.

They also told him that much like Naevia, he had no love for this type of music. Which was cool, Metallica wasn't everyone's cup of tea, although they were totally missing out.

He hoped that this guy wasn't a dick. He had been to concerts in the past with friends who didn't like his sort of music and they moaned the whole way through. He had even purchased the tickets for them - he sure as hell wasn't going alone.

Coming to the parking bay Agron parked his car and sat on the bonnet, texting Crixus that he was ready and waiting.

The man in question texted back that they were having a little problem at Nasir's house (the friend) and they would be there soon.

Problem? Sounded vaguely ominous.

So Agron waited a good forty-five minutes until the Naevia's unmistakable white Kia SUV turned the corner into the parking lot. Crixus was driving which made Agron laugh; he would tease him about driving the feminine looking car later.

After parking Crixus got out first, got the food out from the boot and rounded the car towards Neavia's side, who seemed to be talking intently to her friend. Agron couldn't get a good look at the guy but he saw his long, silky, raven-coloured hair a mile off. He was beginning to like this 'friend'.

"Sorry man, we hit a spot of bother over at Nae's friends. It's all sorted now. You haven't been waiting long have ya?" Crixus called over, nodding to his wife and closing the car door.

"Nah, it's cool. So what happened?" Agron asked, trying to see the man in question more clearly.

"Nasir's roommate Castus is a dick-wad, that's what. Wouldn't let him leave." The husky man growled, obviously offended by the mere mention of the mans name.

"Shit. He's here now though right, I didn't mind waiting. Let's go see how many bastards are in front of us in the queue." Agron said sympathetically. Poor guy.

"Alright, I'll go tell Nae'v that we're off and they'll come when they're ready."

Agron nodded. He didn't know this Nasir, but he had the overwhelming urge to protect him from that ass-hat Castus. Whoever the hell he was. He was willing to t they were a little more than flat mates but he wasn't gunna pry.

Crixus clapped Agron on the shoulder when he was ready to move.

"Nasir's still a little shaken. The little guys embarrassed more than anything that we had to witness it, he keeps apologising like it's his fault his roommate is such a shit."Crixus sighed.

"Seems like this Castus needs teaching a lesson." Agron joined in with the hate.

"Your telling me. I've been trying get to the dude for weeks but Nasir won't allow it. I don't wanna make things worse, you know? And it's not any of my business but I can't just sit back and watch as he rules the guys life."

"I hear ya."

"Anyway, come on. We better get there before the queue gets any longer. I'll he damned if my view for the whole night is that back of someones head!".

Not much time had passed until Crixus waved over at his nearing wife with her friend close by. Agron looked over as the figures got closer, mouth agape as he took in the appearance of the little man.

For one he was adorably short, he had the cutest big brown eyes he'd ever seen, and a mega-whatt smile to go with them. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail now but he had a few stray strands absent from the band at the front of his head. He wore super skinny black jeans, converse, and a oversized grey hoodie.

He smiled at Naevia as they sat down together in their place at the back of the short queue. Agron was glad no one had joined the line since sitting there or a confrontation might have been had about 'pushing in', and he knew full well that that's not what Nasir needed right now.

Naevia gave him a stern look as if to say 'be nice' before kissing Crixus' cheek, watching Nasir blush at the sight of them. Nasir smiled up shyly at Agron, presenting a small gash across his reddening cheek. Ah. That's what happened then. It looked as though a ring had scratched his face, so most likely a slap.

"I'm Agron." He introduced, oushing forward a hand for Nasir to shake. This was beyond awkward and he was sure Nasir felt it too as his face began to turn crimson in embarrassment. He knew Agron could see the evidence upon his cheek.

"Nasir" The little man smiled regardless of past events. Maki his hand grip Agron's lightly.

Nasir laughed when Agron did not shake their hands together.

"A hand shake? Very professional. Although I'm sure you have to actually shake the persons hand for it to be an actual hand shake." Nasir joked.

"Sorry man, I got lost in my own head for a minute there...So. You hate Metallica too huh?"

"No, I don't hate them. I mean Enter Sandman is pretty cool, it's just not my type of music is all. I promised Naev that I'd sit through the torture with her, for a price." Nasir winked, snorting as Naevia nudged him in the ribs with her elbow.

"Oooh, I wanna know all about that!" Agron chimed, grinning mischievously at Naevia. "Have you told Crixus about this? He might get a little jealous."

Nasir laughed. "Noooo, it's nothing like that! And she says I've got a dirty mind!

"That's because you have!" Naevia cuddled him closer, whispering something in his ear to make him blush.

"Crix, pass me a beer would ya. You guys want anything?" Agron asked, mainly looking at Nasir which Neavia caught and raised an eyebrow at.

"I'm not your slave, bro. No matter how many time you've imagined it." Crixus grumbled.

"No offence mate, but your so not my type." Agron snorted, grabbing the can of Budweiser and pooping it open.

"Thats right, you go for the girly-looking ones." Crixus jibed, knowing Agron would take no offence.

"Shut-up! You actually go for women so I don't know what your on about."

"Sure do! But there's only one woman for me." He said kissing his wife's head and cuddling her closer, forcing her to detach from Nasir.

"Eurgh, they're sickening. I don't know how you put up with them." Agron jested at Nasir.

"I know, but I guess Naevia's cherry pie is too good an excuse not be her friend. That's all I use her for and she knows it." The little man said watching his friend mock gasp.

"And I thought it was because of my good looks and, you know, the fact that I'm the best friend ever! You love me really."

"Can't argue with that."

"No cuz you know they'll be no more cherry pie waiting for you."

"Also true."

Agron could see that slowly but surely Nasir was coming out of his shell, the events of the morning becoming a shadow of what would be a great day.

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Chapter 2: Wherever I May Roam

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"Beer orrrrr - Crixus what's this shit?" Agron asked Nasir then Crixus, picking up some bottle lying next to the Bud in the bag they had brung, not making heads or tails of what it was.

"It's a Syrian wine. Naevia brought it for Nasir." Crixus smirked, knowing Agron had out his foot in his mouth by insulting the boys choice of drinks.

"Oh, sorry. Do you want some shatey-shateow- this?" Agorn asked gesturing the bottle.

"Château Bargylus" Nasir said with ease, "Ill have a glass, thanks." Nasir answered snorting at Agron's haste to find a cup or glass, anything that he could serve Nasir a drink in.

He finally found a disposable, plastic cup at the bottom of the bag. He poured a generous amount of wine in the cup and passed it to Nasir.

Nasir took one look at the amount poured. "Trying to get me drunk are you?"

"What? No! I mean, I don't really drink wine so I wasn't sure how much you wanted."

"No, really?" Nasir said sarcastically, trying to hold back and smile and sipping his wine.

Agron rubbed the back of his neck and looked over a Crixus hoping he could save him by starting a new conversation. Turns out his friend enjoyed watching him squirm.

"Thanks Nae, this is so good!" Nasir smiled full pelt at her, bringing her in for another hug and continuing to keep the grin pasted on his face.

"S'okay. I know you don't drink often, and you always order it when we're out so I though why not? The guys have got their beer, we can have this."

"Your the best"

"I know, I know" She said, going to pour herself a cup before Nasir told her he would.

"Can someone hold this a sec, I'm sure there's another cup in here somewhere." He little man asked to no one in particular, holding out the wine bottle whilst rummaging through the bag one handed.

Agron took the bottle in seconds, watching Crixus stare at him quizzically.

"Thanks." Nasir said in gratitude, Bout to take the bottle before Agron poured the wine into the cup in Nasir's hand.

"Your gunna have to tell me when to stop."

"That should do it, thanks Agron." Nasir said, mentioning Agron's name for the first time. His accent caressed the words in such a way that Agron didn't want it pronounced any different. Like ever.

"Look at this Crix, I'm being waited on hand a foot, maybe you should take a leaf outta their book, huh?" Naevia joked to her husband,

"Nah, I'll leave it to the professionals." He said nodding his head towards Agron and Nasir who had started their own conversation, animatedly describing something wit their hands and laughing at how inaccurate it was.

"Looks like they're getting on well." her husband commented,

"Sure does. Told you it was a good idea bringing him. He needs a day out poor thing, and Agron is all charm."

"So Nasir being Agron's type down to the T had nothing to do with it?"

"Course not baby"

"Mm, my wife. The troublesome match maker."

"You wouldn't have me any different." She chided, trying to listen in on the boys conversation.

"How long till the doors open?" Agron said impatiently. Bored to tears since Nasir had left to go to the merch stand with Naevia.

"I'm betting if Nasir was here you wouldn't be moaning." Crixus teased.

"Well he's gone off with your wife, so I'm allowed to moan Until he gets back, so I'm gunna make the most of it." Agron said rifling through the plastic bag again in search for something to complain about, they must have forgotten something.

"Trying to make a good impression, are you?"

"No, why would you say that? I just don't want your wife telling me off is all. She wouldn't let me in your house for a whole week last time I annoyed her!"

"Don't go changing the subject. I've seen the way you look at him, so has Naevia, we're not blind."


"So, go easy on him. He's more vulnerable than he looks, and whatever goes on behind closed doors is enough to make it hard for him to trust someone. Just don't muck it up yeah? Poor kids been through a lot and he don't need you adding to it, so if this is gunna be a one-night thing I suggest you stop now or my wife will have both our balls." Crixus ranted.

"It's not. Well, at least I hope not. I'm not gunna start humping him in public or anything, I'll let him take the lead. I'm not an asshole." Agron said seriously.

"You sure about that?" Crixus smacked Agron round the back of the head playfully, pulling the other man into a loose head-lock.

"Shove off, man! Your messing up my hair!"

"Your hair? I wasn't aware you had done anything to it." Nasir laughed with Neavia, arm in arm, watching the play fight.

"Bloody cheek! It took me hours to get it this spiky!" Agron defended.

"Hours wasted it seems. Come here, I have some mousse in my bag, I'll sort it out for ya." Nasir suggested, finding the hair product in a zip in his rucksack.

Crixus wiggled his eyebrows and said "Don't say I haven't dome anything for ya."

"What?" Nasir asked questionably.

"Nothing, go sort out Mr.Perfect's hair here before he throws a fit." Naevia's husband ushered, pushing Agron towards Nasir.

"It's fine don't worry about it" Agron told the smaller man,

"I insist. Do you even use any product?" He asked quizzically.

"Hey! I use product!" Agron said reaching for his hair subconsciously.

"Is it invisible? Cuz I can't see any here" Nasir jested, running his fingers through different sections of Agron's hair. "Nope, not here either."

"Alright, alright. I was in a rush, I forgot to put some in." He admitted.

"Well aren't you lucky I'm here, and I've actually packed provisions."

"Only you could call hair products 'provisions'." Naevia laughed in amusement at the scene taking place.

"Sit back asshole, and stop moving. How am I meant to sort it's out if your fighting like a five year old? Huh?" Nasir said, needling dangerously close to Agron's back and pushing his hands down on the mans shoulders in an attempt to still him.

"I can't help it if your taking ten years now, can I?"

"That's no way to speak to the man in charge of the fate of your hair." Nasir spoke softly over Agron's shoulder, making him shiver.

"Well, it can't look any worse than Crixus' so..."

"I wouldn't let him hear you say that if I were you."

"He's used to it now. He's been through so many hair styles I've lost count, and each time I like to find fault, even if it does suit him."

"Poor man, having to put up with constant hair jibes from a guy who doesn't use product." Nasir patted his shoulder.

"I use product! Naevia, don't I use product?" He sought out clarification.

"Sure, honey, whatever." She said not really listening. More intent on leaning back into her husbands chest and napping. They had got up super early after all.

"Well that's you told."

"I guess it is. So what wonders are you gunna do to my hair? Nothing drastic I hope?"

"Depends on how nice you are to me. I can be swayed after all."

"Well then, I guess I'll have to be the perfect gentlemen to you the rest of the day."

"And night. The concert doesn't end till half ten, dude."

"Here was me thinking I could get out of it!"

"No such luck. I'm too clever for ya!"

"You can say that again." Agron smiled.

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Chapter 3: Ride The Lightning

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"They'll start giving wristbands out in half a hour. You wanna go by that t-shirt you were on about?" Nasir asked Agron, chewing on a carrot stick.

"Shit, yeah! I almost forgot!" Agron replied, getting up and holding a hand out towards Nasir to help him do the same. They had been sitting for hours and they had pins and needles in their legs.

"I wonder why." They heard Neavia snort quietly at her husband.

Once they had reached the merchandise stand, after showing their tickets to get out of the queue, Agron tried to start uo a conversation to fill the award silence.

"I hope they have good merch this time. I went to see Marilyn Manson last year and i couldn't choose what tee I wanted, but then I saw Rob Zombie and his was utter tripe. Doesn't do the artist justice, you know?" Agron said randomly.

"Yeah, I get ya. You want the t-shirt as a reminder, and if they're all crap your forced to b you one you don't like." Nasir agreed.


"Whys this shit so expensive?"

"They gotta make money somehow."

"Mm, but $58 a t-shirt is kinda a rip..."

"I hear ya." A random man said, clapping Nasir on the back a little too hard, sending him staggering forward.

"Watch it!" Agron shouted, grasping Nasir's arm to steady him, but saw him flinch at the contact.

"Sorry, you were falling so I -uh, sorry." He tried to apologise,

"No, thank you. Guess I wasn't expecting that." He laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

"Stupid fuck."

"Wasn't his fault. I'm sure he's used to hanging around muscles guys or some shit."

"He's still an asshole." Agron grumbled, glaring daggers at the man.

"How can I help you sir?" The checkout girl asked, sounding bored, but lightening up as she saw Agron.

"Hi, can I have that one is a size small-"

"Small? Sorry man, but that's so not gunna fit you. Even I know that!" Nasir interrupted.

"It's not for me you jerk, it's for you."

"Oh. No, it's okay, I don't need a t shirt. Hell I don't even like Metallica."

"Everyone needs a reminder. You like that one or do ya wanna chose another?" Agron asked amused at the shocked look on Nasir's face.

"That ones fine. You really don't have to, really." Nasir tried to show gratitude as well as fobbing him off as he felt bad - the tees cost a bomb after all.

"I wanna." He smiled at Nasir before turning to the woman. "Sorry. So yeah, I'll have at in a small, and that one over there I a medium. You think that'll fit Gok Wan?" Agron joked.

"Might be a little snug, but it'll look good. You don't want it super baggy, and I think the large will be too big." Nasir explained.

"$116 please, sir." The woman finalised, putting the shirts in a bag.

"Thanks, keep the change." Agron beamed, handing over a hundred and twenty dollars."

"Let's say we go change into these, yeah?"

"You wanna find a toilet or something?"

"Lead the way."

"You think this looks alright?" Nasir said opening the door to the toilet whilst still looking at himself in the mirror, pulling the shirt down, and the pleating it a little around his waist wondering if it looked better pulled over his ass or not."

"Looks hot!" Agron said walking into the room and shutting the door.

Nasir laughed, then almost choked when he saw Agron carelessly pull his old shirt off his head and pull the new one on.

"You alright there little man?" Agron asked smirking.

"Yeah. Erm. Yeah." Nasir said, pretending to cough to cover up his earlier reaction.

Agron smiled all the more.

"Looks okay, right? Don't think I shoulda got a large?"

"No, no. That's perfect."

"I know I am. I can pull anything off!" Agron mocked, smoothing the shirt down.

"Actually it looks terrible on you. Definitely, utterly, atrocious." Nasir said whilst smiling, patting Agron on the back and unlocking the door.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go make Crixus jealous."

"Doesn't he want a shirt?"

"Nah, says they're a waste of money. He'll get one on eBay later on for cheaper. Tight git."


"Your only saying that because he's your best friends other half."

"Also true." Nasir laughed, putting his and Agron's clothes in the plastic bag and walking back towards their friends.

"What? No matching shirts? It's fair to say I'm disappointed." Naevia said upon seeing them.

"Where the hell have you two been? They're giving the wristbands out already, your lucky they haven't reached us yet!" Crixus grumbled.

"Calm it Kermit, we're here now. 'Sides, it was his fault for posing in the mirror for half an hour." Agron lied.

"It was not!"

"So how many times did he ask you if his bum looked big in that top?" Neaevia said knowingly.

"I am here you know!" Nasir exclaimed, hating being the centre of attention.

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Chapter 4: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Chapter Text

After having their bags checked throughly, and after the fiasco of getting in, fast walking to find the best space in the crowd to stand, Nasir and Agron were pushed closer and closer and people flocked in the entrance. It was only going to get worse once the act came on stage, let alone the support act.

By the time Metallica actually came on Nasir had causally leaned closer to Agron. People were touching him accidentally every give seconds and it was getting annoying. He had felt more than one oinch on his ass.

"I swear to god the next person who slaps my ass, I'm going to punch them in the face!" Nasir hissed loudly into Agron's ear so that he would be able to hear over the sound encasing them.

Agron laughed, then leaned in closer. "Next time it happens, tell me and I'll kick them in the balls for you."

Nasir smiled, feeling Agron's arm wrap around his waist.

"If they think we're a couple they're less likely to do it." Agron said ya way of explanation. Nasir didn't question it, just snuggled in closer.

From there she could smell Agron's cologne. He could feel his sticky sweat soaked skin from being surrounded by bodies like being in a tin of sardines.

Agron's hand splayed out on his lower back every once in a while. His thumb stroking the back of his shirt as they listened to the music playing before them. What they didn't notice was Crixus and Neavia watching them intently and smirking.

"I guess I owe you ten bucks!" Crixus shouted over the music to his wife.

"That'll go towards the shoe deposit."

Once the concert was over everyone filtered out of the one door. Grabbing their ticket stubs on the way out, grinning like Cheshire cats.

No one bothered to speak as their ears were momentarily deafened by the loud music they had just witnessed. Their bodies felt numb and legs heavy from standing for hours.

"You okay there little man?" Agron asked seeing that he was having the same problem with his legs. "Want some help?" He offered, without waiting for an answer he wrapped his hand around Nasir's waist again. They both stopped suddenly, Nasir searching Agron's face for something unknown.

Agron was about to lean down to kiss him when Crixus shouted "Oi! You two love birds, cars over here!" Before getting smacked plawfully by his wife for destroying the moment.

Both men jumped back from each other when knowing they had been caught.

"What? They were going the total wrong way!" Crixus defended to Neavia.

"You ruined their first kiss you jerk! Get in the car!" She hissed, annoyed but not angry with her dope of a husband.

"Sorry!" She mouthed to them before getting in the passenger seat.

Nasir laughed at the awkwardness of the situation before Agron quickly followed. Nasir's laugh was infectious.

Once getting in the car Crixus called out to them in the back seats, locking eyes with them in the rear view mirror. "No sucking each others faces off until yr outta my car, understood?"

"Crix!" Naevia laughed knowing he was only teasing.

"That goes for dry humping too, and you know, sex."

"I hardly doubt Nasir's gunna want to get naked with you guys watching. Total turn-off." Agron replied unbothered.

Nasir buried his head in Agron's shoulder turning an alarming shade of red.

"Ahwww, you made him blush!" Neavia cooed.

From that say on Agron and Nasir were joint at the hip. Their relationship continuing to flourish and neither man could be more happy.

Opera Kashu - PART FOUR - Hannigram fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family

Chapter Summary

Hannibal intends to show Will off at the theatre, but it seems Will's phone is holding all his attention.

Angry!Hannibal | Unaware!Will |Theatre!Sex

Chapter Notes

Hannibitch_Lecter wanted Theatre!sex ...and here it is!

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 13: Chūdan

Getting ready for the theatre with Hannibal in close proximity was beginning to be a bad decision. He had put on shirt after shirt with Hannibal commenting that it was not acceptable and throwing it in the far corner as if it had personally offended him.

"Why don't you wear one of the outfits I have purchased for you, this is a special occasion after all. We wouldn't want your theatre acquaintances to come to the assumption that plaid is all you own." Hannibal suggested, brining out a dark purple dress shirt, made from the finest cotton no less, and holding it up to Will determining if it would match his current dark navy jeans. He scoffed and hung the shirt back into the carefully selected section of the wardrobe, only to pull another shirt free.

"I am baffled as to why you are insisting on wearing denim. This is an opening night, is it not?" He continued. Waving a pair of new suit trousers at will, trying to tempt him.

"And I have no idea why your trying to dress me up like ken-doll" Will joked, raising an eyebrow at Hannibal and trying not to laugh.

"I haven't the slightest idea to which you are referring. I assure you, these 'ken-dolls' we're not as popular growing up in Lithuania". He explained, mentally taking note to research this at another time.

"It doesn't matter, pass me the trousers". Will sighed, holding out his hand for Hannibal to pass them to him. He would grab any pair, but by the close attention the doctor was paying to each piece of clothing in his wardrobe he wouldn't dare.

"Ah, I was hoping for more persuasion on my part, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?" Hannibal smirked, passing Will the fitted grey suit trousers.

"And what would this persuasion be? I might wear these jeans after all."

"Do you need aid in getting those monstrosities off of your thighs? Or are you being purposely slow?" The doctor chided.

"Maybe I am, what are you gunna do about it?" Will teased, taking optimum care in timidly opening his belt buckle.

"Rip them off, dear Will" Hannibal said from a staggeringly close position behind Will, when he was near the wardrobe only moments ago. Either that man is a ninja or I've lost time...again.

Hannibal shuffled closer to Will's back, moving his hands swiftly to where Will's were placed, on his belt buckle.

"I don't think so, Hannibal. You have already chucked most of my wardrobe out, and yes, I know about that, don't think your gunna get rid of my favourite jeans as well."

Lecter let his fingers stroke over the knuckles of the singers hands before nuzzling a place in the join between his neck and shoulder. Breathing in the scent that is identifiably Will.

"A shame if I do say so myself, never-the-less, I will simply have to buy you better...casual wear" he added, not bringing himself to even talk about jeans. They really did Will no favours in terms of contouring his body.

Will tried to pull Hannibal's hands away from his zipper. He could undress himself, he wasn't a child, but the doctor had other plans. He grazed his teeth along Will's clavicle as a warning and popped the button with ease, sliding the zipper down ever-so-slowly, making sure to stroke the man through his trousers seemingly by accident. Will gasped. He yanked the material off of the mans hips until they pooled around his feet, reaching to grab the new, finest wool blended trousers that lay on the bed.

"Aren't you gunna help me put them on? Seeing as you were happy to take them off" Will asked, putting both legs in the trouser holes ones by one and shimmying them up his legs. They felt smooth against his skin in comparison to the trousers he owned.

"God, these are soft" he complimented. Watching the way Hannibal's eyes drew immediately to his thighs and the curve of his ass.

"Mm" was all that Hannibal added before running his hands over Will's perky bottom in the trousers he had picked for him. They suited him perfectly If he did say so himself.

Once Will had done them up, he turned to place a quick kiss to Hannibal's lips before looking at the new shirt cluelessly.

"What shirt?" He asked.

"The blue will compliment your eyes, as well as match the grey overtones of your suit trousers. Are you wearing a tie? I assume not?" Hannibal guided.

"I hate ties. Avoid them when I can, although Jack insists on them every once in a while, and no one argues with Jack".

"Maybe someone should".

An an hour into the performance found Will and Hannibal sitting unconventionally at the back of the theatre; much to Will's displeasure, with their eyes firmly fixed ahead. Although when the other was not looking they would move their gaze onto a section of their lover. commonly lips, or eyes, neck or chest. Hannibal had his arm around the backs of Will's shoulders, rubbing absentmindedly as the hickey he placed there this morning. Moving the collar to the side as if making sure it was on show.

"Eva's really great, isn't she?" Will says quietly, leaning towards Hannibal so that he was sure he heard.

"She has a staggering amount of stage presence, although her falsetto could be improved" Hannibal quipped, not liking the way Will's eyes would glaze over when she searched for him in the audience.

"Hannibal!" Will reprimanded, slapping his thigh playfully.

"I suppose she is...unique" he added, trying to be positive as she was Will's friend, although he did not see the appeal.

A further ten minutes in Hannibal became restless. This was certainly not his genre of preference as Will was not on stage. He had struggled to see how this could sell out on its first night as none of the characters were believable, and he really did not want to get started on the costumes.

He found his gaze landing on Will. Watching Will watch something was increasingly entertaining. The way he tried so hard to hide a smile, or a frown when his friend was not on stage. Hannibal found himself leaning closer, placing light kisses lengthways towards Will's Adam's apple, it slowly bobbed up and down as he swallowed, causing Hannibal to bare his teeth. His hand found its way between Will's thighs, rubbing lightly at the heat there, hoping to distract him, when it turned out that he would be the one to be distracted.

Will's phone buzzed in his pocket.

"Leave it." Hannibal commanded, applying more pressure and watching Will nervously scan the room to see if anyone had noticed them.

"What if it's important?" he questioned.

"Then they will ring back" Lecter finalised.

Will ignored the phone and buried his face in Hannibal's neck, ensuring his mouth was close to that of Hannibal's ear so he could listen to the sounds he was quietly drawing out for him.

Mostly it was just heavy, hot breaths directed at his ear canal as Will was too anxious to make sound, but when Hannibal applied pressure right there he'd let out a delicious mewling sound which he wanted to place his lips to Will's and drink it down.

Will's phone buzzed again.

And again.

And again.

He growled as he yanked the mobile out of his pocket. He didn't have a chance to look at the screen before Hannibal had snatched the device out of his hand and placed it under their seats.

"Hey, what if it's Jack? Whoever they are they're insistent. Let me just text them back and I'm all yours" Will tried.

"I think not. I have had quite enough of your so-called friends interrupting us. I am taking a stand" Hannibal huffed, silencing Will with a hand in his curls, pushing his face back to perch on his shoulder As it was situated before they were rudely disturbed.

"Control freak" Will joked

"So you would prefer not to receive pleasure by my hand?" Hannibal asked skeptically.

"Now I didn't say that..." Will replied, causing Hannibal to smirk.

Regardless to say Will had no idea what happened during that performance. No idea at all.

Chapter End Notes

Chūdan : Interruptions


Chapter Summary

Someone from Will's past makes an appearance, putting Will in danger. Implied past abused/ intention to rape, although NOT DESCRIBED.

Chapter Notes

Slightly implied sections of abuse/intention to rape but it is NOT DESCRIBED just implied, so feel free to skip this chapter. :)

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 14: Kiken

Months passed, and winter found Hannibal and Will at a reunion party of En Kort En Lang; Will's plus one obviously being Hannibal. As much as he really didn't want to go, Hannibal persuaded him that it would be a good to 'mingle' and catch up with people he hadn't seen in a while, as well as present extra job opportunities as there were a fair few big wigs attending. Another reason for Will's presence was Jack Crawford. The man insisted that Will, in his words, 'stop being a sissy and get his ass to the party or else'. Will never argued with Jack.

A couple of drinks in and a man a little younger than Hannibal, closer to Will's age, wearing baggy jeans and and a white tank top showing off his very impressive set of muscle, walked up to Will in particular and smirked evilly.

"Well if it isn't Weird-Will! How are ya baby? Lookin' fine in that suit, what happened to the plaid? Jeez, I haven't seen you in going on five years now!" The man who introduced himself as Ifan cooed, obviously happy to see him. He had a strong Welsh accent and deep voice that oozed command.

"Hey" Will said sheepishly, looking from Hannibal to Ifan and then back again. Ifan clapped him on the back quick roughly, and sent Will staggering forward a few paces. He faked a smile and Hannibal saw right through it. He could sense he was feeling uncomfortable and pulled Will closer towards himself, wrapping his arm around his waist, tightening it as he saw the look that this 'Ifan' guy was giving Will.

"I believe we haven't met. I am Hannibal Lecter, Will's boyfriend, you are?" Hannibal pointedly ignored his earlier name drop as he found it utterly rude, first off by not introducing itself properly, and secondly for making his Will uncomfortable. He did not like this man already. It didn't help Will seemed on edge by his arrival.

"Ifan Jones" he said distractedly, glancing over at Will when Hannibal was pointedly looking at him for answers. "Me and Willy here go way back! I'd have thought he would have mentioned me? Ah, well. Will lets go get your friend here a drink"

"Boyfriend" Hannibal corrected, annoyed that this rude man had now placed his hand on Will's lower back to guide him to the bar ignoring his protests.

"Yeah, whatever man" Ifan mumbled dragging Will away.

"So what ya been up to? I see you've been whoring it out with sugar-daddy over there. How much is he paying you?" Will's ex sniped, ordering just two drinks and pointedly ignoring Hannibal's which was the main point of relocating to the bar in the first place.

"Ifan! That's not how it is! He's a really nice guy, and it's not about the money. We're serious. Speaking of, I better go and give him this, thanks for buying him a drink." Will tried his best to get away, the man had given him bad memories in the past and he wanted to find Hannibal, where he felt safe.

"I don't think so, I brought that drink for you, and this" he said taking the second whisky out of Will's hand "for me, now drink up".

As Will scanned the room for Hannibal Ifan slipped something in his drink and made a show of making himself friendlier in order to get Will to drink the spiked drink. Will turned back, taking his drink, smiling and trying to walk away from the bar. Ifan grabbed his arm then gently patted it, somewhat out of character for what Will knew of him in the past.

"One drink, for old times sake. Then you can go find Harry?"

"Hannibal!" Will exclaimed, running his fingers through his hair. He looked up into Ifan's face but he couldn't see any other intentions, so he agreed. "Just one" Will promised. Skeptical watching Ifan smirk.

One drink was all it took for Will to become heavily drugged.

Hannibal looked around to try and locate Will as it had been over an hour now with no sign. He could see the reluctance when Will was practically dragged to the bar. They were just getting drinks, what was taking them so long. Hannibal asked around if they had saw either men, they replied that they were at the bar half an hour ago and saw them walking outside, probably for some air. He highly doubted that. The sheer fact that Will had not shared a mention of this man notified him that it was a touchy subject, therefore Hannibal concluded that something had to be wrong. Will hated being social at the best of times.

Will's eyes staring uncharacteristically straight at Hannibal when he left with Ifan were haunting him. He began to hunt for his lover amongst the crowd but had no luck. If he went out for air he would have returned by now as the temperature was below freezing outside and Will was susceptible to the cold. He had broken both ankles and wrist when he was younger, he would not share the details, but this made his bones ache, and he was always groaning about how they 'played him up' in weather such as this. Panic was rising as Will was nowhere to be found.

This would end badly, he was sure of it, if he didn't find him soon. Walking out into the car park on high alert, scanning to see if he could see anyone with Will's characteristics in his eye line. After almost giving up and calling for a search party, Hannibal's phone started ringing, the caller ID named it as Will. Hannibal's relief was visible.

He sighed and quickly answered the phone on the second ring.

'Will? Thank goodness! I was extremely worried as you were vacant for so long. Where is your exact location? I will come and retrieve you' Hannibal spoke quickly, relief pouring out of him, but there was no reply.

'Will? William? Answer me.' And that was when he heard it, faint but still there. It was identifiably Will, and he sounded in distressed...and so very drunk.

'Ger 'way frm me' he heard Will slur.

There was a rustle in the background, barely picked puny the phones receiver.

'No, no, no Hanbal! Hulp'

'Theres no one here but you and me Willy, come on, relax a little, you know you want it' a voice on the other end cooed, obviously Ifan, Hannibal thought making the connection.

'NO! Han'bal, Han'bal' he was crying now, screaming out for his partner. Hannibal found it painful to listen to but he needed to find something that would give him am inkling as to where they were.

'Come on Will, let me know where you are' Hannibal muttered.

'Have you any idea how long I've waited to get you alone? I searched for you for years, years Will, so I deserve you now, not that old dude, me. Now I'm gunna go and get something that we can use to slick you up, wouldn't want my boy in pain now would I? You stay in this cupboard you hear me? There's no point even trying really, I mean who's gunna check the cleaning cupboard at a party? I mean c'mon!' Ifan dropped himself in it.

'Stupid, stupid man' Hannibal tutted, 'Do not worry Will, I am on my way' he dropped the phone and began frantically searching for Will.

After hitting two empty cupboards Hannibal felt as though he was running out of time. The imbecile would be back any second and hurt Will in the most unimaginable places. He ran to the next cupboard, hoping against hope that this was the one.

It seemed luck was in his favour as he found Will curled in a corner, sobbing quietly, muttering his name over and over. As soon as he heard the door open he looked up with wet eyes; his pupils were dilated and his body was covered in perspiration. His belt was undone and his shirt was unbuttoned, but luckily that was all.

"Will! Will? Look at me, it's Hannibal. I've got you, come along, we are leaving"

"Han'bal, yu save' mey fr'm ey-eyfan" he smiled lazily, gripping Hannibal's shoulders tightly as he lifted him up and kissed softly. "Yu luk fun-funny" he giggled.

Hannibal stroked his hair and hugged him close, letting out the breath he had been holding since Will disappeared.

"You are not permitted to ever leave my side again, do you hear? The second you feel uncomfortable In someone's presence you tell me, and we leave. Do you understand?" Hannibal raised his voice, feeling Will shake in his arms, slumping against his shoulder and muttering incoherently.

"Scr'd. Hom" Will whispered before passing out.

"You are safe now dear one. Do not fret, this fungus Will not get away, I assure you. He will suffer from what he did to you. Let us get home, I can better asses your injuries there." Hannibal talked, mostly to himself as he knew Will was out of it, but his voice would keep Will feeling safe on the journey.

On the way out of the event Hannibal was unethically rude, although given the current situation people understood. An array of people asked if Will was okay, others tried to question Hannibal on his intentions towards Will, but he silenced them. Asking them to look out of a man of 'Ifan's' description and to notify the local authorities about the man as he would be doing as soon as he settled his partner at home where he knew he was safe. Hannibal then proceeded to drive a catatonic Will home -at his own house as he felt that he would be more at ease waking up surrounded by his dogs.

He laid Will on his bed, removed his clothes and wiped him over with a wash cloth, removing the stench of the on his skin, as well as his perspiration that was increasing. An effect from the 'date rape' drug Will was unwillingly given. He then grabbed the ipad from his glove compartment in his car and sat at Will's side. Running his fingers through his hair in a bid to calm both himself and the man laying down. He sent a few emails to some business associates that knew of Private Investigators, he was going to employ them to find this spores whereabouts and hunt him down. After, of course, notifying the police of the event.

The next morning Will woke up confused, clinging to Hannibal and flinching at flashback of memories from the night before. He shook when he was left unattended for any given amount of time and apologised to his lover repeatedly.

"It was no fault of yours, Will. You have to see that. He drugged you. Tried to have his way with you without your consent. You could never be to blame. Now sleep. I am here" Hannibal calmed, kissing Will's forehead and bringing him closer.

"I shouldn't of gone with him, I know what he's like, I should have known" Will sniffles in Hannibal's shoulder, trying not to cry,

"You could not have possibly known. Do not reprimand yourself for this. It was him, and him alone. I have notified the police, they will need to take a statement but I have told them you are resting and we will visit later today." Hannibal informed, putting his ipad to the side and just holding Will.

"I don't want to speak to them alone." Will spoke quietly.

"I have no intention of leaving your side." Will seemed settled by this. "The police have told me there is a restraining order in place for this man, why did you not tell me sooner?" Lecter asked, stoking Will's back to calm him further.

"Please. I don't want to talk about this right now." Will pleaded, looking up at Hannibal with tired eyes.

"Very well. Come with me to the bathroom, you are in need of a shower and if fear you may not be able to stand unaided."

"Is that your way of suggesting a shower-share?" Will smirked, face falling as he thought about what that would entail. "I-I'm not, you know, can we just Sh-shower? I don't think I can, you know, right now" he said oozing vulnerability.

"I did not expect nothing more than a simple shower. I would not take advantage of you in such a vulnerable state." Hannibal assured him, helping him towards the bathroom slowly. "Do not worry dear one, all is in hand" he finalised, meaning that he had the case of this pig's slaughter fully planned.

Chapter End Notes

Kiken : Danger.

Umai Uso

Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes
Chapter 15: Umai Uso

After such a tragic event Hannibal had a hard time trusting Will to go out without his company in fear that a repeat occurrence of the event may take place. Not by the same man, because honestly, Hannibal had taken care of him weeks ago, but by other predators that wanted to take his dear William away from his loving arms.

Hannibal wasn't one for jealousy. He found it dubiously unattractive in a person, but studying the way people practically fawned over Will after the incident made his blood boil. Could they not tell that he was in safe hands and that they didn't have to touch? The utter rudeness astounded him. Did their stupid little brains not think that touching someone after a altercation of such a nature would be most unethical? Clearly not.

The mountain of phone calls did not help matters. Especially seeing as most of the came from people Will had never met in his life. Tasteless. The one that proved most annoying was the constant calls from Beverly- Will's best friend, one Hannibal wished took a more lazed approach to keeping the friendship alive. Every hour she would call to check on Will after Jack had informed her of the situation. Loud mouth. Beverly would have been a great journalist as her sheer persistence was riling him up.

After each call Hannibal would lie and tell her that Will was sleeping, or I'll, or having an episode. Anything he could think of to keep Will to himself for that little bit longer. He knew she would pay them a visit soon, but until then Hannibal was happy spinning her these lies.

The phone rang. Again.

Beverly calling. What a surprise.

'Miss Katz' Hannibal muttered with an annoyed huff,.

'Is Will still sleeping?' She asked, worried.

'Well assuming you called an hour ago, yes he is. When he wakes I assure you I will call you as soon as he is settled.' He tutted. Because she had the urge to call he had to leave the room, meaning leaving Will's side in order not to disturb him. He had been awake earlier when she had called but he couldn't let Will walk to her just yet.

'Settled, why? What's wrong?' She questioned.

'Nothing out of the ordinary after such an event. He merely needs assurance of his location and that he is safe.'

'I take it his nightmares are getting worse then? Poor guy. This is the last thing he needs after allies been through.' She sighed.

'You would be correct. Tell me, did you know of this restraining order against the attacker?' He wondered.

'Sadly, yeah. I know he hasn't told you but he was going to, he was just worried it would change the way you saw him. He hates being labeled a victim. Sorry, I did try to get him to tell you' she lied as well, she told Will to do whatever he felt comfortable doing and if he wanted to keep it in the past that was his choice.

'Ah. Am I to find further skeletons in time to come? I only ask with Will's wellbeing in mind. He has a tendency to put himself in harms way in order to keep the peace.'

'Not that I know of, but Will being Will I guess we won't know for sure. Just keep an eye on him okay? I've gotta go back to work. Tell him to call as soon as he's awake, I need to make sure he's okay'

'I have assured you of this many times before.' Hannibal grumbled, glancing back at Will's bedroom door as it slowly opened revealing a dishevelled, sleepy looking man.

"Who's that?" Will asked groggily. He needed a drink.

"No one. Go back to bed." Hannibal instructed,

'Is that Will? Will!!? Put him on!' she almost shouted. Hannibal groaned. The cocoon he had made was ripped open.

'If I must' he replied. "William, Beverly desires to speak with you" Hannibal held out the phone with a smile.

'Bev! Hey! God it's so good to hear your voice. When are you coming over? Please say you'll come over?' He pleaded feeling as though he was on house arrest. It was sweet of Hannibal to be so protective but he needed his friend, there were things he couldn't tell his lover.

'Of course! I'll be round after work, are you okay? Every time I phoned Hannibal said you were sleeping, I thought you were bed-ridden or something!' She explained trying to sound like she wasn't a bad friend and that she had in fact, been calling non stop.

Will glared at Hannibal, but knew he couldn't stay mad at the man.

Hannibal walked over towards Will and massaged his shoulders, kissing Will's neck lightly as a possessive gesture due to the fact he was on the phone to somebody else.

'I'm...okay, I suppose. I'm a little jumpy but I'd feel better seeing you' he smiled. Hannibal growled. "I always feel better seeing you" Will whispered to Hannibal as he felt him nipping his neck.

Hannibal seemed satisfied and began licking at the nips he made.

'That's to be expected though. God, I can't believe that creep did that to you. Where was Hannibal in all this? Surely he was glued to your side?' she tried to find out how he could let this happen to her best friend.

'It wasn't his fault Bev, I kept telling him to give me some space, you know he's pretty full on sometimes and I kinda went along with Ifan, I didn't want Hannibal to know, you know why, it was the only way I could keep it from him. I thought if I told him to stay away, that I weren't interested, that I'd call the police he would go. He didn't, he must of put something in my drink because I was fucked' Will explained.

"William!" Hannibal growled, "Language" he tutted, choosing to kiss a spot behind Will's ear, trying to distract him from the call and come back to bed.Will was his after all.

"Sorry, sorry" Will apologised.

'Look Bev, I'll let you get to work. We'll talk more when you come over yeah?' he asked skeptically, he knew Hannibal would find a way to prevent this.

'Yes, we will. Is he around still? No ignore that, stupid question really. Just get better soon you here?' She asked and then changed her mind.

'Im not ill you know, I'm perfectly fine.'

'I know, I know, okay bye. Take advantage of Hannibal waiting on you hand and foot while you can' she laughed.

'Oh I will, and Bev, bring me some M&M's will you? I tried to smuggle some in once and Hannibal nearly had a fit. He confiscated them and everything, gave me some expensive chocolate from the planes of Africa or something. Seriously.' He giggled, watching as Hannibal was silently reprimanding him with his eyebrows waggling up and down and the deep growl emitted from his throat as he began nipping down Will's chest. He heard him mutter something about cheap chocolate not actually containing chocolate, and then an array of other dishes he could Kay Will in its place.

'OMG. You are in hell! I'm bringing provisions and were gunna hide them properly' she advised.

'Yes. Definitely. Bye Bev'

'Bye. Take care' She ended the call, Hannibal taking the phone out of Will's hand and chucking it on the sofa with a look of disgust,

"You might want to be assured I am out of the room before you decide to start talking about me" Hannibal teased.

"Wouldn't dream of it, its funnier watching your face change" Will giggled.

"I think something needs to be done about your teasing, don't you Will? My Will."

"Not tonight. Maybe some other time?" He said quietly.

"Look at me William" Hannibal asked, tilting his chin up with his index fiver and kissing him gently. "I am not going to force you into anything you do not feel up to participating in, now please stop fretting, you set the pace. Always" he assured.

Will smiled feeling too vulnerable for his liking.

"Won't you get bored of, you know, me not putting out. I don't want you to go elsewhere, please don't leave me." Will begged.

"I have no idea who has out these hurtful, vulgar, thoughts in your head but they are certainly not true. You are the only man I would ever want. It would not faze me if we only shared kisses and warmth. Just being in your presence makes me feel as though I am the luckiest man alive and this will not change that." He spoke with soft, hushed, tones. Bringing Will closers to rest his face in his chest. Running his fingers through his hair and kissing his head over and over.

Will did not reply, just buried his face further into Hannibal's warm chest.

"Come, let's go back to bed." Hannibal walked Will to their room, gently helping him into bed and singling up behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist and his leg around Will's. Making sure he feels safe and owned. He would have to take lengths to assure Will of his love. The only question that was raised was how.

Chapter End Notes

Umai uso: A well-made-up lie.

Opera Kashu - PART THREE - Hannigram fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family

Chapter Summary

Hannibal is creep, but Will gets a tailored suit out of it.

Chapter Notes

This chapter is kinda short, but its the first of two that I'm posting today.

The idea was a prompt from Hannibitch_Lecter, who scarily has the same kinks as I do! Thanks :)

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 10: Sūtsu

Later that day, after Will had been thoroughly ravished by Hannibal in the dressing room as a display of ownership, Will was driven to his house in order to find something to wear for the party in the evening. He passed the dogs on his way in, stroking them affectionately and kissing their heads with feeling. He really missed them.
He walked towards the shower telling Hannibal to make him self comfortable whilst he waited. Hannibal chose to feed the dogs and top up their water bowls instead as he did not want to be late to his own party. He watched Will go with amusement, wondering if he had seen the gift yet.

Will walked into the shower room disrobing before his eyes caught a suit hung on the door, price tags still attached. Jesus, how much did Hannibal's suits cost? He must have left it here under the impression he was changing into it for tonight. Will thought that what Hannibal was currently wearing was perfectly fine but he knew not to argue with the man.

After being adequately dried, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into his bedroom to find something to wear. He had flung various suits, ties, and dress shirts on the bed before Hannibal made his way in, eyes raking Will's body with lust that was only filled hours ago.

'I literally have nothing to wear!' Will exclaimed, flinging yet another suit that he really didn't like but thought it could be worn tonight, then thinking the better of it and rummaging for another.

'Am I to assume that you did not like the suit I had tailored for you?' Hannibal asked with a little stab of disappointment.

'What? What suit?' Will questioned, baffled. Hannibal had brought him a suit?

'The one I hung very practically on top of the bathroom door for you to see' the doctor replied, stomach settling a little at the fact that Will had just not seen the suit yet.

'Oh, Ohh! That suit, I thought it was yours' Will told him with a laugh. Walking to the bathroom to retrieve the forgotten suit and grabbing some socks and underwear to put on as well.

He carefully took the suit out of the bag and felt the material, it was super soft, and in a striking shade of blue.

'Is it to your taste?' Hannibal asked, coming round to put his hands greedily on Wills towel-clad hips, and placing soft kisses to his neck.

'Its beautiful Hannibal, you really shouldn't have, I mean look at the price!' Will went to look at the four digit sum more closely before Hannibal snapped the price tag off so that he could not see it.

'Hey!' Will grumbled, slipping the towel off and hastily pulling on his clean underwear as if embarrassed.

'Mm' Hannibal muttered. Eyes going dark at the site of Will naked.

'We haven't got time for that, unless you want us to be late to your own dinner party?' Will laughed, pulling the tailored suit trousers on, as well as a shirt Hannibal had brought. Tucking the bottoms in, and shrugging the blazer on.

Hannibal took the tie from the bag, rummaging the silk through his fingers before looking up at Will.

'Would you like to wear the tie? It is optional.' He asked, moving closer again, appreciating the fit of the suit.

'Erm, not really. Sorry. I just find them so restricting' Will apologised looking down.

Hannibal walked closer, tilting Will's chin up with his finger and placing a soft, slow kiss onto his lips.

'This is your event William, you may wear whatever you feel comfortable In.' He settled. 'I really must thank Leandro for his exquisite work'.

'Yeah, It fits perfectly, how on earth did you know my size?' Will asked puzzled.

'I may have measured you whilst you were asleep, I do apologise, but I wanted this to be a surprise' Dr.Lecter explained to him.

'That's creepy. You know that right?' Will turned his head to look at him, kissing him chastely once again on the lips, 'I love it'.

'I am glad, I was worried the cut may be a little adventurous, but I can see that it accentuates you perfectly' Hannibal muttered absent mindedly smoothing invisible creases down on Will's suit. Hand's finding the swell of his buttocks and slowing down their speed, caressing them appreciatively.

'If you keep going on like that we'll never leave' Will smirked, leaning back into Hannibal's touch and grinding his ass a little as a gesture. Hannibal was teasing him, so he had the right to retaliate. Hannibal however had other ideas. He span Will around, hooping his arms inside Will's suit jacket, pushing them down into the waistband of his trousers and gripping him in his hands whilst kissing him hotly.

Will moaned, Hannibal pulled back, leaving Will wanting. He chuckled. 'Two can play that game William...I suggest you gather your possessions, we should be on our way, if you have quite finished?'.

'I just need to put my shoes on and we can go, you can wait in the car if you want?' He informed, composing himself.

'I will wait, be quick, lets not keep them waiting'.

Chapter End Notes

Sūtsu : Suit


Chapter Summary

The dinner party finally takes place and Hannibal gets more than a little jealous as all eyes are on Will, leading to some possessive actions.

Chapter Notes

Filling the rest of the prompt from Hannibitch_Lecter in this chapter, therefore I'd like to thank them for the great ideas! As well as Haru_Ran for the continued readership, as well as Luthien_Thranduilion &t Bigdogz my new readers! :D

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 11: Dināpātī

As Will walked into Hannibal's house, the first thing he noticed was the amount of people present. The majority of the room was filled with people extravagantly dressed that he had never met in his entire life. This was going to be awkward. Secondly he noticed the sheer design of the place. It was different than what he had seen earlier, the event designer that Hannibal had hired, for god knows how much, had actually done a great job; the large chandelier above them was show stopping, capturing the lighting perfectly, with the carefully placed tables and chairs that were spotted around the area lined with off white table cloths and trailed with ribbon. Flowers were spotted around the room, with the addition of waiters and chefs running the room in Hannibal's absence. Will really didn't want to think about how much this was setting his partner back.

'Come, let me introduce you to those present. They have been eagerly waiting your arrival' Hannibal commanded lowly, holding out a hand for Will to take.

'That's not necessary, really, I'll just be over there. I see Beverly' Will told him, waving at his friend with his free hand. She waved back, tipping her head towards her boyfriend Trent, and giving him the thumbs up which he knew she would tell him all about when they spoke later.

'That would be terribly rude of me. It will only take a moment, then you may catch up with Beverly' He instructed. Will sighed. He hated being the centre of attention, but he was thankful that Hannibal had done this for him, he just wished it had less people, ones he actually knew.

'If I may grab your attention for a brief moment!' Hannibal bellowed to the packed room with all the confidence Will certainly didn't have. 'I would like to introduce the guest of honour, William Graham'.

'It's Will' he added quietly, daring to look up at the room which seemed to have had multiplied since he last looked. Hannibal looked down at Will hearing the comment he had just made, bringing him closer, settling a hand around his waist and whispering subtly 'relax'. Will exhaled. It was easy for him to say, he didn't have a thousand strangers staring at him in their expensive ball gowns and perfect hair, all of which he did not have even though he had the suit he had brought him, it looked cheap in comparison.

The guests all burst out in applause and began to refocus their attention on Hannibal as if he was the bearer of all instruction for the evening.

'You may all now begin to feast. I have an array of choices that I hope settle your appetites, from escargo fillé, qualis egg risotto, caviare fritta with Chinese matsutake mushrooms, to various truffle based desserts created with Amedei Porcelana chocolat. To the left I urge you to use the bar for this evening, stocking Chateau Mouton Rothschild or for the ladies Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits. Salvatore's Legacy is also available for those of you that enjoy cocktails. Thank you!'

Will literally had no idea what Hannibal just said, he smiled and nodded. He was so out of place here. Hannibal saw through his charade and raised a comforting hand to cup his face, his thumb stroking his cheek.

'There are less extravagant dishes made along with those for the more higher classed guests, do not worry William, I am your chaperone, I am not leaving your side'.

Will smiled, trust Hannibal to be so accommodating. He was way out of his depth here, he just hoped it was over as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

'I need a drink, do you mind?' Will asked, unsure on whether he wanted to leave Hannibal's side just yet.

'Not at all, I will accompany you.' Ever the gentleman, Hannibal replied. 'What would you like to drink? A beer maybe?' .

'Yeah, if you've got some that is'. Will highly doubted there would be any beer within five miles of this place, he knew Hannibal did not care for it.

'As a matter of fact there is, I brewed it myself especially for you as I had the feeling you would not approve of such extravagant beverages' the doctor informed with a smile, letting his hand guide Will to the bar.

'Its not that I don't approve, I'll drink anything, I just have no clue what on earth I would order' Will laughed.

'Let me take the liberty then' Lecter commanded once more. Will could get used to this.

'Good evening Raúl, both me and young William would like to order drinks if we may?'

'Certainly sir, what would you like?' the barman asked, smiling over at Will, causing Hannibal to pull him that little bit tighter towards him gesturing he was taken. He was his.

'William would like the Chesapeake Beer, and I will take a glass of the Dom Perignon Rose, por favor' Hannibal said, foreign words just gliding off of his tongue.

'Very good choice sir' Raúl spoke, eyes wondering towards Will in the grandest suit he had ever seen. Hannibal did not miss this either, becoming quite angered at the thought that serving staff, commoners, were gazing at his William with such intensity that only he may lay upon him.

As Raúl busied himself pouring drinks, Hannibal tried to locate Beverly in hopes that his employee would stop salivating over what was his if he could not see him. Luck seemed not to be in his favour as Beverly was not in his sights. His frantic search came to a halt at the sound of the barman handing Will his drink first, their fingers brushing in the transaction. How utterly rude. The host received drinks first, and it was not polite to ogle his partner right in front of him.

Hannibal practically snatched his drink out of poor Raúl's hand, who was none the wiser, and dragged William by the arm as far away from the man as possible.

'Hannibal stop! What are you doing? He hadn't even finished pouring your drink yet!' Will argued.

Hannibal looked down to his glass to find that Will was in-fact, right. He had not been paying attention in fear of his territory being invaded.

'That insufferable man was trying to take you from me, how utterly rude. I could not stand there idly whilst he was making his poorly planned move on you' Hannibal spat, enraged at the show.

'All he did was pass me a drink, seriously Hannibal, calm down' Will said softly, finding Hannibal's possessive side quite a turn on, but knowing it could get out of hand very quickly if he was to let it.

'You were blind to his obvious intentions, I cannot help that' the doctor huffed, scanning the room for those who dared to set eyes on his Will.

'Well for one you can stop that' Will took control, trying to resolve the situation seeing as Hannibal had invested a lot of time and money into the event, he'd hate for something so petty to spoil it.

'Stop what?' Hannibal asked not really listening to Will, more concentrated on scanning the room still.

'That' Will said, gently moving Hannibal's head back to face him, leaning in for a inconspicuous kiss and beaming at him.

'I apologise, I am...distracted.'

'By something other than me?' Will joked, knowing Hannibal knew he was far from cocky.

'How could I be? My thoughts of you are constantly distracting, but I welcome them all the same as they are of you'. Hannibal explained. 'I am merely searching for Beverly, hopefully you can 'catch-up' as you so eloquently put it earlier. I am aware how much she means to you as a friend, therefore she may ease your nerves'.

'She's over by the fountain... God, I never thought I'd say that' Will snorted, waving at her, she came hurrying over.

'Will! It's so nice to see you! I haven't seen you in days, Dr. Lecter been keeping you up I see?' she said making a crude joke, brining Will into a hug. Hannibal's lip quivered. He then exhaled and remained composure.

'And Hannibal, thanks for Inviting me, the place looks lovely, and the food, god, it's delicious' Beverly spoke from her place near Will's neck, not wanting to bring herself out of the hug yet.

'That is quite al-right. This event is in Will's honour, therefore it is only logical for his best friend to attend. I am pleased the food is to your liking'. He forced a smile, wishing Will would pull back already.

'I must leave you now in the capable hands of Beverly whilst I circulate the room, I will return soon.' Hannibal said to Will, then turning to Beverly, 'Please keep an eye on him, I would hate for someone to engage him in inappropriate conversation, especially wearing that suit. I take it you understand?' He instructed wondering why he didn't make Will wear a suit akinned to a potato sack, which would lower the amount of attention he would receive.

'I got ya!, go and make the rounds! He's in safe hands.' She smiled, brining Will closer and walking him to the bar, deep in conversation. He did not get the chance to kiss him goodbye.

When Hannibal searched the perimeter for Will after he had completed his courtesies, he found him talking to a unknown man. He did not invite this unworthy individual, did he? . As he watched, the man who was inadequately dressed in a plain, inexpensive suit that did not match the occasion in the slightest, touched Will's arm. His Will's arm. This sent Hannibal into a rage. Did he not know who he belonged to? He would surely find out, along with being banned from this event, and all future events. How dare he. There was nothing for it, he would have to pry the man's grubby fingers off of him. Although Hannibal's plans were cut short as on his way he was stopped by a group of opera-friends asking meaningless questions which he certainly didn't have time for. This man could be doing anything to Will.

He politely excused himself. Even feeling this furious he still remained a gentleman. He set sights on Will and the man unworthy of his company once again, they were moving towards the exit. Why on earth were they leaving? What were his plans for his William?. He was not having this. He saw the man's hand brush a non-existent piece of food off of his cheek, and Will let him do it. He hasn't even eaten anything yet you imbecile! Hannibal's brain screamed. Will smiled. Then the hand found it's way around Will's waist in a loose hug, his other hand holding a champagne flute, with a grin on his rat-like face.

Hannibal growled.


That was all it took for Hannibal to come blundering over, grabbing Will by the arm and asking him to help him grab some wine from the cellar as they were running low.

'Can't your waiters do it?' Will huffed, hinting he was not happy with the interruption. Tough.

'No they cannot. I would not trust my wine choices on those who obviously will not be able to afford half of the bottle. I have had thiefs in the past and do not trust important duties such as these on those less fortunate. Now come'. Hannibal spat, staring dragged at Trent, and pulling Will away without even hearing his reply.

'Sorry Trent, We'll catch up later, yeah?' Will shouted over his shoulder feeling guilty at the way he left.

'Hannibal, for gods sake slow down!' Will moaned, practically being carried towards the cellar by an angry looking Hannibal.

'What's happened? Are you okay? Hannibal, look at me!' Will tried once more only to have a lack of reply like the previous attempt.

Once the reached the cellar Hannibal's grip softened, only to come back full force when Will was pushed into a wall whilst Hannibal closed and locked the door, switching on the lights as he went.

'What the fuck!?' Will asked, stunned. That hurt. He rubbed his arm, the grip on it moments ago was vice-like and he bruised easily. He didn't have much time to recover before Hannibal was on him.

He was trapped against the Wall by Hannibal's strong arms, his body closely following. Pushing him against the cold stone wall, sending a chill through his spine.

Hannibal stared at him unnervingly before leaning in to kiss him, roughly. It was all teeth and tongue. His bottom lip felt abused by the time they parted. He swore he could taste blood.

'Mine' 'You. Are. Mine' Was all that Will could ear Hannibal muttering as he pulled his jacket off and ripped the buttons off of his shirt in order to get it open quickly.

The button's fell the the floor. Scattering nosily and causing Will to try to pull away.

'Hannibal! For gods sake stop! Look what you've done now, How am I going to go out there with no shirt? Fuck' Will cursed.

Hannibal had no intention of slowing, he ground his hips against Will's again and again, going back to kiss his hot mouth, before trailing wet, sloppy bitches to Will's neck. Littering him in them as a mark of ownership. Will was mute at this point. His mouth found its way down Will's chest, tongue trailing until it found a nipple which it sucked, and nipped at before a bite was placed over the area. The same was done to the other.

'Han-Hanibal. We have to st-stop' Will tried to speak. Words failing him as Hannibal pushed his knee gently between Will's parted thighs.

'Ngh. We can't. God. We have guests' He said, moaning the last word again to the occupied Hannibal.

'Do not care' was all that Hannibal mumbled, opening Will's belt and roughly undoing his zipper. Will squinted his eyes shut and prayed it stayed in tact.

Hannibal pulled Will's trousers down as well as his underwear at the same time, making quick work taking them off of his legs so that he could part them more freely, before spinning him around to face the wall. He grabbed Will's hands, kissing them, then taking his finger in his mouth and sucking, making Will moan. He was passed objecting now.

'Stay' Hannibal growled. His voice echoing in the small room. Will stood very still, taking even breaths to prepare him for what Hannibal so obviously was going to do next.

Will heard clothes dropping to the floor, followed by a belt to prove his theory. He heard the padding of feet coming closer, heavy breaths becoming louder, until he felt Hannibal behind him. Covering him with himself.

Hannibal held Will's hands above him against the wall to restrict him and asked, 'Who were you talking to?'.

'W-what?' Will questioned, this was unexpected.

'Who. Were. You. Talking. To' Hannibal growled, tightening his grip on Will's hands and stroking absent lines on his stomach, dangerously close to his member, with the other.

'Please' Will begged, wanting Hannibal to begin already.

'No. Not until you answer me. Now. Answer. Me' Hannibal whispered into Will's ear making him pant, he pushed his hand against Will's stomach so that his ass was pushed teasingly against his cock. He moved a little to make his point, then proceeded to make a mark on the top of Will's shoulder.

'Iv'e talked to l-loads, yes, of-of people' Will said swallowing.

'The man you were talking to before I pulled you away. The man who was touching you. The man trying to take you away from me.' Hannibal hissed, bringing his hand down to stroke Will lightly. God. He was already hard.

'T-that was T-Trent' Will explained, moving his hips to meet Hannibal's hand.

'Nu-uh-uh' Hannibal reprimanded. Stopping stroking Will to flick his thumb over the slit of his member. Catching the pre-cum that was starting to form. He brought his thumb to his lips and sucked, loudly, so that Will could hear what he was doing. Will moaned and pressed back. Rubbing his ass against Hannibal's cock whilst trying to free himself from the confines of Hannibal's other hand holding his to the wall.

'Who is this Trent' the doctor spat, leaning in to suck on Will's ear lope. His hot breath tickling Will's neck.

'He's Beverly's boyfriend. We were just talking, I swear. Please Hannibal. Please' Will explained whining.

'And who do you belong to?' Hannibal said evenly, making sure not to touch Will, apart from the hand holding Will's above him so he couldn't touch.

'You. God, you, please, just, just do something!'

'Very well' Was all that Will heard before Hannibal had released his hands from their confines, flipped them round and began kissing his partners willing mouth. Will gasped as something slick was being rubbed around his hole by Hannibal's finger. He opened his eyes to see a bottle of Truffle Oil being placed back on the shelf. The finger teased and teased until Will grabbed Hannibal's member in his hands and started rubbing the underside with his fingers, following the vein all the way down towards his perineum and his balls, which he cupped and rolled in his hand. Hannibal grunted. Pushing the finger in Will slowly, pulling it in and out before adding another, and another, stretching Will to take him.

Once Will felt he was prepared, he pushed back on Hannibal's fingers, gasping and muttering 'Please, please' absent-mindedly until Hannibal withdrew his fingers, picked up his hips, and pushed himself inside. Slowly. Will locked his ankles around Hannibal's waist before pushing himself further back against the wall to find leverage.

It didn't take long before Will was being man handled into submission with a chorus of 'Mine' being said over and over, pushing him closer to orgasm with Hannibal's perfectly aimed thrusts hitting his prostate after minutes of searching. Will squeezed his ass in an attempt to feel more, to grind down on Hannibal because he was so close.

He came with a litany of curse words, Hannibal following close after as the pressure increase around him.

Both men panted. Holding each other with weak legs until the haze had passed.

'That was, god, that was-' Will mumbled.

'Yes' Hannibal agreed. Kissing Will softly and helping him to get dressed.

Then it dawned on Will what Hannibal had done.

'How am I going to be able to show my face in a shirt with no buttons? Jesus' Will asked, panic forming in his eyes.

Hannibal chuckled.

'It's not funny! What am I gunna do? Come on, you broke them!' Will asked a bemused Hannibal.

'It was more of a rip actually' Hannibal laughed pulling Will's blazer up off of the floor and buttoning it all the way up so it looked as though he simply had a few buttons open of his shirt at the collar. 'There'. He smirked.

They made their way out of the cellar without anything to show for it. No wine, no oil. They had been gone quite a long time judging by the way guests were staring at them. Will checked his appearance in the mirror to find he was flushed with messed hair and kiss-swollen lips. So much for not being the centre of attention. It was obviously clear what had been done to him, and for once he did not care. One look at Hannibal concluded that he felt the same, moving his hand once more to possessively rest on his lower back, their hips touching. Will swallowed. Now to find Beverly.

Chapter End Notes

Dināpātī : Dinner Party.


Chapter Summary

Hannibal loves showering Will with gifts, although he takes it a little too far.

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Chapter 12: Okurimono

Later that evening, which was embaressing-but-pleasing in Will's opinion. Hannibal had driven Will home to his house to actually sleep, which felt like an age since he had last done this. Hannibal was persuasive as always. He clearly didn't want Will to return home, but he clearly underestimated the sheer love Will had for his furry friends, and the amount of guilt he felt when leaving them for anything longer than a couple of hours. Hannibal went on like a broken record, asking for one more night, but Will knew that would turn into two, then three, and before he would know it he would be living with the man.

Living with Hannibal Lecter wasn't such a bad idea, but Will valued his independence too greatly to make that kinda of commitment this early in a relationship. He hadn't had many but he knew things were moving too fast as it was and his friendship with both his animals and his friends; mainly Beverly, was suffering. Hannibal could be a little too possessive. Making sure he was present at any occasion in which Will was left alone with another person as if he was expecting something to happen between them.

Will laughed at the thought of Hannibal going all James Bond on him: bugging his phone , planting tracking devices in his car, and setting up cameras around his home. He really wouldn't put it past the man, because honestly, at the moment, that's what it felt like. The sheer coincidences of Hannibal's appearances we're becoming a little too coincidental for his liking. He was not completely unaware.

He was home to do more than grab supplies for the first time in what felt like an age, and he was prepared to make the most of it. He wasn't going to lie, it felt weird trying to sleep without the warmth and reassurance of someone behind him. His phone buzzing every two seconds was making his attempt to sleep futile.

He had a large number of messages from three contacts, Hannibal (of course, the man could barely leave him alone for two seconds), Beverly, and an unknown number that after reading the message he identified as Trent. How the hell did Trent get his number? He debated deleting the text and pretending he never received it for Hannibal's sake. He already witnessed first hand how much his boyfriend loathed the man, but he knew that would be wrong, he was clearly worried about him after the stunt Hannibal pulled last night, and it was almost touching, the fact that he had gone to the trouble of getting his number to reassure himself.

He saved the number under Bev's BF as if Hannibal stumbled across the name Trent, god knows what he would do.

He deliberated texting each person back, but the urge to sleep was too welcoming. He turned his phone on silent and tried to get some sleep. Tried being the operative word.

After an hour he was still awake. He twisted and turned, becoming cocooned in the bed sheets, his t-shirt becoming drenched in sweat and the restlessness was taking over. He grabbed his phone and decided to reply to the messages in hope it would ease his mind enough to be able to sleep.

He dealt with Trent's message first as the man practically thought he was being abused of someshit and he really didn't want to be seen as another victim. He sighed as he read the message again.

Hey man, Trent here. Got your number from Bev, hope you don't mind, it's just that dude you were with early seemed a little pissed and I wanted to make sure you were alright. I know you told Beverly that he can be a little possessive sometimes, but man, we were just talking and he went off on one! The daggers he was sending me were unreal. So, yeah, really just wondering if your okay? Let me know, or Beverly if you feel more comfortable talking to her, whatever. Just be safe yeah? If there's anything you wanna tell me, I'm always around. You've got my number now . Don't think I'm hitting on you or anything, I just don't like seeing Bev all stressed out like this, and your her best friend so I feel kinda responsible. Especially because I was the cause of all this and stuff. If you can't reply to me for any reason, just give Bev a call, she cares about you man.

Will really didn't know what to reply to that. Trent was really sweet, possibly one of the best boyfriends Beverly''s ever had. He liked talking to a guy once in a while, sure he loved Beverly to pieces but when they argued and he needed some one to talk to he was alone. He knew that seemed selfish but they always made up again and Trent cared about her as much as he did.


I know it's late but I just wanted you to know I'm fine. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. Tell Bev I'm good too and that I'll call her in the morning. Hannibal, that's the guy I'm seeing, is kinda full on but he'd never hurt me, although I can see what you mean. Your a really great guy. Give Bev my love. Thanks.

He texted Hannibal second as the messaging we're pilling up and he really didn't want the man to drive all the way out here for nothing. He didn't say as much but Will knew if he didn't reply soon he'd come anyway. He was about to type a reply when his phone rang. What a surprise. Hannibal Lecter Calling.

"Hello?" Will answered feigning sleep So that Hannibal thought he wasn't being ignored.

"William, I was just about to check on you. You had not answered my messages, I sent them as I know you loathe phone calls, even thought had a hard time resulting to that measure which I certainly don't entertain. I was calling to ease my continence mostly as I received a call from Beverly, which consisted of her shouting vulgar lexis through the phone until I apologised regarding my behaviour towards her...boyfriend." Hannibal spat, not willing to name the man that was trying to steal his Will away.

"Oh, Trent?"

"Yes. Him.

"I'm sorry about that, she's kinda...strong willed. I'll speak to her tomorrow. You should get some sleep, all that planning and preparation for the party must have exhausted you!" Will tried to end the conversation. He desperately needed sleep.

"On the contrary, I am finding it hard to sleep without your presence." Hannibal told him regrettably.

"I am too, I guess we've got used to it."

"I could drive over? It would not be an imposition I assure you" Hannibal asked, knowing that there must be a reason for Will to be so adamant about returning home.

"As great as that sounds, I really need to just think some things through. I'm kinda becoming dependant on you and we haven't been seeing each other long. I just need to get some of my independence back...because if this goes wrong, I'm not saying it will, I hope we're together for a very long time, but I just wouldn't be able to cope on my own, when I have done for years. It's weird. I dunno. I'm just mulling things over I guess, getting used to the idea of being with someone. I haven't really had that before, it's mostly been one sided. People find my lack of eye contact a problem and I can hardly blame them. Sorry I'm babbling. You probably want to sleep" He ranted.

"Those people are fools, my dear William, you are very special to me and I aim to keep you as long as I possibly can. Sleep now. I will visit first thing tomorrow morning. I have a present for you" He finalised.

"What have I told you about presents?" He dead panned. People would think he was his sugar daddy or so eating if he kept this up.

"It is the last one, I promise. At least until I find an occasion to spoil you. When is your birthday?" He asked jokily, he already knew this, among an array of other information. He prided himself in knowing all there is to know about his William.

"Very funny, as if you don't know! Night." Be laughed.

"Goodnight, sweet dreams precious one".

The first thought in Will's head when he heard the persistent knocking on his front door, and dogs barking loudly as he woke from his slumber, is that Hannibal wasn't lying about being early. It was six thirty for crying out loud, did the man not sleep?

"Alright, alright, I'm coming, jeez!" will said grumpily, wiping the sleep from his eyes and clicking his young eat the dogs in order to get them to settle down.

"Good morning. I trust you slept well" Hannibal said too cheerily for this time in the morning.

"Well I was until you woke me up" Will mumbled.

"I apologise, I thought it best to start the day early to spend the most amount pod time possible with you as I have a meeting later on today."

"No, I'm sorry. I'm just not a morning person, you've probably guessed that by now" Will signed, making some coffee in his French press. The one Hannibal had brought him after all Will's cupboard stocked was instant.

"Allow me. Sit." Hannibal slipped back into commanding mode and Will smiled.


"I have brought you a gift, although I have left it in the car As I may have some explaining to do. Yesterday before placing the suit in your home, I may have done a little snooping. I assure you I did not intend to, I merely set eyes on the vulgarity, in terms of condition, of some of the clothe items within your wardrobe. I simply cannot have you walking around with holes in your shirts. It would be unjust. Therefore I took the liberty of buying a few pieces that you may like. I hope you do not mind" he explained sheepishly, walking towards Will and pinpointing the numerous holes in his tartan shirt.

"Hannibal" will sighed. "I get that you want to help me, to shower me with gifts and stuff, but seriously, you really don't have to. I shouldn't b. Taking your money like this. It's too much. I appreciate the thought but I really can't take them, you've brought me enough to last a lifetime!" He explained guiltily.

"I'm afraid I'm am going to have to insist. I seem to have lost the receipts". He lied.

"That's okay, some shops don't need them, I can get you a gift card or something" Will tried.

"I also seem to have lost all recollection of buying said items. I'm afraid you will have to simply accept them." Hannibal smirked whilst obviously lying for a second time. He would have to tell Will how he had binned all his old, hole-y clothes, except from a few items that he thought looked honestly adorable on the man. Unless of course Will found out before.

"You are insatiable. You know that? Go and get them then. I hope for your sake there isn't many. I'm going to have to pay you back for them at some point, I can't have you lavishing me wit all these gifts without getting any in return!" He gave in, seeing how Hannibal's face changed into a smile as he told him to retrieve the items.

"There are only a minute amount, you have my word" Hannibal said before presenting Will with a whole new wardrobe full of clothes, all on expensive looking hangers on a clothing rail with wheels attached. There were a number of suits, as well as undershirts, silk pyjamas in a colour Hannibal called 'duck egg', a scarily large number of shirts that range in colours from purple, to blue, to one that looked similar to a pastel-ey pink.

"Only a few you said! Have you become temporarily blind!? There's more than fifty things here, god, it must have cost you a fortune! Most of them are branded too, and where the hell did you buy a portable wardrobe? Second thoughts. Don't answer that. Just-just come here you spontaneously annoying man" he said freaking out at the sheer number of hours he would have to work to afford just one of these items. He grabbed Hannibal's face that seemed a little uncertain, and kissed him gratifyingly.

"Your lucky I like you a lot or you would have been toast" Will joked. hugging Hannibal closer, burging his face in Hannibal's neck, loving how he smelt of cinnamon and somehow radiating beat on this cold day.

"But seriously you have to stop this now, I love everything you've got me but it's my turn to spoil you, starting with tonight. There's this performance of Romeo and Juliet at the theatre tonight and I told Eva that I'd come. Before you get all moody, she played my sister in En Kort En Lang, and she helped me with my lines more times than I can count, so be nice to her okay? No daggers and your certainly not allowed to eat her!" will joked, not knowing how right her was.

"I was just about to mention your performance choice. I did not take you as the love story type" Hannibal questioned, knowing Will did not have the best past when it came to relationships.

"Then what type am I?" He smirked, pulling Hannibal towards the bedroom and closing the door so that the dogs could not disturb them.

"The certifiably loyal, but unendingly talented type I should think. With a sprinkling of exceptional good looks and a kind heart. I could go on but I would be here for a very long time naming all of your positive traits" he complimented, pushing Will back onto his own bed that he only rose from minutes ago.

"Well then, seeing as your in a complimenting mood. Why don't you come over here and let me thank you properly" he smirked, having a number of ideas in mind. Most of them involving Hannibal naked and towering over him, and maybe on his back. But that was later.

"Who am I to turn down a reward? Especially seeing as it includes you"

"I think you talk to much" Will commented slyly, pulling Hannibal on top of him by his tie."Let me take care of you for a change".

It wasn't much later that the dogs where whining at the the door, wanting to see if their master was alright after hearing shouts and curses emitting from the room. They laid down outside the door and waited until they could be let in, which unknown to them would be a very long time.

Chapter End Notes

Okurimono : Gift

Opera Kashu - PART TWO - Hanngiram fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family

Chapter Notes

Thought I'd update twice today seeing as I have the time, and the fact that I have so much positive feedback for this story; Thank you!!!

Chapter 6: Kawaii

Upon leaving Starbucks, Will came to the conclusion that he hadn't the faintest idea of where Hannibal lived, and that they had two cars.

'I am parked over in the second bay, I will drive over so that you can follow in' the doctor says whilst looking at the rust bucket with disdain. He wanted to make a joke about the vehicle falling apart before they reached his quarters, but he doubted that Will would appreciate such forwardness. He was skittish after all.

As promised Hannibal drove his Bentley alongside Will's Sedan and ushered for him to follow. Of course the fucker had a Bentley, Will muttered whilst turning on the ignition and setting off to follow the stupidly expensive car in front of him. He had serious doubts about going to Hannibal's house seeing as he'd only just met the guy, as well as the fact that they were totally different people; from different backgrounds...different parts of society. He really didn't think they would get on. He was already making snide remarks about his car for gods sakes! Nevertheless Will Graham wasn't a rude man, so he followed without thinking too much into what he was about to do. He supposed he should text Beverly, she did tell him to check his phone (which he was yet to do), he'd have to do it soon encase she thought something might have happened, he knew what her feelings were towards the man, although these had suspiciously changed as of today.

When Hannibal started to slow down Will assumed they must have reached their destination. That and the pearly white, expensive looking fence to the left of them. Will watched as the doctor pressed a sequence into the keypad and signalled for him to come hither once the gates were pulling back to let them through. Will rolled his eyes. Pretentious. Who needed these gates anyway? He highly doubted they were here just for a security measure as Hannibal seemed like the show-off type.

After parking up as far away from the other man's car that he could possible get without touching the greenery. As he exited his car he looked around and he even had to admit the sight was breathtaking. From glistening water features to prim cut flowers and finely even grass plains, this was such a peaceful area that he let out a contented sigh.

'You approve of my living arrangements I take it?' Hannibal smirked at him, placing his hand back onto Will's lower back. 'Please, follow me'.

'You really have a lovely home, Dr. Lecter' Will commented still entranced by the sheer beauty of the place.

'Why thank you William, although please call me Hannibal. I am aware the grounds are a little large but this does not change the level of our social interaction'. Will caught himself nodding, lost for words. He didn't trust himself to speak at the minute, he felt so out of place as they were walking towards the Victorian-esque manner house.

'I've never set foot in a house this big before in my life!' Will explained as a means of conversation. Things were too quite for his liking.

'Ah, well there is a first time for everything, as they say' Hannibal quoted looking so prim and proper in his scarily clean house.

'Could I interest you in a drink of some sort? Or a bite to eat?' He offered.

'Oh, no, there's no need to go to any special effort. It's only me, ha!' Will laughed nervously. The sheer size of this place was disconcerting.

'On the contrary, I feel it is necessary as you are the guest. Please sit'. Hannibal ushered as he left Will alone sitting on a plush red, regal looking sofa.

In this time Will looked around at the furnishings. He really handed it to the man, he had such good taste in everything and it was becoming increasingly clear. From the black and white fleur de lis wallpaper making the room ooze elegance, and endless rows of cabinets casing what Will guessed to be full of first edition books. There was no carpet to speak of, only pristine laminated flooring with a black fur rug placed over near the fire place.

'I hope the Casa de Illana Tresdecinco is tolerable, I am saving the Merlout and Sauvignon for your dinner party' Hannibal appears saying.

'That's fine, I'll drink anything' Will assures him.

'I'm glad' he smiles, then the room goes quiet.

'So, uh, wheres this Wine from? Other than your cellar of course.' Will laughs trying to start a conversation other than sitting in an awkward silence.

Hannibal laughs, bearing his impressively sharp teeth. 'Spain, such a swell country, although the people are exceedingly rude.' Hannibal took a sip and mumbled 'I'd usually pair this with some smoked biskett in a mushroom-heavy sauce'.

'Yeah, I've heard. Me and Beverly went to Spain once with our school. I wasn't going to go because we uh- well we couldn't afford it, but Beverly's mum has always been so nice to me. She paid for me to go, said she didn't want her precious little girl to go on her own, said that she was paying for me to keep her company and keep her safe. I felt bad so I got every job I could to pay her back'. Will sighed. 'Anyway, my point is Beverly's a vegetarian so we were at this market and this woman kept trying to sell her chicken. She kept saying 'soy vegetariana' but the woman was adamant about selling her chicken! Kept pushing it up in her face, taking no notice of what she just said, shouting 'cinco euros'. It was hilarious' Will smiled.

'I must admit your pronunciation is captivating'. Hannibal commented, eyes focussed on Will's mouth before righting himself. He had to give it to him this wine was strong.

'Thanks, I guess. I prefer Japanese myself, I'm trying to learn it at the moment. Do you know any languages? What am I saying? Of course you do, a man as educated as you probably knows millions!' Will blabbed, placing a hand over his mouth as if to stop the words cascading out of his mouth like a waterfall.

'Sorry, sorry. God, I've only had one glass!' Will wiped his free hand over his face. 'I really am sorry, that was rude of me'.

'Not at all. I would assume something similar in your position. Please, feel free to speak your mind, I am not one to take offence easily and I would be honoured if you would be able act as yourself around me, as I am you'. The doctor smiled, topping up Will's glass only seconds after the man was complaining on the strength of the beverage.

'I-uh, don't really know what to say back to that' he smiled nervously again.

'Say you will speak your mind. It is a shame to waste the workings on the human brain by not expressing opinion on the world, or in this case in my home'. The doctor spoke wisely

'Okay, you speak any languages?' Will repeated.

'Yes, I speak Lithuanian, of course, as well as French, Italian, Latin undeterred by its rare nature as the language is slowly dying out, as well as a few others'. Hannibal informed.

'Wow, that's a lot'

'It is, but my Uncle would stress not enough.' Hannibal joked once more.

Then Will's phone started ringing and all hell broke loose.

Tomatte Itte Ii-Yo

Chapter Summary

Beverly's pissed. Will's a little drunk, and Hannibal is stalking his prey.

Includes a little food play and a brief description of some smexy times!

Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes
Chapter 7: Tomatte itte ii-yo

'Excuse me a second' Will apologised before answering the call.

'Will!? Are you okay? God, you had me worried! I've been texting you like crazy for hours and you didn't reply, I thought something had happened to you!' Beverly shouted over the line. Will was sure Hannibal could hear every word, how embarrassing.

'I'm fine Beverly, you worry too much'. Will replied, looking over at Hannibal and mouthing the word 'sorry' before looking back out the window.

'I wouldn't be worrying too much when your kidnapped by Count Lecter there will I?' Beverly snipped, Will forgave her though, she was only looking out for him which was more than anyone else has ever done in his life.

'Bev!' Will stressed through gritted teeth. He didn't mind her venting her anger, but Hannibal could hear her. He didn't want him to think he thought about him in that way.

'All-right, all-right, I get it you want some alone time with Mr.Loverman, but at least answer your damn messages! Where are you anyway? It's like super-quiet on your end'. Beverly noted.

'I'm back at Hannibal's, he's showing me some stuff for the party, and I'm sorry, I'll text you from now on, okay?' Will explained although he knew that wouldn't be enough.

'Your at his place!? His place where exactly?' She tried to calm herself. She didn't mind but they knew each other for all of two days.

'Erm, I don't actually know' he replied sheepishly.

'You don't know...' she said sceptically.

'I don't! I followed him here, two seconds...Hannibal? Where are we? sorry.' Will directed to both Beverly then Hannibal, making sure not to cover the receiver end so his friend could hear the answer.

'Do not apologise Will' came the reply from a surprisingly close distance, determined by the volume of the voice on the other end of the line. 'We are in Coventry'.

'Did you get that?' Will asked.

'Yeah, I should have guessed really, poshest place in London. Turn your GPS on would you.' She asked knowing if anything wen wrong she could use the 'find my mobile' site and track his whereabouts. Will knew she must have been a Private Investigator in another life.

'I'll do that, I'm gunna go now okay? Hannibal's showing me some food samples' He lied.

'Mmm, pull the other one. I know where your lying Mr.Graham, I've known you for years' she reprimanded.

'Look, I know your worried about me, and don't get me wrong I love you for it, but I really have to go now...'Will trailed off. He was in Hannibal's company and was on he phone. How rude.

As soon as Hannibal heard Will express his love for his friend he got closer and placed a possessive hand on Will's shoulder as if to stake his claim. Mine. Will jumped, but not as obviously as he had before, he was getting used to the touches, almost welcoming them. He turned and smiled at Hannibal whilst trying to concentrate on what Beverly was saying.

'Love you too Willy-kins' she said in a condescending voice before laughing into the receiver.

'Bye' Will smiled, forcing down the laugh that was threatening to emit into the air.

'TEXT' Beverly shouted before ending the call.

'Sorry about that! That was rude of me, she just gets a little over-protective at times' Will explained apologetically.

'Nonsense. Come.' Hannibal commanded endearingly before scooping up Will's wine glass, as well as his own, guiding his guest into the open plan kitchen.

'Now, you told Miss Katz that you were sampling food, did you not?' the doctor enquired.

'Yeah but that was just to keep her from interrupting us, she has quite a vivid imagination' Will laughed.

'Nonetheless, I'd hate for you to lie to your friends to spend time with me, therefore I have a range of h'orderves which I was trialling in preparation for the event. Would you pleasure me by taste testing these?' Hannibal enquired once again. Pleasure you? He's doing this on purpose.

'Yeah, sure. That is, if you weren't saving them for dinner or anything?'

'No, of course not. I have prepared a tagliatelle ai funghi in cream sauce, with the addition of asparagus and some other ingredients that I won't bore you with' He spoke with such ease, as if Italian was his mother tongue. Will swallowed. Could he get any more attractive?

'Oh, well if your sure' Will smiled, taking the first sample from Hannibal, there fingers brushing momentarily.

'This is a mini pikelet with smoked salmon and creme fraiche' He informed.

Will placed the whole thing in his mouth. It was small enough, and it looked gorgeous; not to mention the fact that he was starving. As he swallowed he could see Hannibal staring quite obviously at his throat, his gaze dropping to his adam's apple when he swallowed again. Will watched as the older man licked his lips subtly, then raised his eyes as if he hadn't been caught staring. He waited for Hannibal to say something but he guessed the man was waiting for his reply.

'It's er, it's good. It goes well together.' Will added, licking his own lips at both the food and the man moving slowly into his personal space.

'How about this? A mini camembert galette with a drizzle of olive oil and a basil leaf' Hannibal said with a voice like honey, closing the gap between them.

'Mmm- its really nice' Will said between chews, gazing over at what was next on the agenda.

'This is a little informal as foodstuff goes, but I'm inclined to believe everyone is partial to doughnuts' the doctor said whilst reaching for something on the far counter. He could make it easier for himself and walk over there if he weren't so damn set on staying this close to me at all times like I'm gunna run away at any minute, Will thought to himself.

'Ah, here we are, a blueberry doughnut ball with a wild fig and apple purée' He informed, but this time placing the sugar-coated ball towards Will's mouth, stopping just before the lips in place of permission before Will slowly opened his mouth, eyes firmly fixed on Hannibal's forehead; the closest he was willing to get to eye contact.

He felt the ball gently being placed on his tongue, and the slow retraction of fingers before his chin was lifted up by the addition of a second of Hannibal's fingers, enticing him to chew. Will obliged, watching the way Hannibal sucked the sugar off of his own fingers in such a tantalising way. Will swallowed deeply. His breath taking on the form of a pant as Hannibal got even closer. If that was even possible. placing the clean hand on one side of Will's face, framing it, before leaning in with locked eyes.

The breath on his face was hot, and he could smell cinnamon. Probably his aftershave, Will thought off-handedly. He tilted his mouth up towards the taller man as if to say that he accepted, and that was all it took before the older's mouth came crashing down on his, revelling in the contact. It was rough and desperate, fast and punishing. Hannibal's hands found their way to his hips pulling them against his own almost too forcefully, but Will didn't care. At this exact moment that was the last thing he was worried about. His arms wrapped themselves around Hannibal's body as if they had a mind of their own, sliding up into his hair, before trailing back down and under the man's shirt to touch bare flesh.

Hannibal moaned into the kiss. The hand on his back felt like a burning poker, the heat radiating off of the man in his arms was inhumane, but this just added to Will's appeal. The hand that was around Will's waist made its way down to cup his ass, and grope, and god did that feel good. Pushing his front oh-so-much closer to Hannibal, who ground against him breathlessly.

Before he knew it Will was lifted atop of a counter. He squeaked dizzily before the offending mouth sought his once more. Pulling him closer and closer until there was not a part of their bodies that wasn't touching. Hannibal's hot mouth found Will's neck and started to kiss and bite its was down, before settling on a spot to place a hickey and licking it apologetically.

At this point Will was in a haze. His actions were slothful at best, and all he could do was gasp and moan. It had been an age since he was touched like this, and he didn't want it to stop. Only his thoughts must have been heard and disregarded as his phone started to ring again.

'Leave it' Hannibal all-but growled, lavishing Will's neck in more marks of ownership.

'I-I ca-an't' Will moaned out loud. He really needed to pull himself together if he was to answer the phone without being found out. He grabbed Hannibal's hair and pulled it upwards in order for him to still his motions. Planting a soft, delicate kiss on his lips before pulling the man towards the phone with him by holding onto the man's belt buckle.

'Hello?' Will answered in an annoyed tone. He was busy dammit.

'Will.' Beverly answered back, equally annoyed. 'Funny thing messages, they actually need to be sent before the other person can receive them, and why haven't you turned on your GPS!?'.

Hannibal hugged Will from behind, continuing his assault on Will's neck from seconds ago. Will pushed back into the touch, grinding his ass against Hannibal's predominant hard-on. Both men gasped.

'Will?...WILL!' Beverly shouted, hearing the moan from the other end.

'Sorry, I'm-uh, yeah. Sorry, what?' Will asked baffled. He had no idea what she just said and didn't even care. Hannibal's mouth on his neck was too good a distraction, making him think of all the other places his mouth could be used on.

'Will Graham, are you getting laid?' She asked amused. Not caring that she was disrupting them in the slightest.

'Oh, god yes' Will moaned as Hannibal moved his hand down to stroke him through his trousers whilst still sucking at his neck.

'Will!?' Beverly asked once again in an angry tone.

'Huh? Oh- yeah, yeah, god yeah' he tried and failed to sound unaffected by what Hannibal's skilful tongue was doing.

'I just called to ask how your getting home? You sounded a little sluggish earlier so you probably won't be able to drive, so do you want me to pick you up later?' She asked loudly in a stern tone so Will would answer back.

Hannibal grabbed the phone from Will's hand, furious that this extremely rude woman was interrupting something he had been waiting months to do.

'I have a spare room in which Will will be staying in tonight. Thank you for your concern. Goodbye' the doctor told her whilst continuing to stroke Will. He knew it was rude of him but it is what she deserved. Will was his. She needed to learn that. He knew she wasn't a threat, that she was just his friend, but at that exact moment all he could think about was claiming Will as his own and not letting him engage with another human being ever again.

Hannibal took Will's hand, hearing him sigh with loss of contact, and all-but carried him to his sleeping quarters. Laying the man down on the plush silken sheets, disrobing him slowly, and showing his muse what he could give him if he perused this relationship.

Chapter End Notes

Tomatte itte ii-yo: You can spend the night.

Note: I'm not really sure what you guys want to read in terms of the more sexual scenes, so if this was too graphic, or not graphic enough, please let me know!


Chapter Summary

Will has his doubts. It comes with being empathetic. Hannibal doesn't give him a reason to.

Summary: Will wakes up alone. Feels like he's been misled, but it was in his head all along. Kinda fluffy, with some sweet talking Hannibal to enjoy.

Chapter Notes

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Chapter 8: Ohayō

Will woke up to the smell of cooking pancakes and the sweet scent honey, but more importantly, he woke up alone. He didn't kid himself, this was probably a natural thing for Hannibal, just a one night stand. He though this was more than that, but the absence of the older man in the bed with him told him otherwise. He could be making assumption but he was generally right, 'sides who would want me weighing them down with all my baggage? Will thought rolling back over in the covers and trying to push the feeling of abandonment down. His eyes threatened to shed tears in light of the situation but he shook them away, he knew he was being soft but his empathy disorder made all of his emotions heightened and in times like these they were hard to control.

After composing himself he reached down to grab his jeans, feeling around for his phone in the pocket. He still hadn't called Beverly and from the way Hannibal had spoken to her last night she was probably fuming. He located the device, flip the screen on and stared. 22 new text messages, 4 missed calls his phone depicted. Jeez, Beverly was super pissed. He rubbed his palm down his face and courageously opened the message bank to be presented with an array of messages written all in capitals. The most recent being:

'When you've quite finished being a total ass, call me, text me, whatever. Let me know your safe and that doctor Frankenstein hasn't eaten you. Okay? -Bev'

Will hastily texted a reply.

I'm fine. I spent the night at Hannibal's, like he told you over the phone last night if you were listening. I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch yesterday, things were a little hectic. I'll call you later, promise. -Will

It wasn't more than thirty seconds later that he received another hastily typed message.

Oh, so your still alive then? How was last night? As pissed as I am at Mr.RichAss I want alllllll the details!

Will was about to type a reply when another message was delivered.

Sorry, I should have asked you how you were. I'm such a bad friend! Was he rough? I bet he was rough wasn't he? I knew it, I could see it in his eyes. Possessive freak. Are you al-right, you know, down there...?

He sighed. She had the wildest of imaginations, as well as being known for her distinct lack of care when it came to prying information, but they were close and she was the only person he could really talk to so he embraced it. He snorted and replied. The amount of times she had given him too many details, that he really, really didn't want to know, of what her and Trent got up to in the bedroom; it was enough to make a stripper blush!

Beverly! I am DEFINITELY not discussing that with you! I'm fine, and that all you need to know. We both found it mutually enjoyable, and that's all I'm gunna say on the matter, seriously, If you think I'm gunna give you all the sordid details you've got a long wait ;) -Will

He could hear clattering in the kitchen but he took no notice, his conversation with his friend was long overdue and he really needed her right now. He wanted to ask her so many questions but he was embarrassed. She was more familiar with the ins and outs of relationships than he would ever be. Sure he'd been with people, but that figure was extremely low, and they all ended badly. He really wanted this one to work out, but he knew that was too much to ask from someone like him, he and Hannibal were from different world's and one night together wasn't going to change that. He looked back down at his phone when he felt it buzz.

Oh, come onnnnnn!!! I'm dying to know here!!! As long as your okay, that's all I needed to know. Do you know if your staying long? Or what? Cuz I could come and pick you up. I know your cars there but if you need company on the drive home I wouldn't mind :) -Bev

Of course you wouldn't. Will knew she wanted to know everything and waiting was not her forte. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs so he rapidly punched out a reply.

I'm more than capable of driving myself home thank you very much, I know your game Mrs! Anyway, Hannibal's coming so If I don't reply, that's why. I'll text you when I'm on my way home so you can come over. I kinda need to speak to you about some things, but they're nothing to worry about before you go off on one!! You know I love you right? Your the best friend anyone could ever have, and I'm really grateful even if I don't show it. -Will

Will placed his phone on the side of the bed and kept his gaze fixed on the door, hearing Hannibal making his way closer towards the room he was in. He knew Beverly would think something was wrong after writing such a deceleration but the recent events had put things into perspective for him and he felt the need to tell her.

The door opened to a exquisitely dressed Hannibal, elegantly holding a tray of what was obviously breakfast in one hand, and what only could be described as a expensively wrapped present in the other. He smiled as he saw Will staring, moving his gaze over his lovers body appreciatively, licking his lips a the though of what was underneath his thousand thread counted sheets.

'Good, your awake. I took the liberty of making you breakfast. A simple american-style buttermilk pancake stack, with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi, served with a drizzle of honey and peach sauce. Enjoy' Hannibal explained, handing the tray carefully over to Will and sitting cautiously on the empty side of the bed.

'They smell amazing. Thank you, but you really didn't have to. I don't usually eat breakfast.' Will complimented.

'That is where you are going wrong, my dear Will. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have the pleasure of cooking it for you. I only hope I can do this more often'. He reprimanded, whilst dropping the hint that he wanted this to be something more than just one night, he wanted it to be much more.

Will's eyes rose at the mention of starting a relationship. That had not been what he though Hannibal would say, he was let down too many times in the past and honestly didn't think this would be any different, even though he desperately wanted it to be.

'R-Really?' Will asked, unsure of what he just heard.

'Yes, of course. Why would I not want to spend my free time with someone as sumptuous as you. Do not degrade yourself like this, you are far too precious for me to let you slip through my fingers. Not staying with you would my deepest regret after what we have shared.' the doctor spoke with such passion, bringing a hand out to cup Will's cheek. He hated that the man could not see all the positives that he saw on a daily basis, hated that Will was mistreated by partners in the past and could only assume that this was indeed the same. He would change that, he was adamant about it.

Will blushed. Looking up at Hannibal with surprise written on his face. He leant into the touch and let out a contented sigh.

'From the moment I saw you, William, I was entranced by your beauty. Your sheer ability to perform with such ease. It was as though I were under a spell of your design, of your making, and could only be set free by getting closer to you. By taking what others have so distastefully discarded, not knowing the true value of such a person. I will spoil you, show you what others could not, I will make it my one true aim to make you feel as special as I know you are.'

Will swallowed thickly.

'Jesus Hannibal, what do I even say back to that? Is there anything I could even say that wouldn't look inferior after all that.' Will laughed nervously. No one had veer spoken to him with such love before and he really didn't know how to react. He didn't want to seem ungrateful but all the declaratives Hannibal had said he couldn't see in himself.

''Say that you'll stay with me for as long as you can bare. I know I am not what you had in mind when you looked to the future, but I only hope that you can settle for me. I can give you anything you've ever wanted, and I will do everything you ever ask. Please, accept this offer and make me the happiest man alive.' Hannibal renounced, words like poetry, effortlessly gliding off of his tongue like that of a siren at sea.

Will was enthralled to say the least. Hannibal was being so open with him, laying himself bare and begging for his companionship like no one had dared to before. He tried not to think about the words excessively in fear that his empathy would take hold and he would break.

'Of course I want to be with you, you silly oaf!' Will exclaimed, putting the tray stably on the floor before leaning over towards Hannibal on the other side of the bed and kissing him slowly. Trying to enforce everything he was feeling into the kiss the only way he knew how. Hannibal didn't take long to respond, showering Will in his own kisses of gratitude. Pulling him closer so that he could feel him against himself, pulling Will lightly onto his lap with the gentlest of touches in comparison to the night before.

'You know this isn't about the money right? That I'm with you cuz I want to be and not because how much you've got in the bank? Because you could be the poorest man alive and I'd still be here, sharing this moment with you'. Will explained, pulling away slightly, thinking of all the possibilities which Hannibal might think he was accepting, other than the clearly evident reason that he felt the same way.

'I would not insult you by thinking such things, I assure you', the older of the two accentuated with disgust.

'Good. Because If you did I would have kicked your ass' Will joked, snuggling closer into Hannibal's waiting lap.

'You would, would you? I find the thought of that quite delicious' Hannibal told him between soft kisses.

Will laughed. That was all he could think to do, he wanted there to be silence. Conversation was a sin in a moment like this.

Chapter End Notes

Ohayō - Good Morning.

Kare wa watashi no da

Chapter Summary

Hannibal's possessive side begins to emerge, and the urge to kill is rising.

Chapter Notes

Sorry it took so long to update today!

This chapter is dedicated to Haru_ran for all the lovely comments and to everyone else who is taking the time to read this :)

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 9: Kare wa watashi no da

After sharing an extremely enjoyable shower with Hannibal; that of course resulted in the best shower sex Will has had in, well, forever, both men hastily got dressed for the day as they were already running late. Will for his dress rehearsal for his current play, and Hannibal to attend a meeting regarding the expansion of his law firm business. Although they were aware of the lateness they had acquired, neither man cared when it came to purposely slowing down the pace in which they were getting dressed, giving the other time for their eyes to rake over the flesh that they had the pleasure to touch only moments ago. Will finally laughed out loud, they were each playing the same game thinking the other was none the wiser, the hilarity of the situation was amusing.

'I would happily spend all day just lying in bed with you, I really hate that I have to work sometimes' Will informed Hannibal with a sigh. He was ready to leave now, but he was dragging it out for as long as humanly possibly by making an array of excuses in his mind of things he had to do before leaving, just so he could spend that extra little fragment of time with the man he was slowly falling for.

'As do I' the doctor agreed. 'Not to worry, the dinner party is this evening, as well as your last performance, therefore I will leave the office early to watch you perform. It would be a shame for me to miss a performance.' He told Will.

'Don't be silly, there's really no need for you to come and watch a play you've seen about a thousand times. Really. I can meet you at your house after the show, its fine' Will informed him, not seeing the point in Hannibal finishing work early just to watch him fawning over another male character on stage. After the coffee shop incident, he was well aware of Hannibal's possessive side.

'Nonsense. Your performances bring me such joy, so I will attend as planned. Afterwards I will wait for you to make the necessary interactions to those around you, before becoming your chauffeur for the evening in to take you to the party in your honour.'

'Hannibal' Will chastised, 'You really don't have to make all these compromises for me, I appreciate them but I don't want you to feel like you have to go to all this trouble just because were dating.'

'I have not missed a performance yet, and I do not intend to. Relationship or not William I am a great fan of your work, and to miss the last in what was the most memorable play of our time, it would be a sin' Dr.Lecter argued. He would be there for Will as promised, although he knew it would be hard watching Nathanial Maitai play the part of Jacob and woo his William's character, Jørgen, throughout the film. It was increasingly hard to bare when they were not romantically involved, and now, well, he had no idea how he would react.

'If you insist' Will laughed, smiling over his shoulder as he grabbed his keys and phone from the bed side table.
'Before you go, I would like to give you the gift I had the intentions of giving you earlier. Although my mind was preoccupied, therefore I had forgotten. Here.' Hannibal grabbed the pearly white present - that was extravagantly wrapped, of course, did he really expect any less? - off of its place on the floor beside the bed and handed it to Will, watching his face turn into confusion.

'Now I feel bad, I haven't got you anything' Will moaned.

'I do not need gifts, William. The only thing I require is you.' Dr. Lecter complimented, giving Will a chaste kiss on the lips before hinting that he unwrap the gift placed in his waiting hands.

'Such a sweet talker' he mused before carefully unwrapping the present. The texture of the wrapping paper alone told him that it was far from cheap, and the glistening silky bow, was in fact, real silk. 'I'd have been happy with just the wrapping, you know. You really didn't have to do this'.

'I wanted to, now I do not want to hear another word about it' Hannibal finalised. He knew Will was grateful, and he could see by how tense his shoulders were that he felt guilty for not returning the favour.

'Oh. My. God.' Will nearly screamed, much to Hannibal's amusement. 'You shouldn't have! I can't believe you brought me this! How did you even know?' He blabbed in excitement.

'I have my ways' Lecter smirked, watching with gratitude as Will pulled the box of gold plated fish hooks and top of the range tying gear out of its confines.

'Its gold, Hannibal. Gold! You do realised these go in the water. The dirty, stinky, murky water. Its too much. I can't accept this.' Will said with astonishment.

'Yes you can, and you will. If I hear another word on the matter I will personally seal your beautiful mouth shut' Hannibal threatened with a smile so Will knew he was joking, kinda.

'Hannibal' Will whined again.

'You spend too much time with those canines of yours, you are beginning to take on their character traits. I have brought this gift with you in mind, I acknowledge your issues but money is not a problem for me, and this is the only way in which I feel I can spoil you without you practically forcing the gift back to me. Believe me, this was the cheapest option, what I really had in mind was much more extravagant.' He explained wishing Will would just take the gift. Gift being the operative word.

'Okay, okay. I'm sorry if I'm sounding ungrateful but Hannibal I've never touched real gold In my whole life and now you've brought me fish hooks made out of it. Jeez. Have you any idea how happy that makes me? How special it makes me feel to own something like this, but really, you could have got me a twig and I would have loved it because it was you who gave it to me, is all I'm saying'.

'Very well, I am glad I have made you feel unique, as that is precisely what you are' Hannibal spoke with eyes murky with passion, they seemed to take on more a reddish hue when he was entirely passionate about something. A trait that Will was beginning to love.

'I don't deserve you' Will told him matter-of-factly before putting the present carefully down and kissing the life out of the older man.

'I really must go, I apologise, but It seems you are quite late' the doctor observed looking at the clock, causing Will to follow.

'Shit! Sorry! I'm so god-damn late. Thank you so much for the present, and the breakfast, and everything, I really need to go now' Will said rapidly realising exactly how late he was.

'I will drive you. Come'.

Once Will was at work Hannibal had insisted on walking him right inside the building to ensure his well being, even after Will told him it was less than necessary. He reached the dressing rooms where everyone was just about to walk onto stage, he went to give Hannibal a quick parting kiss, but it seemed the man had other ideas.
Hannibal brought Will closer in a vice-like grip, running his fingers through his hair to keep his head right where he wanted it. His other hand placed firmly on Will's left buttock, squeezing, for all to see.

There was a chorus of cheers behind them from cast members as Will roughly pulled away needing air.

'What the hell was that?' He asked. Panting.

'Me asserting my claim' Hannibal said leisurely as if it was the normalist thing in the world.

'Your claim over what?' Will questioned. What was he going on about.
'You.' He replied simply. Quickly pecking Will's lips once more before turning and leaving with cocky grin plastered on his face.

After what only could be decribed as a dreadful day at the office. Hannibal made his way home to change for Will's performance. He really did hope that terrible excuse for a gentleman, Nathanial, had bare witness to his display of possesion earlier that morning. He felt a repeat performance may force Will to be less than comfortable around his work mates, and he really did not want to cause such a rukas as he knew how socially impaired Will was thus far.

Once he had reached the theater, Hannibal took his usual seat in the front centre row and relaxed. He had already prepared everything for the dinner party later on that evening and the house had been pre-cleaned by a number of maids, as well as decorated by the great Rion Botechelli whilst he was at work. He would not settle for anything other than perfect for a night that was dedicated to the man that he described to as nothing other than his.

As the curtain went up Hannibal could feel his body tighten. The sight off that poorly postured man looking at his Will with a look of curiosity made his blood boil as he knew what was to come. Regardless of the fact that he had viewed this production a large number of times before, during those moments he only focussed solely on William, therefore he had not acknowledged Jacob's character before, only in the corner of his eye where he deemed the man far less interesting compared to his William Graham.

Time passed and Hannibal was practically shaking with anger. His teeth clenched and eyes fixed on the fungus that was Nathanial Maitai. His hand gripped the arm of the seat, hard, digging his perfectly manicured nails into the upholsrty. William was HIS. This man was a threat.

Deep in his mind he knew that this was all for show, that there was nothing going on between the two cast members. Although earlier Hannibal had stumbled upon a number of articles on where most of the headlines portrayed rumours that the two main protagonists were falling for each other in real life as a result of the play. He knew it was wrong. He knew it. But it didnt ease the feeling that was in his stomach everytime he saw Nathanial touch his property.

After the great kiss scene Hannibal could not take this any longer. This man would have to die. There was no other option. How could he prace around the stage, holding, touching, kissing young William like that and not become addicted as he so obviously was? He would be a potential future threat as after the end of this performance the actors would go thier seperate ways, and Nathanial would obviously want to keep in touch. How very loathsome.

Knowing that Nathanial would be no more after the events of tonight, Hannibal felt a little more at ease. Watching the other characters developments throught the rest of the performance that he had not had the privallage of noticing before due to his fixation on Will. Although locking eyes with the man he owned a couple of times made him want to jump onto the stage, grab what was his, and lock him away in a place where only he could touch him. Will was wasted on these people.

Finally when the show drew to a close, Hannibal let out a sigh. Finally it was over. He could see Will and take him away from all these ghastly people.

He made his way backstage, no one bothering to question him as they recgnised him from this morning. He saw a couple of people pointing and whispering. Good. They were spreading the declarative that Will belonged to him. He found Will's dressing room, opening the door with such force that the hinges creaked. Slammed it shut. The proceeded to push Will against his dressing table and lavish his in an open mouthed, rough, possessive kiss.

The table rocked under thier weight. The mirror threatening to fall from its place above the table.

Will was so shocked at what just happened. Was still happening. That he was not responding until now, grasping Hannibal in his own arms and pushing himself closer to the man who had outed him as taken eariler that day.

Although Hannibal was not stopping there. He trailed his hands down Will's calves before roughly picking him up, hearing him squeak in his arms at the tightness of which his hands were being placed on his buttocks and back. He was sure there would be bruises there tomorrow. He was gently placed on the dressing table he was once pushed against, with Hannibal between his thighs mouthing 'Mine' repetitively into his skin as he littered his neck with bites and licks to claim him.

'What on earth has got into you today?' Will asked, moaning a little as Hannibal had reach the point between his neck and shoulder that he absoultley loved to be touched.

'His hands were all over you. He kissed you, tasted you. Never again.' Hannibal wasn't making much sense but Will understood after giving himself a moment to think.

'It's all for show, you know that. Seriously Hannibal, nothing's going on between me and Nate!' He exclaimed, laughing a little at the thought.

'You even smell like him. Off.' Hannibal all-but growled, pulling Will's costume shirt off with enough force that he could practically feel it ripping.

'Hannibal, please. Your being irrational.' Will pleaded as Hannibal set to work opening Will's stage-trousers and tearing them off his form.

'I most certainly am not.' He renounced. 'The way he looks at you, as if he is waiting for the right moment to pounce. I will not have this. You. Are. Mine' He adds by means of explanation, carefully puctuating the last words of ownership.

'Nate is just a friend. A colleuge really, we hardly talk.' Will told him, holding his hands infront of himself in a bid to stop Hannibal.

'Nate. Nate. His name is Nathanial, and I would be most reatful If you were never to mention that name, ever, again.' He spat.

'Okay, come on. Come here.' Will said softly, drawing Hannibal closer and pulling him into a gentle embrace. 'I am with you, not Na-him, not anybody else. Now whats gunna happen is, your going to sit here...' He pushed Hannibal into the chair of the dressing table. 'And you are going to wait until I'm dressed, then take me home to this dinner party, okay?' Will rationalised.

'You just called my house home' Hannibal said with a gleeful grin.

'I suppose I did' Will smiled back, 'Problem?' He asked unsure.

'Most definately not' Hannibal replied watching Will re-dress in his normal clothes that didn't smell of that foul man, appreciating every line and curve of Will's body in the synthetic lighting of the room with lustful eyes. Tonight would be a good night.

Chapter End Notes

Kare wa watashi no da :He Is Mine

Opera Kashu (incomplete) - PART ONE - Hannigram fanfic.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family
Opera Kashu

by IantosCoffeeIsTheBest

(AU) Will is an Opera singer and Hannibal is entranced by him.

Basically Hannibal is a little bit of a stalker, and Will is feeling guilty.


See the end of the work for notes
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hajimemashite

Will Graham was an opera singer. Some said he was the best in his state, but Will being the nice guy he is, he begs to disagree. He was currently playing Jørgen in En Kort En Lang and currently had a fan by the name of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Every night when the curtain went up Will would lock eyes with the man; it came to a point where he would actively seek him out amongst the other public members in the audience, although he favoured the middle seat in the front row. How apt will thought.

After a while this Mr.Lecter started sending him notes which would be attached to the mirror of his dressing room at the end of each performance. At first Will was baffled as to who these decelerations of gratitude could have come from, but after seeing the grand Hannibal Lecter, a pillar of the community at every show, making his opinions on Will known to all those that were behind the play and others who were speculating on this recent remake of the classic, Will put two and two together. He wasn't as incompetent as his father had once thought. Sure he was in the performing art business but that didn't make him any less of a man, Will scowled thinking back to his fathers unkind words on the subject matter.

The notes in question dictated how Will had done the role justice and did not have to worry about the standard set by his predecessor as he had excelled them. By June these notes had taken a more optimistic tone as Hannibal had taken it upon himself to state his dire need to meet the star that had captured his fixated gaze for the past two months. Will ignored this in favour of being professional. Sure he owed the guy for coming to every single show and taking the time to write him notes of appreciation, but he didn't ask him to did he? After the curtains had lowered and he had taken his bow for what seemed like an age, Will walked back to his dressing room contemplating the contents of the note he would receive once more. A place of meeting perhaps? Or a means of contact? Surely Dr.Hannibal Lecter would be desperate by now? But what Will found was a very large, very expensive bunch of red roses with a note attached in what only could be recognised as 'doctor scrawl' therefore these were from the ever adoring Mr.Lecter.

Will smelt the flowers and smiled. He really should thank the man next time he sees him; which would be very soon based on past data. What would he say upon meeting the man? Would he thank him, although that did not seem enough for someone as dedicated as he. Beverly, Will's friend had seen these notes and endlessly teased him about them, she told him as much as they were a nice thought, that the guy seemed a creep and to stay away. But Will never judged people straight away. He decided he had to meet the man behind the flowers. He would meet him tomorrow, it would be easy seeing as Dr.Lecter always was the last person to leave the premises. Probably hoping I'd stop him, this has been going on for ages though, I've made him wait. That's kinda rude.

After another successful show Will came back to his dressing room to quickly change so he could speak to his admirer, but what he found stopped him in his tracks. A box. Tied with a sapphire coloured ribbon and a note with his name on. Hannibal. This was his handwriting. Will pondered as to what this box could hold before anxiously opening the present to find diamond cufflinks shaped in the form of a deer of some sort. This was too much, surely Mr.Lecter knew he couldn't accept something of such an extravagant nature? Will changed his shirt, but left the stage-pants on in an attempt to catch the man before he left, although with less of an audience. His new shirt was sticking to him as he made his way through the mass of people congratulating him on his performance, his body still sweat soaked from his on-stage antics. Maybe I should have showered first. Will thought to himself as he came ever closer to his loyal fan.

'Mr.Lecter! Sir!'

Will called out as he came face to face to the Lithuanian.

'William Graham. What a pleasure it is to finally meet you'.

Hannibal took his hand, glancing at Will's puzzled face before placing a chaste kiss to the top of his hand.

'Th-thank you sir' Will stuttered, not knowing what to make of this. No one has kissed me on the hand this normal?

Sensing his unease Hannibal begrudgingly let young William's hand fall back down to his side and smiled whilst inhaling his sent. Sweat. Anxiety. Arousal? What?

'You really must change your aftershave William' Dr.Lecter retorted before turning his back to a stunned Will.

'Oh, and Mr.Graham?'

'Yes sir?' Will called back, bunching his brows in an expression of confusion.

'You may call me Hannibal, good day'.

With that he left. Just as promptly as he was there, he had dissipated into the roaring crowd leaving Will looking around for Beverly. She'd know what to do he muttered to himself, he wasn't one for social interactions, maybe this was the norm, he was yet to find out.


Chapter Summary

Hannibal closes in on Will like the shark from Jaws.

He sends Will a dinner invitation, but Will doesn't do social events. He thought he had wormed his way out of it until the good doctor phones him. He's one persuasive guy.

Chapter Notes

A big thank you to moonphase9 & Cee cee for being the first to comment! This ones for you and those who have left Kudos! Thanks!

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 2: Tomodachi

Life went on for Will Graham quite rapidly after meeting Dr.Lecter (Or Hannibal as he instructed him to address him). He was half way through his contracted time in the theatre and he was finally at ease in the role. It took a while. Beverly was a little more close since his meeting with the doctor, he knew he should have kept it to himself but he was so baffled by the encounter that he needed to seek advice.

'I told you not to go near him!' Beverly raised her voice. 'Especially not alone, jeez Will'

'I don't see why it's such a big deal, I mean did you see what he's been sending me? First the notes, then the flowers, and now damn expensive cuff links with diamonds, diamonds Beverly!' Will explained, rubbing the back of his mused hair in discomfort.

'Look, I know you feel guilty and all. Your dad brought you up as a fine young ma-'

'Don't mention him, please.' Will whined. She always did this without thinking.

'Sorry, but you can see what I'm getting at right? This guy is obviously a stalker; a wealthy stalker, but still. Think of what he's capable of. He has money right? He could tap your phone, have you investigated, even hire people to follow your ass 24/7 to get photos that log your every move. Just think about it okay? I'm not saying never speak to the guy, but at least tell someone first, let me know where your going at least that way if anything happens...'

Will could see the glint in her eyes at the thought of all these possibilities in her head. Not that she wanted them to happen, but she was intrigued what someone with large sums of money and all the free time in the world would concoct to feed their pleasures.

'Nothing's gunna happen Bev, he's a really nice guy...well I only had five minutes with him but still. Look he obviously wants to express his gratitude, and who am I to stand in the way? 'Sides you have one hell of a vivid imagination! I mean c'mon, what's he wanna stalk me for? I'm boring!' Will sighed.

'Just be careful you idiot' She said trying to lighten the mood.

'I promise, mom...'

'Very funny, get back to your dressing room, I'm sure your dogs are wondering where you've got to' She smiled remembering their sad little faces when she looked after them for a week when Will had to go into hospital to have his Shunt fitted.

When Will had gotten ready to go home, he looked around to see if he had missed anything he definitely wasn't driving all the way back to get his phone like last time, he'd never hear the end of it from Jack. Jack was his manager, and he always worked him too hard. Beverly said he was only doing it to make money whilst he still could, and that Will was a mug for going along with it although she knew he wouldn't complain, everyone and their mothers were scared of the guy. He had a temper and Will knew deep down he was only doing what he though was best for him, even if it was making him work for four years straight without a break in sight.

Will spied a lavender coloured envelope carefully placed underneath his water bottle. That's weird, I didn't notice that there before. He took the letter and opened it to reveal a very formal looking invitation, it read in the neatest of calligraphy:

Mr. William Graham,

Please do me the honour of attending a dinner party in your favour at my home in London.

Please inform me of your decision by this evening,

Contact details are placed on the reverse.

Kind regards,

Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Well shit. Will thought. A dinner party!? I don't do social events, let alone eating in front of people. God, I am totally screwed. He really didn't want to be rude as Hannibal had gone to so much trouble but he barely knew the man and now he is creating dinner parties with him as the guest of honour. Beverly was right. He needed to find an excuse that wouldn't make him look like a complete tool in front of the world's most delectable eligible bachelor.

He turned the thick embossed card over to find an address and a mobile number. Probably his PA's. He wouldn't have a PA would he? He came to the conclusion that he would deal with this when he arrived home and not a minute sooner. He grabbed his messenger bag and coat, shoved the invitation deep into the bag and swiftly made his exit.

When he pulled up outside his flat in central London he kicked his shoes off, petted every one of his seven dogs and collapsed onto the nearest sofa. He placed his palms against his eye sockets and sighed deeply. Why did this have to happen to him. Winston, his newest rescue dog, trotted over and placed his head in his lap as if he was sympathising.

'I know, I know. Better to get it over and done with eh, Winston?' he muttered to the empty room.

He just didn't know what to say...He supposed he could go for an hour and leave? No. NO. Definitely not. A room surrounded by snobby people who probably hated his impersonation of Jørgen, besides, he didn't even own a tux, or a good suit for that matter. He had decided, he couldn't possibly attend. Now for the hard part, texting was too informal given the whole invitation, but he hated speaking to people on the phone, it made him uncomfortable. He'd have to text.

He typed the number from the back of the card carefully into his phone, then proceeded to punch out a short message.

Hey, It's Will Graham.

Just letting you know that I appreciate the gesture of the dinner party, but I unfortunately can't attend.

I hope it goes well without me.

I apologise once again.


Will put his phone down and went to rustle up something to eat before he hit the hay. He got as far as opening the fridge when the phone began ringing. Joy. Who the hell calls someone at 10 to 1 at night?. Will closed the door with a bang and went to retrieve his phone.

'Hello?' He asked sceptically. If this was Jack again...

'Ah, William, I must apologise for calling at such a late hour but I had just received your text message'. He said the word 'text' as though it has personally offended him. Note to self: call in future.

'Oh, ohh, sorry about that. I'd have though you might have turned your phone off and I'd have forgot to send it in the mornings, especially with feeding the dogs and going over my lines and-' Will rambled.

'Yes, yes, I understand. Although may a enquire as to why you cannot attend the even which I propose in your favour?' Shit. No. Don't ask me that!

'Erm, It's not that I'm not grateful, cuz I am, really' Will began nervously. 'It's just that Jack- My manager- has booked me to try out for all these roles and-'

'You really should take more of an active role in your own career, William' Hannibal interrupted for the second time. Did he not know it was rude to interrupt?

'I know, but that's what I'm paying him for, and he really knows what's best. I wouldn't have the first idea on how to go about some of the things he manages to pull off' Will defended.

'Nevertheless, this Jack fellow seems to be running you quite ragged, my dear. Maybe some time off is in order?' You would say that wouldn't you. Damn your sexy voice and your posh accent.

'Yeah, maybe. Anyway I've got to go, I'm really hungry, and super tired. Beverly -that's my friend- I'm meeting her tomorrow in Starbucks to catch up and she's kinda an early bird' Will lied again.

'Ah, I apologise. You must be terribly exhausted. I will let you go now William, perhaps I could join you and your friend tomorrow to discuss your preferences for the menu?' What menu? Won't you take no for an answer! jeez.

'Erm, yeah, I guess -yeah, sure. I'll erm, text you the address? and the time?'

'That would be most accommodating. Thank you. Now off to bed, wouldn't want you falling asleep upon our meeting tomorrow now, would we?' Pompous git.

'Thanks, and erm, thanks again, sorry to wake you. Bye' Wil finalised.

'Goodbye William' Hannibal agreed.

'Call me Will, everybody does. William sounds so formal'. Will retorted without thinking, then cursed himself for it.

'If you insist. Goodnight Will, I hope you have pleasant dreams'. Dr.Lecter replied, making sure to emphasise Will's name.

'You too'. Will closed the phone and flung it halfway across the room where it landed in Buster's bed.

"Sorry boy, daddy's just tired, and annoyed, and totally mental for not correcting Hannibal sooner. What kind of name is Hannibal anyone? What is he a count? Like Dracula. I hope he doesn't eat me.'

Will picked up the mobile. Placed it on the side table along with the keys he fished out of his trouser pocket, giving up on finding something to eat in favour of his bed. What was he going to do now?

Chapter End Notes

Hannibal is one persuasive motherfu**** when he wants to be. Poor Will, he's never gunna get out of this now!

Anywayyyy, hope you enjoyed it! Drop a comment below, or just kudos if u'd like. Thanks!


Chapter Summary

Will's hypothetical meeting with Beverly become existent, and she isn't happy about playing gooseberry.

Chapter Notes

This chapter is dedicated to: JunsuChinCritic,, MoMA_Bee, MayMeiKuru, mugglekat, ShadowAngel, katzchen, haru_ran, and Sept_Meules as well as 7 others who left kudos! So thanks!

Chapter 3: Tasukete

Will woke up with a start. His nightmares were getting worse since he'd first laid eyes on Hannibal; The stag was haunting his dreams with those maroon eyes that quite clearly belonged to the doctor. He had been up for most of the night worrying about this fictional meeting with Beverly that Hannibal was gatecrashing. He groaned knowing he'd have to phone her, then she'd find out he's been talking to him without telling her and he really couldn't be bothered with an argument this early in the morning. He got up, took off his sweat-soaked shirt, grabbed his phone off of the side table and dialled Beverly's number whilst feeding his dogs.


'Beverly? Hi!'

'Will? What's wrong? You never phone me unless it's an emergency. Are the dogs okay? Your not hurt are you?' Her voice echoed over the line, she must be in the shower. It was early.

'No and no, but this is an emergency. Hannibal Lecter has invited himself to our get-together in Starbucks today'

'Were meeting? Since when?...wait a minute, did you just say Hannibal? Will! What did I tell you!'

'No-Beverly listen, please! I had to make an excuse cuz he's thrown me a damn dinner party. I tried to get out of it, really I did, but that man is all kinds of stubborn.' Will complained.

'A dinner party? In your honour? Seriously. Gawwwd he must be lovestruck.'

'Look, are you free today? Can you come?'' Will sighed, crossing his fingers behind his back.

What to watch that creep stare at you all doughy eyed for a coupla hours?'

'Bev...' He sounded exasperated.

'Okay, okay, but if you two start smoochin' I'm off!' she warned.

'BEVERLY!' he shouted in mock disgust. Hannibal was definitely a catch but he'd never though of him in that way before.

'What? You clearly like him or you wouldn't be doing anything anywhere near as social as this! C'mon I've known you since kindergarten!'

'I just feel bad is all, plus he won't take no for an answer, he phoned me in the dead of night banging out about what food I'd like for the party even though I'd quite clearly text him saying I couldn't go! I mean who does that?' Him, clearly.

'You text'ed him?'

'Yeah...His number was on that back of he invitation' Shit.

'The most eligible bachelor for states, and you happen to have his number' She said that as though it was a good thing!

'I didn't ask for it if that's what your thinking, I told you it was on the back-'

'-Of the invite, I know, you've only told me about ten times' Beverly interrupted with a sigh.

'Sorry...So you'll come?'

'Sure, what time?'

'Erm, around 12?' I told him she gets up early but I'm sure I can make something up.

'Okay, consider me there.'

'Thank youuuuuu, your a life saver' Will all-but sings.

'I know I am, don't think I'm gunna forget about this! The next time Trent wants me to go to one of his god-awful soccer matches you can bail me out'

'I do that anyway!'

'Not very well, he thinks we're having an affair because you, to quote, look all nervous around me'

'You know I don't do eye contact' Will grumbles.

'I know but you can at least be less shifty around him is all'

Shifty? 'The guy intimidates me, with all his macho muscle, I mean he's 6 foot 4 for christ sakes!'

'A whole lotta man' Yes, god she's one lucky g'all.

'Too much information! Anyway, I gotta go now, Iv'e gotta text Hannibal the details. Starbucks, 12am, okay?'

'Yesssss, now go text loverboy, I've got some lines to rehearse'

'His name is Hannibal! Anyway, bye, and thanks. This means a lot.'

'What are friends for?' She laughs.

Will ends the call and make a beeline for the shower. He'd sweat so much last night that he felt disgusting. He pondered what Hannibal would look like all sweaty. He'd have muscle, he was sure of it. Gawd, I bet he's hiding all sorts under those cleanly pressed suits. Will groaned. Shower. Extremely, cold, shower.

Kō hī asa

Chapter Summary

Hannibal in Starbucks with Will. Need I say more? ;)

Chapter Notes

Dedicated to: Cee Cee, moonphase9, Kat, Thranalla, haru_ran, stepfault, Jasminiasa14, Sevslittlesecret, Indigo_Nebula, KendraDuvoa, SanLynn, llfrozensunll, IceRose, TearMeOpenPourMeOut, Brynhilde, JunsuChinCritic, MoMA_Bee, MayMeiKuru, mugglekat, ShadowAngel, katzchen, haru_ran, and Sept_Meules as well as the other 29 guests that left kudos and/or reviews! I wouldn't be as motivated to update without you guys!!

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 4: Kō hī asa

After ending the call to Beverly and taking a long, cold shower, Will Graham went to his closet to decide what to wear. It took him ten minutes just to choose what trousers he was wearing and his shirt had yet to be chosen. His undershirt, pants and socks were already taken out from their neat spaces in his draw. Why am I worrying so much, it's only coffee...but then again, it's it with Hannibal Lecter! Will stressed as he threw almost every plaid shirt from his wardrobe onto the floor behind him.

He was momentarily halted when her heard a whine from one of his dogs. He turned round to access the situation and laughed; he'd only gone and thrown one of his blazers over Winston's head.

'Come 'ere you silly pup!'

Will grabbed the blazer from its place upon the dogs head and ruffled his mane affectionately.

'I'll wear this blue shirt, I read somewhere that wearing something the same shade as your eye colour helps bring them least thats what I thought it said.' Will mumbled to no one in particular whilst bringing the shirt over his head and checking himself out in the long mirror.

He huffed. His hair was a mess, he had dark circles under his eyes where he hadn't been sleeping, and his stubble was more of a beard now. Trust him to look like shit when he was meeting a man that took more than pride in his appearance. He was late anyway, this would have to do.

On the way towards the door he blew all his dogs a kiss; when Jack noticed this he endlessly teased him but he wanted to portray his feelings towards the dogs as often as he could as the thought of loosing them posed too high a threat due to where he was currently living. He grabbed his keys and phone off of the counter, careful not to forget his jacket encase the weather turned as it normally did in England. He wished he was back in the boat yards of Greenvile or back in Baltimore, his home town. It was always so sunny there, although he wasn't one for hot weather, especially with his night sweats.

After locking the front door and double checking the lock Will made his way into his car to make his way to the Starbucks in town. Slipping his seatbelt on and switching to Capital radio, he was off.

Once he reached the shopping complex he drove straight into the car park and paid for a couple of hours; he had no idea how long he would be, especially if Hannibal got his way regarding the dinner party, he'd have to give his opinion on all sorts as what little he knew about the man was that his attention to detail was what he was known for.

Walking into the coffee shop and looking around to see if he was too early, the absence of both his friend and admirer was evident. He left early intentionally because the traffic was unpredictable and he did hate to be late. He found a table in a quiet corner; the furthest away from the window so that he didn't have swarms of unknown people staring at him as they passed. He pondered as to whether to order or not, if that would be rude, but he was self conchious and felt that sitting at the table without buying anything for any space of time was uncomfortable. He only hoped Mr.Manners himself -Hannibal Lecter wouldn't mind.

He browsed the menu deciding whether to stick to his usual beverage of a Caramel Macchiato or to order something new. He was brought out of his train of thought by a warm hand being placed on his shoulder; the action made him jump.

'Mr.Graham, I do apologise for startling you, I assume you were about to order?' Hannibal's thick accent pronounced each word with an air of elegance.

'Um, yeah. I didn't want to be rude and sit at the table without at least buying something so I was gunna order, I hope you don't mind, I know I should have waited for you guys' he explained.

'Not at all William, that would be the sensible option. Speaking of friends, where is Miss.Katz? I assumed she was attending also?' He almost sounded disappointed.

'Yeah, she is. She's probably running late. I guess we could order for her and keep it warm till shes here, that's if your okay with that?'

'Certainly, have you decided as to what you will be ordering? I hear they have a range of new drinks avaialble'. Will laughed. Hannibal in Starbucks of all places was a hilarious thought. Now he was making small talk about the place?

'Something the matter?' Hannibal enquired upon seeing Will giggling to himself.

'Wha-? No, no, sorry. I -uh...this is just funny you know? Not to be rude but this hardly seems like the sort of place you'd willinging come into.' Will explained hesitantly.

'You are, of course, correct. I have not visited this establishment before although this is your meeting place of choice, and I am very accommodating'. I bet you are Will thought to himself snidely.

'Well, thanks, I guess.'

'Not a problem, now please order you are holding up a que'. Will turned to see a line of disgruntled people in suits mumbling amongst themselves and sighing.

'Sorry' Will directed to them, as well as Hannibal who placed his hand gently on his lower back to guide him towards the counter.

'Do you know what you want yet?' Will asked peeking at the menu once more.

'Of course, the question is, have you finalised your choice? I have seen you biting your lower lip and glancing back over the menu quite a few times' the doctor added smiling. God his smile was predatory.

'Ha! Yeah, I do that a lot, there's so much to choose from. I'm bad at making decisions as you can probably tell'. Will smiled back looking at the spot where Hannibal's eyebrows seperated in a bid to look as though he was listening.

'May I make a suggestion?' Dr.Lecter said edging closer to Will.

'Yeah, sure! Knock yourself out!' He added a little too enthusiastically. He blamed it on his nerves seeing as Hannibal was practically a breath away.

Hannibal patiently waited his turn to be served. Placed his hand back to its rightful place behind young Will's back and guided him towards the counter.

'Heya, can I take your order please?' The barista said methodically.

'Yes, that would be most appreciated. I would like a medium, double shot americano if I may, and my friend here would like a large Vanilla Macchiato please.'

'Drink in or takeaway?' The checkout operative asked.

'Wait, erm, we need to order for Beverly too' Will added hastily.

'Ah yes, what would her preference be?' Hannibal asked almost annoyed at the mention of Beverly's name.

'She normally gets a extra frotht Caramel Latte, but I'm sure anything would be fine, she's not picky' Will mumbles catching on to the fact that Hannibal's tone had changed when he realised it was more than just the two of them.

'No, no, if this is what your friend is partial to then this is what we will order'. He says turning to the cashier. 'I would like to add a small Vanilla Latte to that order if I may? To drink in.'

'Of course sir, that would be £11.45 please. Can I intrest you in our loyalty card scheme?' The cashier informed whilst pointing towards the array of cards on offer. A loyalty card to a place like this? Will laughed At the thought. Sure he loved this place but he couldn't envisage Hannibal here, maybe in a posh café that served the best Tirimasu and pavlova's (or whatever posh people ate these days) surrounded by extortionately priced coffee made with liquid gold, maybe. But not here.

'No thank you, that would be all' Hannibal directed handing her a 20 before Will could even reach his wallet, and telling her to keep the change. She stuttered her gratitude whilst Hannibal waved it off in order to direct Will to the end of the desk where the drinks were being made.

'You didn't have to pay, here, take this, I was the one who invited you after all' Will apologised handing him a 20 from his wallet.

Hannibal waved this off once again. 'I think not. If anything I invited myself, and I am in the pleasure of your company therefore I should lavish you while I can'.

'You don't have to, really, I'm really greatful but I feel kinda bad when people buy stuff for me, its a little weird'. Will said whilst rubbing the back of his head nervously. Jeez what was wrong with him! He'd been in his presence for all of two seconds and he was already blushing. Blushing!

'Then you shall make it up to me by attending my dinner party. I am aware that you feel uncomfortable in social situations but William, I will be at your side for the entire night. I'm sure that would be to your liking?' Hannibal enquired.

'I guess I could come for a coupla hours. I can't leave my dogs long because they tend to get a little on edge if I'm not home by a certain time' Will lied.

'You have dogs? Plural? How many do you have if you don't mind me asking?' 'Seven, they're all strays, I took them in. I've kinda got a soft spot for them since they followed me home.' Will smiled. Hannibal noticing the way Will's face lite up at the mention of his furry friends.

'Seven? That is-'

'Yeah I know, they're a handful but I wouldn't have then any other way' Will interrupted.

'I was going to say comforting, I assure you I am not passing judgement'. The doctor said grabbing all three drinks with ease before Will had noticed they had been made.

'Here, let me help you with that' Will offered.

'It is fine, William. I can manage. Pick a table, please'. Hannibal suggested wanting Will to be as comfortable as possible so that he could get closer to the man he admired from afar for months.

'Is this one okay? Its just -its quiet'

'Fine choice. Here is your beverage; careful! It is hot'. Dr.Lecter said cautiously when Will brought the newly made drink to his lips.

Just as Will pulled the drink away from his mouth, placed it on the table infront of him and removed the lid to let the steam out, he spotted Beverly at the door and waved her over.

'Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, that traffics murder. Hope nothing's happened whilst I was gone, you two seem engrossed in something'. She beamed, winking at Will.

He groaned. Maybe this dinner with Hannibal as his chaperone wouldn't be a bad thing after all.

Chapter End Notes

Definition: Kō hī asa - Coffee Morning

kanjiru to sawaru

Chapter Summary

Hannibal is trying and failing to make a move on Will whilst Beverly's around. Being in a crowded place didn't help matters.

Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes
Chapter 5: kanjiru to sawaru

As soon as Beverly arrived Will noticed a change in Hannibal's behaviour. He was more touchy feely towards him, which Will found to be uncomfortable from someone he hadn't known for very long. He wasn't a very social person at the best of times; he lacked eye contact, and shrunk away when he became the centre of attention, therefore making sure not to share anything with people that would result in them being over affectionate. Until now that was.

It started with a light hand placed on his lower back. Just a guide, It didn't mean anything. But after so many touches Will caught on, after all, he wasn't totally blind to Hannibal's advances; there's only so much that can be perceived as friendly. Dr. Lecter was bordering a little too friendly for Will's liking. What was his deal?

It then advanced to their hands brushing over a coffee cup when Hannibal handed him his Vanilla Macchiato, but that could be ruled out. That was accidental, right? Then came the 'If I may? You have a little something on your face' which was an old classic. The feel on Hannibal's super soft hands on his face, brushing something off ever so slightly. Will had to try to look elsewhere but he could feel the piercing gaze on his face, the hot breath on his cheek, and then Beverly had to come and ruin the moment. Now she was around he was down graded to the light brush of the doctors hand on his shoulder from time to time, or the heat of his dangerously close leg underneath the table; it was as if he knew Beverly was cautious of him and didn't want to anger her in fear that he would be taken from his precious William.

Will practically jumped when Hannibal first placed his hand on his knee. The touch so foreign made his skin a touch pink and his collar feeling a little too tight. He wasn't one for relationships, and friends knew not to touch him in this way. He hated it. That was until now when he was virtually revelling in the attention he was being given. The hand never moved from it's place as if Hannibal was unsure of how Will would react if he slide it that little bit higher. Will swallowed, shaking the thought away to realise he was being spoken to.

Hannibal grinned. The bastard.

'S-sorry?' Will stuttered after coming out of his reverie.

'I said where's my invite to this grand dinner of yours? Lost in the mail again?' Beverly joked.

Oh, they were probably going over that stupid party. Trust Hannibal to bring it up. Seriously, the man needed an off switch.

'You can come if you want, right Hannibal?' Will added looking back to the man who looked so out of place in this setting.

'Of course. If you wish her company at the event, who am I to not fulfil this. Any other requests?' Hannibal asked with a serious expression, although all Will could think about was the hand on his leg. That's when Hannibal patted it. Patted him for christ-sakes. Like he was a dog.

'Thanks, and erm, not really. I'm sure everything you've chosen is more than adequate' Will added with a hint of a smile, thinking about Hannibal sitting in his house mansion with a pencil in his mouth, trying to decipher Will's likes and dislikes based on what he already knew of the man. That was impressive, if he got them right of course.

'Very well then' Dr.Lecter answered back, satisfied. Little did Will know he had already planned the party in advanced, everything was finalised from his pick of waiters to the menu and music choices.

'I was just saying to Miss Katz, how we were discussing theatre before she made our acquaintance'.

'Oh, yeah, it was boring really-' Will started before realising what he had just said. Hannibal smiled, showing he did not take offence.

'I m-meant that Beverly probably wouldn't be interested in it is all, not that the conversation was boring, I mean-' Will stuttered, horrified.

'It is quite allright William, we understood what you were implying, no need to worry'. Hannibal smoothed it over looking at Will's grateful face. Phew.

'Unless you discusses something else, let's say...more interesting?' Beverly started, trying to drop hints. They should just hurry up and get it on. Okay, this guy was creep at first but he's actually making Will smile! Beverly thought to herself.

'Nope' Will hastily replied.

'If you say so' Beverly replied back. 'Anyway, thanks for getting me the coffee Will, it's just what I wanted' She smiled.

'Actually Hannibal paid' Will told her sipping his coffee. It had cooled considerably by now, seeing as he had forgotten about it in place of his inner conflict on the man sitting next to him. Next to him was putting it lightly. I may as well be on his lap, Will thought seeing the way Hannibal had shuffled so that he could ensure the optimum amount of body parts were touching at any one moment. No don't think about being on his lap.

'Thanks man, I owe you one' Will heard Beverly reply. God, It was hot in here.

'My pleasure' Hannibal smiled, then looked over to Will. 'Are you feeling all-right Will? You've gone awfully scarlet'. Balls.

'Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine. It's just a bit hot in here' He defended, mentally kicking himself.

'Maybe you should remove your jacket? You may feel cooler' The doctor suggested. You'd like that wouldn't you Will thought to himself.

'Yeah, your probably right' Will began removing his jacket watching the way Hannibal's eyes raked over his body appreciatively. For once he was glad that his shirt had shrunk in the wash.

'Let me help you' Hannibal added, not being able to restrain from touching the man only centimetres away.

Beverly snorted. Hannibal ignored her.

'Oh. no. Really. It's fine' Will tried.

'Nonsense' Hannibal scoffed, reaching over to pull the jacket down Will's back as he was having trouble removing it without hitting the doctor in the face with his elbow. The tables are really cramped in here, Will thought idly.

And then it happened. A hand slowly making its way down his back causing sparks to form in its path, making Will lean into its touch. Canting his back and passing it off as a way to manoeuvre the jacket off quicker. Will swallowed thickly and tried to compose himself whilst folding the jacket in half and placing it over his knee. The knee Hannibal had only moments ago been touching, but removed in favour of the hand that was still placed on his lower back. The thumb stroking him appreciatively in almost a pattern.

Will fidgeted in an attempt to displace the offending hand but his advances failed. That man was as stubborn as a mule, Will thought nonchalantly. Beverly noticed this and silently reprimanded him with her eyes. He soon stopped.

'Anyway, thanks for the coffee. Sorry I couldn't stay long, I've got scripts to read but have fun without me. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!' She joked off-handedly, bringing he phone out of her pocket and shaking it in a way that Will knew, as if to say, check your phone. With that she was gone.

'She was rather...vibrant' Hannibal commented.

'Yeah, she's a force of nature. You'll get used to her' Will added, then thought the better of it as it implied they'd be seeing one another again.

'I must agree with you there. Moving on to more pressing matters...' Hannibal began, watching Will cough and turn towards him. 'What is your colour of choice?'.

Will laughed. 'Are you seriously asking me what my favourite colour is?'

'Maybe. Why don't we relocate this conversation to a place better suited? Would you like to visit my house for a little while. I could show you the progress I have made in regards to your dinner, as well as some samples of food. I would like the night to memorable.' Hannibal asked with confidence, already reaching over for Will's coat as if he already knew the answer. Smug git.

''I-er-Well, okay. Yeah, sure, If you don't mind...I suppose it is a bit noisy in here' Will answered. Real smooth Will, smooth.

'Then let us go' Hannibal finalised by helping Will on with his coat like a gentleman.

'You really don't have to do that' Will defended. He wasn't an infant. He could put his coat on by himself!

'I assure you, it's my pleasure' Hannibal said directly into Will's ear in what only could be described as a husky tone. Great choice of words, Will thought to himself whilst letting the hand reappear to its rightful place on his lower back, and be guided out of the shop. What was he getting himself into.

Chapter End Notes

kanjiru to sawaru: To feel & touch

Take A Bite Of My Heart - Sequel to 'Rob The Bank'
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family
The first instalment can be found here 👉

Take Out The Gunman

Agron and Nasir had been together for nearly a year now, and between them they had come to a balance of sorts regarding work and their relationship. Agron would be open with Nasir about everything, and Nasir always promised he wouldn't speak. The Rebels trusted him and he did nothing to have them doubt that fact. He loved Agron and Agron loved The Rebels as if they were family, so he treated them with respect.

When Nasir wasn't working he would show up at the gangs HQ and bring them all coffee, sometimes pastries - and during extremely stressful days - dinner.

It was on such a day that he turned up one coffee short as there was a new face amongst the group, who he knew he would be aquatinted with soon by the nervous looks Agron was sending his way. Who was this guy?

"Nasir! Hey! This is Julius Caesar, he's our new...gunman." Agron introduced, unsure of exactly how he would introduce their newest recruit to his lover.

"Call me Caesar, and you would be...Nasir? Right?" The new man asked skeptically, looking Nasir up and down and frowning.

Feeling awkward after watching Agron witness the looks Caesar was giving him, Nasir walked forward and took the mans outstretched hand, becoming shocked when the man in question brough his hand up to his lips and kissed the back of his hand.

Nasir looked at Agron with apologetic eyes.

He took his hand back swiftly, forcing a smile on his face before turning and handing out the coffees and sandwiches.

"I'm sorry I haven't got you anything. If I knew you were here I would have brought you can have mine" Nasir suggested, trying to make a good impression for Spartacus' sake, as he already hated this man and knew there would be further quarrels in coming days.

"No, no. I wouldn't dream of it. Keep it, you look as though you are in need of....sustenance." Caesar smirked.

Agron walked over and placed a possessive hand on Nasir's lower back, bring him closer after seeing the lust in the other mans eyes. Sure, he couldn't blame him - he wasn't blind to Nasir's beauty - but the man made his lover easy, that much was obvious.

"So, you work here too? Don't tell me a pretty thing like you is just the glorified coffee boy? I sense the fire inside you, I can see your something more." Julius Caesar teased, liking the way Agron's hands curled into fists at the compliment. Of course he knew they were together, that's one of the first things he had learnt in this place (Don't fuck with Agron's boy) but after putting a name and face to the eluded 'Agron's Boy' he was finding it hard not to fuck with him.

Nasir let out a nervous laugh, feeling Agron stiffen beside him, but he was anythijg but impolite so he replied as casually as he could under his lovers heated gaze.

"Yup, just that actually. I work elsewhere, I just come in from time to time to check they're all still breathing, and to offer refreshments. They forget to eat. They'd all be lost without me". Nasir joked.

"I'm sure. How about me and you get more aquatinted in private? I'm new and I'd love a tour, you can tell me all the do's and dont's on the way, whadya say?"

"Lugo can do that, can't you?" Agron all but growled, watching Lugo nod in agreement.

"No, I'd rather doll-face here show me, if it's all the same." The new member said not once taking his eyes off of Nasir.

"Not gunna happen." Agron ground out, pulling Nasir closer. If that was even possible with the grip he had on him almost bruising.

The two men stared at each other for what felt like an age before Nasir spoke softly.

"Agron, please, your hurting me."

Agron immediately removed his hand, cupping Nasir's face and placing a caste kiss to his lips apologetically. Watching as Nasir rubbed at his arm in discomfort.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry." He mumbled against the 'Little Man's ear as he drew him into a hug as a possessive gesture. Showing Caesar who Nasir belonged to.

Spartacus watched the display. For once in his life he was highly doubting his des icon of bringing the new member into the team. He looked like trouble, but those are normally the fires test fighters.

"Okay guys, let's get back to it. Caeser, a word." Spartacus ordered.

"Yeah Caesar" Agron spat childishly, "I'd like a word after too, outside".

"Join the queue" Lugo added. Nasir was like a brother to him and wanted to grill the man for answers on his intentions towards the baby of the group.

Weeks had gone past without incident. Agron though the words that passed between him and Caesar had had their desired effect, as well as those from his other friends amongst The Rebels. Or so he thought.

It was a Friday afternoon and they had all successfully raided Maori's bank in the centre of the town. All members were on a high after the adrenaline rush, and Agron called Nasir to the head quarters to give him the details on their newest job as well as receive his congratulatory gift from the man.

As soon as Nasir arrived Caesar wormed his way over to try and remain as close to the man as possible, watching his every move, and hit the metaphorical jackpot when he saw the man walking towards a hidden alcove in search of more celebratory drinks.

As Nasir turned to leave the room with a barrel in hand, he stopped dead in his tracks, dropping the keg of beer and looking questionably towards the man who had planted himself in the door frame.

"Jeez, man! You made me jump!" Nasir laughed, bending down to pick up the fallen alcohol.

"I apologise. That was defiantly not my intention...although, it seems it was for the better." Caesar noted, walking closer to Nasir, making sure he got a good glance at the smaller man's ass as he grabbed the fallen object.

"You have an amazing ass, you know that? What am I saying, of course you know that! You have been flaunting it in front of me since I joined, haven't you?" The blonde man drawled.

"I have no idea what your talking about. Excuse me, I need to get this back to the others." Nasir tried, making his way toward the door but being stopped with a muscly arm.

"Uh-uh-uh. Not so fast. It's okay you know, I don't blame you. I'm sure Agron's not been catering to all your, let's say, needs these past weeks, but I gotta say...if you were mine you'd never be left unsatisfied." Julius Caesar Directed towards Nasir, attempting to pry the keg from the mans hands.

"You have no fucking right to talk about Agron like that! Remove fucking hand or see it ripped from your body." Nasir all but shouted, enraged.

"Mm, feisty. Bet your a little minx, aren't you sweetie?" Caesar deflected Nasir's earlier comment, "Parting those warm thighs so willingly. All he has to do is look at you and your on your knees, aren't you?"

"That is highly inappropriate." Nasir tried the door again only to be stopped once more. "Let me go or i'll tell Agron about this and I can assure you he won't be as dismissive as I'm being right now".

"Oh come on Little Man-"

"Don't call me that!" Nasir hissed.

"Why? Does lover boy call you that when he's pounding into you at night? Or is it a representation of the size of something else? Huh? Which is also fine. Why don't you let me take a look?"

"If you so much as lay a finger on me I'll rip your cock from between your legs, then you'll have a hard time finding conquests, even harder than you clearly are now. I mean having to go after other people's men because your not man enough to find your own?" Nasir spat, instantly regretting his words after saying them. He gulped in fear. He could fight back, but his man was tall and strong; two qualities he lacked.

Caesar laughed. Boxing Nasir into the cupboards corner.

This was it, Nasir thought. His mouth had finally got him into trouble.

All the taller man did was smirk at his accomplishment, watching the deer-in-the-headlights look that passed across Nasir's face before it was quickly masked.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

Somebody, Someone.

Chapter Summary

Agron to the rescue. Like superman, without the spandex.

Chapter Notes

Sorry for leaving it on a cliffhanger! But imma make up for it by posting this chapter straight after. Enjoy x

Agron had been in deep conversation with Crixus at the time. Watching the way he talked about his wife, Naevia, with such love that it auto automatically made his seek out Nasir in the large room.

"Hey, anyone seen Nasir?" He asked them, not finding his partner anywhere.

"Nope, last time I saw him he said he was getting some more beer. Musta got lost or something." Gannicus said non-comittedly, going back to his conversation with Spartacus.

"That was ages ago, you sure he didn't go home?" Lugo asked, worried.

"That's a thing, where's that shit - Caesar?" Agron said through clenched teeth, bundle lit for the corridor that lead to the stockroom Where the beer was held.

"Agron!" The others were calling as he stomped towards Nasir's prison. He paid no attention, that fuck was alone with his Nasir.

He opened the door with such force it nearly pulled it from its hinges; the sight revealed to him was enough to set his blood boiling even more. Nasir was huddled in a corner, a key of beer left forgotten on the floor in the centre of the room, Caesar crowding his shorter lover with a determined look planted all over his face.

As soon as Nasir had heard the heavy footsteps coming closer he let out a sigh of relief, but it was cut short as it did nothing to dissuade the man currently pressing him against the wall.

"Get the fuck away from him, now!" Agron roared. Making quick strides to pull Nasir from his confines against the wall and pulling him to stand behind him, out of view of his attacker.

Soon the others had filtered in and took in the scene before them. Quickly glancing at a dishevelled looking Nasir - who was clinging tightly to Agron's back as though he was going to be ripped from his arms at any given minute - before glaring at their newest recruit and Agron.

"What happened here?" Spartacus called from the doorway, halting whatever slander was going to fall from Agron's mouth.

"Ask that fuck!" Nasir whined shakily. Pointing at Caesar and clinging tighter to Agron, who pulled him against his chest so he could burry his head in the smaller mans neck to place comforting kisses there.

"Caesar? Care to explain?" He leader said calmly, although his eyes betrayed him.

"Come on!, he throws himself at me and I get the blame?" the accused lied.

"No one is assuming anything. I'd merely like to know what went on. Agron, take Nasir into the back room, Naevia stand post outside. Duro, Gannicus, Crixus, go back to the boardroom and attend to normal duties. You, with me." Spartacus directed, watching as all went to their assigned places.

"Tell me the truth Nasir, I won't judge you, I just need to know." Agron asked a shaken Nasir. Bringing him closer towards him from their opposing seating positions.

"I swear to you Agron, it was all him, I did nothing - nothing to make him think he had a chance in hell! I swear to you! Please, please believe me!" Nasir all but cried, pulling himself out of Agron's hug and looking him in the eye to prove his innocence.

"It's okay, shhh, I believe you. I just needed to be sure before I bash that sick fucks brains out for laying a hand on you." The bigger man explained, pulling Nasir closer and kissing the top of his head, stroking his back comfortingly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, your safe now" Agron assured, plotting various ways of killing the man in his mind.

"I tried to get away, I really did. But he was too strong, and I couldn't get out. I swear Agron, I'd never do that to you. Ever. You mean everything to me."

"As you do to me. There is no need to say any more on the subject, I'll make him pay, boy is he gunna pay!" Agron growled, feeling Nasir stiffen in his arms. "It's okay, it's okay, I'd never hurt you, you know that".

"I'm sorry" Nasir sniffled. biting his lip to holdback the tears that were begging to fall. He was a grown man dammit. Everything had just spiralled out of control.

Naevia was outside, listening in to the conversation to report back to Spartacus after knowing that Nasir probably wouldn't want to repeat such traumatic events. She felt like she was invading a private moment, but it was for the better.

She heard Spartacus shouting, and the whack of a hand on a tables surface. Unmistakably their leader who had done so many times in the past. She hoped that the man that caused so much hurt between Agron and Nasir would be punished.

At first she was hesitant about their relationship, she did not know whether to trust Nasir, but he was just like her. The other half of someone in The Rebels. They had become good friends after being aquatinted in the past year when she turned up to greet Crixus, her husband, in The Rebels bi-monthly party.

A slam of a door brought her back to the present to see an angry looking Spartacus escorting red faced Caesar out of the building shouting "Fucking time wasters, knew this gang was a piece of shit. That whore wants a change of cock and the newbie gets put out of a job, course at makes perfect fucking sense!" He seethed.

"Keep moving or I'll let Agron loose and having a attempted murder associated with our gang, doing what we do, would send out the wrong message. So move!" Spartacus muttered, dragging the man more forcefully out of the building.

Naevia smirked.

Courtesy Call

Chapter Summary

There is a traitor in the midst.

Agron knows exactly who.

The Rebels had barely made it out of the latest bank before the police had showed up. They ended up leaving half the money inside when fleeing the scene, and Spartacus was anything but happy.

"Who the fuck called the cops!" He roared.

"I took their phones, there was no way they could have contacted them." Agron told the leader honestly. Panting against the brick wall of a back alley, waiting for further instruction.

"Unless someone pushed the panic button." Duro added.

"Yeah, but none of them were close enough and I had all their hands zip-lock tied. Pretty hard to push a button on the other side of the room, at a height, without being noticed." Gannicus argued. Stuffing the money sticking out of his gym bag back in.

"Could there have been another button?" Agron asked, doubtfully.

"No. I double checked the blue prints. Only one behind the counters of the booths. The hostages were tied at the other side of the room." The leader shook his head.

"Unless...unless someone set us up." Duro questioned.

"Who? Everyone's here except for Lugo, and he's back at HQ with Nasir and Naevia." Spartacus explained.

"That little fucker!" Agron spat in realisation.

Everyone turned to look at him, then realising themselves.

"You know I'm actually gunna have so much fun pulling him limb from limb, or I'll cut out his treacherous, lying tongue and feed it to him, choke him to death."

"Okay, Agron. Calm down, if it is him. Which I'm going to find out, don't worry. He will be dealt with." Spartacus informed.

"Dealt with? You mean how he was dealt with after cornering Nasir? How he was dealt with after trying to molest him in the fucking cupboard right under our noses? Because that's really not my definition of dealing with someone as slimy as that fuck!" Agron ranted.

"We all know what he did brother, and he will pay. We've just gotta catch him first, so keep your head in the game so we can make it happen, yeah?" Duro tried to calm him down.

"Right, let's get back to the boardroom and pull up some background on him." The leader ordered. Taking the bag from Gannicus and throwing it in the back of their truck and getting into the driver seat.

"Could you be any less smug? Seriously?' Nasir laughed as Naevia told Lugo how she beat Nasir in a play fight they had, in order to test his skills of self defence Agron was teaching him at his request. The incident with Caesar had left him shaken and he wanted to be able to defend himself without having to rely on Agron.

"Little man has balls to compete with you, cut him some slack!" Lugo told her, smile fading as he saw he downcast and determined looks amount the faces of their team members as they walked through the door.

"Naevia beat me, again." Nasir told Agron after jumping in his arms.

"That's nice." Agron uttered, not really listening. More intent on finding the asshole who had sold them out to the cops on top of making a move on Nasir weeks ago.

"What's the matter? Did something happen?" Nasir asked worriedly, glancing back at Spartacus for answers.

"Caesar happened, that's what." Duro answered for him.

Nasir dropped his arm from Agron's waist and looked in the mans eyes.

He knew rejection when he saw it. He smiled at Duro and excused himself into the sparring room to 'clean-up' when really he was going to wallow in self pity until Agron decided he would stop looking at him like that.

"No". Agron managed to force out when Nasir was practically out of the door.

Nasir stopped and turned, looking at the floor. Feeling Agron come up behind him and pull him closer to his body, arms snaking around his waist.

"No, I want you in my sight at all times with this piece of shit causing havoc. Come, we're gunna catch the bastard, and when we do I'll let you use him as a human punching bag instead of Naevia in your sparring sessions." Agron attempted to smile.

Nasir appreciated the effort. "Anythings better than her! She cheats you know?" He joked, looking over at her and winking, letting her know he was only teasing.

"Yeah, yeah. You're just a poor looser!" She jibed back.

It was during one of Nasir's food-runs that his phone started ringing. He was at the counter at Starbucks, waiting for his orders to be made when he pulls it out of his coat pocket not even bothering to check the called ID before answering.

"I'm just leaving Starbucks now, waiting on one drink and I'll be on my way over. Seriously your paranoid, you don't need to phone me every two minutes." Nasir laughed into the receiver assuming that it was Agron on the other side.

"Thanks for the information, baby. Although I already know where you are. Your in the long black coat right? Super skinny black jeans; which are scorching hot on you, and your hair pulled back in a cute little messy bun. Mm. Is that Eddie Murphy to your right?" The voice who was unmistakably Caesar said back letting Nasir know that he could see him.

"Caesar. I would say it's a surprise but we've been expecting this since you sold us out to the cops, which was a piss poor move by the way." Nasir tried to keep himself devoid of any emotion. He couldn't give himself away or he would be in a weaker position than he already was. He cursed himself for not checking the called ID.

"What? No kind words of greeting? That German fuck head is a bad influence on you." The man spat.

"Rot in hell you fucker" Nasir snapped, watching as some customers turned to cast disapproving looks at him. He roughly hit the 'end call' button, his hand shaking as he tried to find Agron's number in his contacts.

That's when he received a text from a unknown number:

I'm watching you and your little friends.

You should have though twice before casting me out.

See you soon, baby.

The Big C. x

Before another text came through from the same phone.

Oh, and Nasir's-little-keeper...yes I know he's going to show you this.

Treasure all the time you have left with him because I'm on to your boy; and the rest of your pathetic gang, and I have reinforcements.

Till next time.


Here We Go.

Chapter Summary

Time to talk strategy.

"I knew I shouldn't have let him go out unguarded. I'm so fucking stupid! Stupid!" Agron chastised himself after hearing Nasir's account of what happened as well as seeing the text messages the second after he got back, absent coffee.

"It wasn't your fault Agron, I told you I'd be fine, and Castus was there anyway, he would have helped me if I needed it. Bedsides, I was the one who talked you into letting me go. Your not to blame, I don't blame you." Nasir attempted to calm his lover down knowing it would be futile.

Nasir didn't know if it was right to mention Castus; seeing what happened when they first met, and then on their first date, but he needed to soften the blow so to speak. Or Agron would be reprimanding himself for hours, and that's not what Nasir needed right now.

"You could have been taken Nasir, he could have taken you and done christ knows what to you, and it would be all my fault. That fucker Castus could even be in with it!" Agron wallowed, putting his face in his hands.

Nasir pried them from his face, saying softly, "Can't you see what he's doing here? He's trying to make it get to us, trying to break us up so that we're an easier target. We need to stay strong Agron. Please." Nasir sighed.

"I know, I'm sorry. He's just so damn aggravating! No, no, I'm sorry, I haven't even asked you how your holding up." Agron muttered, looking apologetically at Nasir, bringing him to rest in his lap.

Brushing a stray hair from Nasir's face he listened instantly as Nasir told him he was fine, although he obviously didn't believe it.

"I want you and Naevia to practice some more self-defence whilst I help track down this asshat, okay?"

"Again? I've been practicing non-stop for the past three hours." he grumbled, understanding why Agron felt the need to keep him out of the way, and in training.

"Yes again, practice makes perfect."

"I'd rather be at your side" Nasir tried, wrapping his legs around Agron's waist and kissing him slowly, letting his hands rifle through his lovers short hair.

"Mm, not this time. Practice! Go on!" Agron said slapping Nasir's ass playfully, pulling back with too much effort than he would have liked, he couldn't keep away from this man no matter how hard he tried his brain glassed over. He had started calling it 'The Nasir Effect'. Not that he'd tell Nasir that.

"If I must." Nasir kissed Agron one last time, then again, before Agron pushed him gently off of him and towards the Sparring Room. "Kick some ass!" He called out, watching Nasir go, then going back to worrying about Caesars plan of attack.

"What I don't get is why he purposely signed the text from 'The Romans'. Like, that must be a clue, right? He put that he's got so called 'reinforcements' and then signs the message with our rival gangs name? I don't think that's a coincidence at all!" Crixus told his long term friend, Spartacus.

"Even so, why would The Romans take a former member of our team into theirs so easily?" Duro asked,

"To get insight, obviously!" Agron called from the door.

"Brother. I see u've calmed down." Duro observed.

"What can I say? Nasir has that affect on me."

Lugo laughed, pulling out Agron a chair next to him and then focussing back towards Spartacus.

"So, in short you think Marcus Crassus' brood are after us? Great!" Agron summarised,

"Yup, so you better get your insurance policy renewed, pronto." Duro joked.

"We need to find out all the info we can on these assholes, it could be useful later on." Gannicus spoked after a moment of thinking.

"Good idea, we should out them under surveillance until we can find out what the fucks going on. Crixus, take Naevia to their last known hide out, blend in and get a couple shots of the area. I need to know if they're still in there. If you don't want to involve her I understand, but you'll be easier to pass as a couple sight seeing than on your own." Spartacus directed.

"Okay." Crixus agreed shortly.

"Wait, Nasir's training with her now. Can't Gannicus go?" Agron asked, not wanting his lover to miss out on valuable training time.

"Agorn, the boys trained enough. You've had him going non-stop since you saw the messages. Give the poor guy a break, he'll be no use defending himself if he's exhausted will he?" Lugo told him carefully, not wanting too provoke the man.

"I suppose."

"Agron. I want you and Nasir digging into files and databases, find whatever you can on them, any weaknesses, current shipments, anything to help us catch these fuckers."

Agron nodded, going to relieve Nasir of his training regretfully.

"Gannicus I need you to pull up all your old contacts, ask them if they're heard of anything suspicious these couple weeks. If anything went on they'd know about it."

Gannicus left the room in search for his mobile.

"Lugo, check the weapons room, make sure we have enough armour and weaponry. If not you know what to do. Make sure the moneys been correctly deposited to the charities I wrote down and then get our bags ready for quick deployment."

Spartacus watched as they all ran to their duties, not once questioning him. He knew with a team as close net as his were The Romans would have no chance.

Past Lives

Chapter Summary

Nasir gets a phone call from an old friend, who happens to be the son of The Romans.

Tension rises and doubts are made.

The next day found all the gang members in the boardroom, sharing what they had found out from the previous day. Nasir and Naevia had joined them as they new they were involved now and The Rebels needed all the help they could get.

Crixus was in the middle of showing the photos he had taken; projected on the wall of the room, when Nasir's phone began to let out a shrill ringing notifying him that someone was calling.

Nasirnfished the phone out of his pocket and checked the called ID out of habit. If he had learnt anything from the past few days it was that.

"Sorry! Carry on, I'll just take this outside." Nasir apologised, feeling the heat rush to his face in embarrassmenT. Berating himself for not putting it on silent.

"Wait, it could be Caeser. Let me answer it." Agron stilled he smaller man by catching his arm lightly.

"It's not, I've checked the caller ID. I'll be two seconds, promise." Nasir smiled, walking out of the room to take the call.

"Then who the hell is calling you?"

"Agron!" Naevia chastised. "Clingy is not a good look."

"I'm not being clingy, I just want to know who the fuck is calling him at half seven in the bloody morning and why he's being so damn secretive about it." Agron moaned, looking over towards the glass door to see the remnants of a smile passing his lovers lips.

"It's probably just a friend, calm your tits. He works with a girl at some coffee shop doesn't he? I bet you it's her asking where he's been these past few days." The woman defended.

"Mm, I dunno."

"You need to be more trusting, seriously. Or he'll run a mile. Everyone's entitled to privacy, even Nasir." She told him softy.

Agron watched as Nasir's face changed dramatically. He heard him shout out 'He made you do what!?' before running his fingers through his inky locks.

"Maybe I should go and find out what's going on?" The German suggested,

"No you don't. He'll tell you when he's ready, just try not to be so full on all the time."

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do? He's clearly distressed, and who knows Caeser might have kidnapped one of his friends or their phone or someshit. I dunno. I've just got a bad feeling about this." Agron pulled back his chair and made his way towards the door.

"You mean to say that you 'have a bad feeling' if he talks to anyone but you" Naevia asked arching her eyebrow, watching the man turn round.

It was then that Nasir walked back through the door, pushing his hair out of his face and addressing the whole group.

"Erm, I guess we won't need to worry about Caesar anymore." the little man told them nervously,

"What?" Agron asked annoyed that he wouldn't get his chance to beat the shit out of the guy.

"Why!" Gannicus questioned.

"Who's told you this? Can they be trusted?" Spartacus asked.

"He just won't be a problem anymore, alright?"

"How can you be so sure? I mean the guys a slimy motherfucker." Agron asked his lover doubtfully.

Nasir sighed. "Just don't get mad okay?"

"Why would I get mad? Nasir. Your scaring me here babe." His partner carefully asked, walking towards him and placing a hand on his shoulder.

"The guy on the phone was Tiberius. Tiberius Crassus."

"What? Marcus Crassus' son?" Lugo said declaratively.

Nasir nodded, looking towards Agron to see his reaction.

"How the fuck do you know that shit?" He all but growled,

"We used to be friends, years ago, before I knew of any of this gang stuff. Anyway, he said his father grilled Caesar for information on us, and then..." Nasir trailed off.

"And then what?" Spartacus tried,

"Spit it out boy!" Gannicus shouted.

"And then...he killed him. Caesar's dead, okay? We don't need to worry about him anymore. I'm going to get a drink."

"Hold up a second. Do you know for sure that he's telling the truth? This could all be a ploy to attack us when our guard is down." The leader asked with authority.

"I just know, he wouldn't lie to me."

"Are you a hundred percent sure on that?" The man at the head of the table asked,

"Yeah, how can you be sure? He's Crassus' son for christ sakes!" Agron told him, pushing him further away from himself to look him in the eye, hands still on him, giving him a look of worry.

"I just am. I really need that drink."

"I'm sorry Nasir, but we're gunna need a little more than your word on that." Spartacus told him calmly, he could see Nasir's aversion on the subject and didn't want to push too far.

Nasir looked around the room at the intent faces staring back at him. He knew he had to tell them.

"Crassus' made Tiberius fight this guy, one of his men. It was a fight to the death, to prove himself to his father. Marcus Crassus isn't the greatest of dads and his son wants nothing to do with him. That's why he told me. He heard what Caesar had done to me and made sure he suffered before his dad killed him. He wouldn't lie to me."

"What do you mean suffer? I can't believe some kid has had the pleasure of hurting the guy and I haven't. Fucking injustice." Agron grumbled, already deleting his to-do list of torture for the guy.

"He just said he fucked him over before he let his dad in with him. That's all he said, but the way he said it, I just know he made him pay. And I really don't care who hurt the bastard, the only things care about is that he'd been dealt with so I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder twenty four seven. You should be grateful."

"Grateful? Who the fuck is this guy? And why is he acting like your best friend all of a sudden?"

"It's done Agron. Just leave it now, please. I'm tired of this whole thing." Nasir said motioning everything around him, then rubbing his eyes.

"Okay, okay. Let's get you to the sleeping quarters. You could use a lye down. Come on." The taller man spoke whilst bringing his lover into his chest and hugging him softly, feeling him relax his his arms. He kissed the top of his head and slowly made his way towards the door still intertwined.

"Agron, I need you back here in half an hour. Caeser might be dead but The Romans have inside information now, they know more about us than anyone. We're vulnerable. When your back we'll talk. Just make sure Nasir gets some rest yeah? He looks dead on his feet." Spartacus called out from his place near the table.

"Sure thing, boss."

Too Many Friends

Chapter Summary

Agron's a little possessive. If 'a little' is code word for a lot.

Nasir was soundly sleeping on top of Agron when his phone went off. Agron went to grab for it as he was watching over the man and didn't want it to wake him up - as well as the fact that he was curious as to who was contacting him.

After pulling the lock screen aside to turn the phone onto silent, Agron toyed with the idea of opening the new message. If he did he could always mark it as unread right?

His hand hovered over the message icon that was placed on the phones background. He knew he shouldn't, he knew Nasir wouldn't be happy if he found out, but he had to know If it was that snake - Tiberius, he wanted to know what he could possibly want as it wasn't like Nasir would tell him anytime soon.

He took one quick look back at Nasir to see if he was still sleeping; which he was, soundly. Then turned his attention to the phone and the messages before him.

"What a surprise, they're from that Tiberius shit. Let's see what he has to say." Agron mumbled to himself quietly.

The most recent message read:

Hey Nas! (Nas? His names Nasir you tool.)

Hope your okay after what I said earlier. I didn't mean to be so blunt but I could only be away for so long, my dad has me on constant watch because of this whole gang! (Too long if you ask me, maybe you should stay unguarded for a little longer so I can come after you.)

I just wanted to tell you if you wanted to talk to me about anything, I'm always here for you, you know that. I can't believe what that shit Caesar did to you, and I'm glad I got the chance to give him payback. I'll always protect you. (I bet you will, probably want access to his pants more like. I know your game. It should have been me that fought for him, not you. Asshole.)

Tiger x (Tiger? What-the-fuck? Is that supposed to be funny? Cutesy? No mate. OMG A KISS ARE YOU SERIOUS!?. Your dad wants him dead and your sending him kisses? What game are you playing you shit?.)

It was fair to say that Agron was anything but calm after reading the conversation between Nasir and Crassus' son. He scrolled down further to see what Nasir had been replying only to find that they had been talking for sometime. The conversation log went on for ages. Agron huffed. This asshole was persistent.

His grip on the phone grew tighter and tighter as he read through the texts. Shittin' Tiberius was obviously flirting the pants off Nasir, and he was blind to it.

Messages consisted of Tiberius pretending to be concerned (or so Agron thought) with questions such as: 'How are you?' 'What are you up to?' 'Are you okay money wise?' 'Do you have a place to stay?' 'How Chandra? She isn't working you off your feet again is she?' 'Maybe I could visit you at work one day?'.

I don't think so Agron thought. No chance in hell are you meeting with him.

He deliberated replying posing as Nasir and telling him to 'fuck off' but he knew Nasir would never forgive him and he needed to be protected right now. He also considered deleting the message, but then again Tiberius seemed like he would worry if Nasir didn't reply, so he would message again and again until he got his answer, leading to Nasir becoming suspicious.

He clicked the option to mark the message as unread and placed the phone back on the side. Moving his hands to thread his fingers through his lovers soft hair.

After a few minutes Agron had the phone back in hand, reading through older messages, trying to find out something, anything, that would hint to Crassus' son being up to no good.

He was reading the beginning of a paragraph when Nasir stirred, opening his eyes and staring at Agron with a hurt look upon his face.

"Why are you looking through my phone?" Nasir asked calmly, not reflecting his inner turmoil inside.

"If this guys your friend, then why the fuck is he sending you kisses?" Agron spat.

"So your telling me that you don't put em at the end of your texts to Naevia? Or Duro?" Nasir argued, pulling himself from his place curled at Agron's side reluctantly to look the man in the eyes.

"Duro's my brother!" His hands flew up in the air in a defensive motion.

"And Naevia?" Nasir arched an eyebrow,

"Wha-" The taller man started before Nasir interrupted him,

"Shes your friend, I get it. Like Tiberius is mine. Stop reading into this more that it actually is, I can't with this right now. Believe me, don't believe me. What does it matter anymore if you can't trust me?." Nasir sighed, wiping the sleep from his eyes and going to find Naevia.

He stilled at the door, turning to face Agron. "Did I once send any sort of affection towards him? Go on, look again. I didn't send him any kisses or anything because I don't feel the same way and he knows that. He knows I'm with you. It's just a character on a message, it's not like I'm shacking up with the guy."

"He wants to meet you." Agron hissed,

"Yeah, and have I been anywhere but at your side?" Nasir screamed, eyes watering with hurt and anguish.

"Nasir!" Agron called after him, wishing he kept his mouth shut for once.

"Gawd he's such an idiot!" Nasir told Naevia, hands automatically flinging to pull at his hair.

After his fight with Agron he and Naevia retired to the sparring room to let off some steam. He needed someone to talk to and Naevia was always there for him.

"That's Agron for you, but you wouldn't have him any other way." She smiled, laughing a little. Nasir beat the punching bag harder.

"He's so selfish it's unreal, and he's got this double standard that is fine when he does something but when I do it, ohhhh he goes off on one!"

"I know sweetie, but that's just because he cares. I know it doesn't feel like it now, cuz he is a possesive jerk at times-"

Nasir interrupted her "At times? Try all the time!" He laughed, kicking the bag.

Naevia held the bag more sturdy and let Nasir take his frustrations out on it.

It was then that the door opened and Crixus made his way in, not noticing the scene before him before he looked up as he was mid way through a sentence.

"Nae, do you want to- oh. Sorry. I'll just come back later." He turned after seeing the way Nasir was dripping with sweat, read faced and focused, beating the punchbag before him as though it was his worst enemy.

"It's okay, Nasir needs to talk to Agron anyway" she told him, letting the boxing bag go and handing Nasir a towel.

"No I don't. He's gotta grovel a hell of a lot more before I even think of talking to him civilly" the little man laughed gruffly.

"So you and Agron had your first fight, huh?" Crixus asked, wrapping his arm around Naevia's waist and kissing her cheek.

"Nope, just Agron being a nosey bastard and rifling through my phone."

"Oh, even I agree that's a little...far." Neavia's husband agreed knowing his wife would throw a fit if he touched her phone.

"Your telling me. He's such a dick."

"He's just got your best interests at heart, he doesn't mean anything by it. He's just acts without thinking sometimes and he's messed up. Let him make it up to you, go on. You two are miserable without each other. I wondered why he was wallowing in self pity down in the hub."

"No, I think you should draw it out a little longer. Let him come to you." Naevia smirked,

Nasir laughed. "Of course, I'm not letting him get away with it that easily".

Karma Police

Chapter Summary

Nasir can't stay mad at Agron for long...can he?

"Hey" Agron muttered as he saw Nasir walk into the boardroom with Naevia and Crixus hot on his tail. He was drenched in sweat - probably training - Agron thought, and his hair was sticking to his shiny face, but above all it was a hot look on Nasir.

"Hey" Nasir said back with no enthusiasm. He wanted to see what lengths Agron would go to in order to make it up to him.

Nasir turned his attention back to Spartacus who was describing the plan of attack for The Romans hideout. They had to move fast as the rival gang already knew countless amounts of information about them thanks to Caesar and they could be under siege at any given moment.

During so Agron drew his gaze upon Nasir for long moments, which Nasir had caught onto when doing the same, causing both men to lock eyes. Naevia smiled. She knew her boys couldn't stay mad at each other for very long.

"So to recap. We are all going to take a floor in pairs, plant the C4, meet at the assembly point and blow this place sky high. Any questions?" Spartacus summarised.

"Yeah, if Tom and Gerry here are fighting are you gunna risk pairing them? They could blow the whole cover by having a domestic in the middle of this operation..." Duro questioned, hinting over at Nasir and his brother Agron.

"Tom and Gerry? Seriously?" Agron laughed, looking over at Nasir who was finding words at the insult.

"Is this because I'm short? Your calling me a mouse now?" Nasir raised an eyebrow jokily.

"It was more because Agron chases you around like a dog in heat, but yeah, that's another similarity." Duro snorted, getting the paper version of the brief lobed at his head by a laughing Nasir.

"I do not!" The man in question disagreed.

"You kinda do bro, own it. Nasir's a good looking man, we wouldn't blame ya."

"Yeah Agron, I'm a good looking man." Nasir giggled, Naevia nudging his arm and brushing a stray tear from her eye from laughing too much.

"And I'm an ogre am I?" Agron asked in a mocking tone,

"Don't answer that, cuz that would make me Fiona, and she's a woman..." Nasir halted everyone's responses.

"Not. Saying. A. Word." Crixus said when Naevia gave him a interrogative look as if she knew he was going to tease,

"Keep it that way, or face the wrath of Nasir. I'm on the receiving end of it now and it's scary, let me tell ya." Agron informed, subsequently having another paper wad thrown his way instead by his lover.


"Stop being such a pussy. The worst you can't is a paper cut so calm it." Nasir argued.

"Still hurt."

"Oh, man up."

"You man up."

"That made no sense. At. All."


"Don't 'whatever' me, Asshole."

"Oh, so now I'm the asshole, huh? You just threw a friggin book at my head!"

"Stop being so over dramatic! It was a few pieces of measly paper."

"More like a truck load of em."

"I'm not sure the truck could fit in here with all your ego floating around."

"Coming from you! You take longer than Naevia to get ready and are constantly checking your hair in the mirror, and don't lie because your catchphrase is turning out to be 'Agron is my hair alright? Agron is my ass okay in these jeans? Agron am I fuckable?'"

"Well excuse me for having some modicum of self respect and presentation! At least I don't turn up for work in un-ironed clothes and think that's okay."

"I don't own an iron!"

"Well buy one then!"

"That's what I have you for!"

"Ohhhhhh, you shouldn't have said that, buddy!" Naevia interrupted, clucking her tongue".

"Well that settles it, you can do your own ironing from now on. Happy now?"

"I have a perfectly good dry cleaners round the corner. I'm not bothered. You suck at ironing anyway."

"Well you suck at cooking. You know all those times I told you I loved your food? I lied!"

"You don't mean that."

"I do!"



"Oh, okay."



"I'm just gunna" Nasir said pulling back his chair and briskly walking to the sleeping quarters. Agron caught on and pulled back his chair not soon after.

"Yeah, I think I'm him. Yeah." Agron announced, practically running from the room.

"Thank christ those two have made up!" Lugo sighed,

"You won't be saying that when you can barely hear yourself think over the noise." Gannicus told him,

"Or be scarred for life by accidentally walking in on them...they literally do it anywhere!" Duro exclaimed, rubbing his eyes and groaning,

"I second that, there's some things you just can't un-see no matter how hard you try." Gannicus agreed.

(A/N: This is incomplete, therefore when finished I will post remaining chapters here or on AO3)

Rob The Bank - Nagron AU.
Nagron, Nasir, Agron, family
Chapter 1

Prolouge: Rob The Bank

Nasir had banked with GrandeMoney for years without complaint. Sure his friends all banked with much more widely advertised banks but he was content where he was, and if there's one thing that Nasir hated more than anything, was change. Imagine his surprise when he walked in to said bank only to be held hostage for countless hours whilst a gang of criminals attempted to rob the place. It was a joyous experience. Not.

3 hours earlier found Nasir casually popping into his local bank to deposit some money into his savings account. As usual the cue was quite long, and the bored expressions of the employees told him he would be standing in this spot for a while.

Reaching into his pocket to grab his phone to text Chadara- his friend and work colleague from the Coffee Shop on Neko Street, as he unlocked the screen a tall, bulky man rushed passed him, knocking him to the ground and sending his phone flying. Letting out an angry hiss Nasir brushed himself off and looked around for the location of his phone, a hand was inelegantly thrust into his face.

'Sorry man, here let me help you up' came the deep velvety tone from his assailant.

Nasir just huffed. Ignoring the hand and pulling himself up he locked eyes with the hottest man he had seen in a while, too bad he had already booked himself a bitch-warmer seat in his bad books or he would have totally been up for accidentally dropping the guy his number for something random.

'Agron! Come on! Keep to the plan.' A man shouted from across the room in similar attire. All in black, accompanied by a stereotypically black hoodie and bandanna around his mouth.

'Fuck sake Duro. Names!' He hissed back, turning and smiling at Nasir.

'I really am sorry little man, I'm in kinda a rush. Sorry.' the man apologised again with a dazzling smile then turning on his heel and following the other.

'Jerk' Nasir muttered to himself.

'Okay everyone on the floor! This is a robbery, no one will get hurt if you all do exactly as I say!' Another man dressed similar to the others shouted from the help desk holding what looked like a sword.

Taking in the scene before him Nasir really should have realised this was going to happen sooner, what gang of people turn up to a bank in stereotypical robbery gear And not cause a commotion? but that damn man and his damn smile.

Although he did wondered why the hell they had swords instead of guns.

First Impressions

Chapter Summary

Nasir is sassy and Castus won't take no for an answer. Lucky he's got Agron to help him out.

Chapter 1: First Impressions

'That means you too little man!' The hooded man outted as 'Duro' by Agron said from across the room.

'Height jokes? Really? As if today wasn't bad enough...god' Nasir grumbled and briskly walked over to join the other civilians on the floor. Duro ignored him.

'Is it mandatory for us to sit on the floor or can we stand?' Nasir questioned sarcastically.

'This little shits got balls I'll give him that' a new man from the group exclaimed, the words not easily falling off his tongue like the rest of the group.

'Again with the little? Is there nothing more that you can find to insult me with?' Nasir groaned. He'd had these jokes all his life and wasn't about to gives to the jest now.

'You better start keeping your mouth shut boy or I'll do it for you. Permanently.' The same 'new man' replied in almost a growl.

'Hey leave the guy alone he's just a little peeved-' Agron defended finally.

'Little? Nice choice of words'

'Sorry I just-'

'Don't go apologising... Jesus!' Duro intoned, joining the conversation once again.

'Ignore him he's being total dick, I just mean there's nothing wrong with being little you know? I mean I think its kinda cute and-' Agron assured before he was interrupted by Nasir.

'Yeah because your all giants, and that shits normal?' Nasir laughed bitterly. He knew that enraging his captors wasn't the best idea in the world, but he was pissed off and who better to be his verbal punching bag that these douche-nozzles?

'What did you say!? You little-!' The 'new man' went towards him with his sword.

'Lugo! Leave the kid alone and stay on task, or do I have to bring Gannicus next time?' What looked like the leader of the group ordered.

After that Nasir stayed quiet and so did the robbers. The conversation was going round in loops and Nasir really didn't have time for this.

Ten minutes later found a dark skinned man known as Castus; one of the hostages like Nasir, animatedly starting a conversation in the most obvious flirting tone known to man.

'You standing up to them like that was kinda hot' the man begun.

Nasir smiled once then looked away.

'I mean it, totally friggin' sexy the way you got all feisty'.

and then...

'You have the most beautiful eyes? Anyone ever told you that? What am I saying, I bet you get that all the time don't you cutie?'.

Followed by...

'Your hair looks so soft. Can I touch it? I bet it's real smooth'.

and finally...

'You have amazing lips, god, you know maybe when this is over we could go back to mine or something? We could both use a drink and-'

'Seriously? We could get stabbed at any minute and your flirting with me?' Nasir said in a condescending tone, finding this guys attempts futile and hoping that he stops relatively soon.

Castus smirked, about to give a witty retort when 'Duro' spoke.

'Hey guys, quit the talking or youll be on the receiving end of my prick here!' Lugo ordered, gesturing his sword edge.

'I'd rather be on his" Castus said back bobbing his head towards Nasir who rolled his eyes.

'That's it.' Agron ground out through clenched teeth, after watching the display and finding that man extremely annoying.

'Agron keep your shit together man' Duro directed coming to a stop In front of his partner in crime.

'That bastard had no right!' Agron said by way of explanation.

'No right to what? Look, let's just get this over with yeah? Stop conversing with the hostages and go and help Spartacus with the packing of the money.'

'You go help him, I'm pretty fine here.'

'Your setting yourself up to fail man, just saying' Duro advised whilst walking away before Agron grabbed his arm bringing him to a halt.


'Don't think I haven't seen the way your looking at the little man over there. Theres no point even entertaining the thought. We're robbing a bank and he's a hostage, do you really think this is the right place to start up your love life?'

'Shut up Duro'

'Whatever, just don't do something stupid and give yourself over to him. The police are gunna want to question them all after and I'd rather not have them on my ass if it's all the same'.

Agron smiled at Nasir and received a glare in return. Why couldn't he have met the man under better circumstances?

Agron watched the hostages with a bored expression. His eyes always wondered that little bit longer on Nasir who pretended not to notice.

'Do you want me to move him?' Agron asked Nasir, looking over to Castus who was flirting ten miles an hour in a hushed tone annoying the fuck outta both men.

'No.' Was all that Nasir said.

Then silence once more.

'Look, I'm sorry about all of this' he said moving his hands about in the air 'We'll be done soon and you can go home to your boyfriend, watch some tv and binge eat or whatever it is you like to do' Agron smiled reassuringly whilst trying to find out more about this super-hot guy.

'I don't have a boyfriend, and I'd rather use my time for something more productive' Nasir replied with a sigh. He was going stir crazy and he'd given up on the 'staying mute plan' since he saw this guys dimples.

'Okay, cool. I'm single too, not that I'm implying anything just- I'm just gunna shut up now' Agron mumbled.

Nasir laughed. 'Probably best' he smiled.

'God what's taking them so long?' The German sighed quietly to himself, not expecting Nasir to overhear.

'Maybe you should go and help them?'

'Nice try, but then you lot would get away'

'Worth a shot' Nasir shrugged earning a snort from Agron.

'You really are fearless, ain't ya?'

'Not really, just assuming your not like the rest of those dickheads'

'Maybe so, but calling them dickheads right in front of me probably wasn't the best move'

'You'll live'

'And so will you, I promise we're not gunna hurt you, you know that right? We're 'The Rebels'. Have you heard of us?'

'Vaguely. Seems kinda stupid to risk your life robbing a bank only to give the money to charity after. Really pointless, like you could go to jail for this and you don't even get any of the money.'

'I suppose, but it's all for the greater good, and it's not like these banks don't have insurance for things like this'

'Considerate criminals hey? This whole situation is weird.'

'Your telling me, Im missing the World Cup for this!'

'I'm sure there's better sacrifices'

'So your not a football fan then?'

'Do I look like a football fan?'

'I wouldn't want to insult you' Agron jibed.

', I hate sport, practically a waste of everyones time and effort when they could be out there making a real change in the world'

'Thats deep' Agron smirked.

'Shut up' Nasir grinned.

Talking to this guy was oddly rewarding. Who would have thought he would be having a normal conversation with a 'nice' criminal whilst being held at sword-point? He sure as hell didn't when he woke up this morning.

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Chapter Summary

Nasir is kinda confused, flattered, and a tad worried all in one.

Chapter Notes

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to read this and given me kudos, or a review! (Yes that's you KiiKii, underbucky, jjbad & the know who you are!) I really appreciate it guys!! :D

See the end of the chapter for more notes
Chapter 2: We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

"Right, we're about done. Agron, give them their phones back now." Spartacus, the leader of 'The Rebels' shouted dragging what looked like countless bags of money towards the emergency exit.

"Phones?" Agron asked puzzled,

"Yes, phones. Telecommunications devices...whatever, hand them back and help the others load the van."

"Um... "

"What now? Spit it out, were on a time limit here!"

"I may have forgotten know...take their phones, I knew I'd missed someone and I-" Agron explained shyly before he was hastily interrupted by Spartacus.

"You what!?"

"I forgot to take their phones-"

"I heard that bit, you oaf. Jesus! Do I have to do everything myself around here. The cops are probably outside already...okay, everybody move out! I repeat, move out! Quickly!" The leader shouted.

"Too busy eyeing up the little man over there, ey Agron?" Duro teased whilst making quick strides towards the exit.

"I knew I shoulda brought Gannicus." Spartacus muttered to himself with a sigh.

After loading the van in record time, 'The Rebels' made one last check to ensure that they had not left any traceable evidence behind.

"Okay team, roll out!" Spartacus ordered to those left in the building, glancing over to the hostages one last time.

Agron looked straight at Nasir, he knew within minutes of talking with the guy that they had a connection. There was something there, between them, but if he went now he'd never see the man again. He had to make a quick decision as the likelihood of the little man actually wanting to talk to him again was pretty slim.

"Hey" Agron said, crouching down to Nasir's position on the floor with the other hostages,

"Hey" Nasir uttered back, fiddling with the laces on his Converse.

"So I-uh, I've gotta go now"


"Do you-no...Can I have your number?"

Nasir's eyes shot up to meet Agron's; surprise and doubt filling his eyes as his brow scrunched to confusion.

I understand if you say no because this whole situation Isn't the best place to hook up, but I think your really cool and I hate the fact that I'll never see you again." Agron whispered so the others could not hear, pulling at his hair and looking over towards the emergency exit for the rest of his gang every five seconds.

"Agron! Are you deaf as well as stupid? I said move out! Bloody move!" Spartacus called from the doorway.

"Two seconds!" He shouted back.

"Two seconds will have the lot of us arrested. Now haul your ass to the van or we're leaving without you! This isn't speed dating, this is a heist!" the leader growled, disappearing through the open door. "Fucking typical" he mumbled as he left.

"You need to go" Nasir

"In a second, just-"

"They'll leave without you, that guy doesn't seem like the sort to mess around."

"Im not leaving without your number." Agron told him defiantly, looking directly into Nasir's eyes and causing him to blush.

"Your a stubborn asshole, you know that right?"

"Been told once or twice, never as sexy as that though" Agron smirked as Nasir removed a pen from his David & Goliath hoodie and wrote some digits on the others hand.

"There. Now get going or our first date will be in a prison cell."

"Whatever your into man" Agron laughed then his face dropped in realisation. "This is definitely your number, yeah? Your not fobbing me off cuz I'm serious about you, like seriously serious".

"God, your like one of those lingering smells, like fish and onions and shit. This is 100% my number, now I'm pretty sure that if you don't shag-ass and move your friends are gunna leave your sorry butt here!" Nasir grumbled worrying that they'd abandoned their friend in favour for not being caught by the five-o.

"Mmm, say that again" Agron smiled widely, getting up from the crouch he was positioned in before thinking the better of it and leaning back down to press a chaste kiss on the mans lips.

He ran towards the exit leaving Nasir stunned.

Reaching up to touch his lips; where Agron's were only a second ago, Nasir giggled. Actually giggled at the weirdness of the whole situation before hearing a muffled "Love the hoodie!" from somewhere outside.

Looking down he knew that wearing his 'Come To The Dark Side We Have Cookies' hoodie was kind of ironic.

Only he could gain a date out of being held hostage. Chadara would be proud.

Chapter End Notes

By adding the prologue I've kinda screwed the chapter titles around a bit, therefore chapter 1 is actually chapter 2 on if your confused I'm sorry!! :/

Also I am aware there is a mixture of both English and American slang in this, but I thought it went well, so if you don't understand a term I'll be happy to define it for you :)

Call Me Maybe

Chapter Summary

Agron finally texts Nasir, only to be continuously insulted..but he's quite flattered to tell the truth.

(Text Verse Chapter)

Chapter 3: Call Me Maybe.

After the events if the past few days Nasir was kind of in a bubble. Not quite sure that what happened actually happened. The story of the bank robbery was plastered all over the news and the reporters explained in so many words that there were 'no traceable leads' which really wasn't a surprise.

Nasir had numerous calls from his friends asking if he was okay, how scared he was, if he needed anything. Mostly just reassurances, but Nasir held back that he acquired a date out of the unfortunate situation he happened to be in; Saxa would probably have a heart attack if she told him, although Chadara (who liked the bad boys) would want all the details.

Speaking of, Agron hadn't called in three days and Nasir was thinking it was all some three-minute-wonder deal. Agron certainly didn't look desperate, hell he could have any man or woman he pleased with those dimples and that super-fit body, he felt a fool for falling for his charms.

It was Friday before Nasir heard from him again in the form of a text.

Hey gorgeous!

I hope this is Nasir, or this could become very awkward.

I'm sorry it's took so long for me to get In touch but Sparty has me working overtime due to the cock-up in the bank, which he insists is all my fault...but it's not!

Anyway, was wondering if you wanted to maybe meet for Coffee or something one day, when your free of course. I don't know much about you so I'm assuming you work (somewhere really awesome probably) so whenever you have a chance, text me when and where and I'll be there.

Peace out.

-The Super Hot Guy From a The Bank You Met That One Time Who Rocked Your World.

Nasir smiled in all the right places and actually felt quite happy after reading it. He had been so adamant that Agron had forgot about him that it was a surprise when the text did come.

He left it a while in order to seem less needy than he actually was, and replied...

Hey Douchebag,

Tomorrow at 1pm okay for you?

From Mr.Awesome

The reply was almost instant.

Douchebag? You could have complimented my extreme good looks and winning personality! Ah well, I have time to change your mind ;)

Tomorrow is great actually, Is Starbucks on Jones Street OK?

Don't bring your wallet, it's my treat. Who better to spend my hard earned cash on than you gorgeous thing! :P

Nasir rolled his eyes at the last line. So Agron was a try-hard? That would be a turn off if he hadn't already planned their second date and whole future since meeting. Nasir was anything but inefficient when it came to dating.

Sure is Hot-stuff.

What? if you can use corny pet names, so can I!

And Emojis? Seriously? Are you five?

The text to follow took a little longer this time.

Not physically, if you know what I mean ;)

Nasir typed out a quick-fire response.

And being five mentally is a good thing?

I reiterate...douchebag.

Just try not to hold the baristas at Starbucks hostage, they're the only non-irritable people to be able to spell my name right.


Your doing this to annoy me now aren't you?

You'd make a terrible criminal, unleashing your weaknesses within the first five minutes. Tut, tut.

That's what I have you for, jerk.

All true.

I have the feeling you like calling me names :(

Suck it it up big-man. There's more to come, got my Hateful-Names-Book in my lap right now, picking a few to use on our date.

I know what I'd rather have in your lap ;)

And on that note I'm going to work.

Stay out of trouble, at least until we've actually had more than five minutes alone together. Yeah?

Only if you promise not to become any more hotter, or I might get heat stroke ;)

Terrible, just terrible.

Between now and tomorrow, you definitely have subsequent time to research some more trusted pick up lines...

Am I in heaven? Cuz baby, someone better tell them that they're missing an angel!


Do you have a map? Cuz I keep getting lost in your eyes.


You must be a baker cuz you've got a nice set of buns ;)

Okay, that one made me laugh a little. Just a tiny tiny bit, don't let it go to your head.

Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Cuz I can see myself in your pants!

Defiantly not going to happen the way your going on...

Seizing all annoying conversation now, I cant have that!

Wait, does that mean you were planning on letting me in your pants in the first place?

Shut up.

Nasir smiled, putting his phone on silent and making his way to work.

Date Morning

Chapter Summary

Nasir getting ready is akin to a monkey on rollerblades. Equally confused, scared and totally helpless.

Agron isn't much better.

Chapter 4: Date Morning.

Saturday morning found Nasir under a pile of clothes near his wardrobe. He had no friggin' clue what to wear, sure the guy had seen him in his dress-down clothes (a hoody and some sweats) but clothes were important, especially when making an impression, and boy did Nasir want to make an impression.

He was aware he was that little bit too short, had too long hair, his nose was a tiny bit crooked and he had multiple scars littering his chest. If you asked him how he viewed himself, it would be far from beautiful, but in actual fact he was blinded by his own beauty. He couldn't see just how appealing he was and Agron would change that in time.

Chadara had text him earlier that day to see if he wanted to go shopping with her, he gave up lying and told her he had a date, although he story as to how he met them was changed considerably.

'It's official. I have nothing to wear!' Nasir whined over the reciever.

'You have tonnes of clothes Nas! I've been in your wardrobe...if you can call it that, the amount of clothes you have in there you could start up a clothes shop! Seriously.' Chadara laughed back.

'Nothing looks right. I picked like three outfits out last night, but looking at them now, I dunno. They're wrong.'

'Do you want me to come over?'

'No, it's fine. Enjoy your day with Saxa, I'm just having a little internal crisis here'

'Is that your way of not-so subtlety asking me to come over?'

'No, ignore me. I can do this...I can do this....I can't do this!' Nasir paced, trailing his fingers through his hair.

Chandra laughed then gasped. 'Omg! I know! Wear the jeans!'

'What jeans? I have like 12 pairs...'

'The nice jeans!'

'Still don't know what ones your going on about'

'The jean, jeans! You know what ones!'

'Yes Charn, Jeans are generally made out of jean...' Nasir said sarcastically.

'Har-har. Nasirrrrr, you know what jeans I mean, the ones I always compliment you in!'

'That should jog my memory because you complimenting me is probably a one-time occurrence, but it doesn't.'

'They're black and skinny.'

'That leaves me with five pairs'

'They are like super-fitted and make your ass look A-maz-ing!'

'Mm, two pairs'

'They have that glittery thread in the stitching near your crotch, I was with you when you brought them! I insisted y buy them because when you move in the light it draws attention to your...assets?'

'Ohhh! THOSE jeans! Why didn't you just say them ones!'

'I did you utter twat!'

'These are perfect, I owe you'

'Yeah, yeah, stop checking yourself out in the mirror and get moving. Your netting him at one right?'


'Well don't panick, but its half twelve...'

'Shit! Ow! owowowowowowwww!'

'What? I told you not to panick!'

'I stubbed my toe, fuck. That hurt. A lot.'

'I told you to move that lamp you doofus!'

'Nows not the time to do I told-you-so's. I have half an hour to pick a shirt, shoes and do my hair, not to mention put on aftershave and be outside Starbucks!'

'Im sure he won't mind if your late, he sounds like a nice guy.'

'Hes a dick. A totally dick.'


'What? I like dick!'

Chadara laughed hard causing Nasir to chuckle along too.

Similarly Saturday found Agron in the same predicament.

"What are you all dressed up for?" Duro asked his brother as he pushed passed him to steal his aftershave once again.

"Heyyy! Don't use all that! I need it for my date!" Agron tried to snatch his expensive aftershave back off of his cheapskate brother. "Wait, is this too much?" He questioned with a furrowed brow.

"Woah this dude must be prime-relationship material if your actually giving a shit about what your wearing... It is a guy ain't it? Cuz a gal's fine too!" Duro asked shocked that his brother was being so out of character.

"Yes it's a man, he's names Nasir, he's utterly gorgeous and kinda short, but in an adorable way. And he's got such soft-looking hair that makes you wanna just reach out and touch it, you know? Is that weird? You'd feel the same if you saw it. Oh! And god, his ass bro, his asssssssss!' Agron sing-songed smirking.

"Okay Sparky! Be sure to bring him round soon, you know, so I can give him the 'Break-My-Brothers-Heart-And-Ill-Break-Your-Legs' talk"

"You damn well won't! Don't go scaring him off when I've only just met the guy, I mean I don't even know if they're will be a second date, god, I hope he still likes me...a weeks a long time. He's hot, he could get anyone he wanted, he probably has a boyfriend by now-"

"Jeez, shut up a sec will you? Your awesome, he's gunna love you. Now stop being a whiney brat and give me some money for a pizza seeing as your not cooking tonight, which is an injustice by the way...bros before hoes and all that"

"Did you just call Nasir a hoe? Because I know you wouldn't do that, would you?" Agron all but growled.

"Chill out dude, chill out. I don't even know the guy!"

"And it'll stay that way if you say that again"

"Ohhh don't be such a buzz-kill, i'll be on my best behaviour when he comes round. IF he comes round. That is as long as you two keep the noise down so I can actually get some sleep at night, you have a bad track record for that you know!"

"Yeah, and if you mention that when he's here I'll kill you myself"

"Nothing wrong with a little competition, bro. Jealous-sex is the best, on par with angry-sex I'd say" Duro smirked back.

"They'll be no sex if I don't get there on time. Shoo, I need space to get ready"

"Your such a girl"

"Two words. Tiny. Spider."

Date Night

Chapter Summary

Nasir's stalker returns (Castus) and Agron tries his luck.

Chapter 5: Date Night.

Walking towards Starbucks, Agron checked his watch for the fifth time that minute as he could not see his date standing outside as planned. When he got closer he realised he was looking out for an adorably scruffy man in sweats and a hoodie, when really Nasir was dressed up in a white dress shirt (a few buttons open at the neck revealing a tribal necklace) and some figure hugging, tight jeans that looked absolutely amazing.

Agron smiled over at Nasir as the other man looked up, locking gazes.

Nasir waved almost shyly, the faint outline of a blush forming on his cheeks.

"You look, well, I don't think there's a word for how you look that will do it justice" Agron began with a dazzling smile.

"Your just surprised I own something other than gym clothes. It's a shock, I know." Nasir joked back, tucking a stray piece of hair behind his ear.

"So you wanna go inside? I'm not sure the average civilian would be able to handle such a gorgeous man standing alone on the sidewalk for much longer."

"You flatter, but I should think they would have a greater problem with someone of" Nasir winked, making his way into Starbucks leaving Agron to hurriedly trail behind him.

"Do you know what your getting? I'm getting the usual, a Vanilla Macchiato. They're good by the way. I have no idea if you visit these places as often as I do, but seeing a you suggested it I'm guessing you have a vague idea about the menu?" Nasir asked once inside. Stopping in front of the counter, gazing up at the menu for Agron's sake.

"We live in America, there's a Starbucks round every corner. The probability of me not having been in here before is pretty slim" Agron laughed, squinting his eyes at the left hand board of the menu.

"Let me guess, Latte kinda guy?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I work in a coffee shop on Neko Street, you get good at predicting people's coffee orders after a while. It's a gift, although when people deliberately order something different just to spite you, is a little annoying." Nasir admitted.

"If you don't mind me asking, if you work in a coffee shop, why the hell would you want to go to one in your spare time? Like aren't you supposed to be put off Coffee for life? I know I was when I worked in Taco Bell, seriously. If I look at another Chilli Beef Burrito again I'll hurl." The taller man said scrunching up his face at the memory.

Nasir laughed, "Well unlike you I actually love my job, it's-I dunno, almost soothing making coffee for people, knowing your helping them out by waking them up with a double espresso, or cheering them up with a double chocolate mocha frappe."

"Huh, I didn't really think of it like that. That's kinda, you know, amazing" Agron said scratching his head a little.

"You know you really don't need to flirt with me, I already agreed to go on a date with you and here we are." He said gesturing between himself and his date.

"You seem to think it's an imposition, flirting with you. Well that's where your wrong Physic-Sally, I love seeing you smile, and if I can be the one to put it there I take that as an achievement!" Agron looked at Nasir's roll of eyes, "Too cheesy?"


"I know you love compliments deep inside, who doesn't! Hell, I know I do" Agron winked.

"Sure, but you take fishing for compliments to a whole new level" Nasir patted his arm, "You know what your getting yet Stud, or am I gunna pick for you?" He mocked.

"Surprise me baby"

"No. Just-just no." Nasir raised an eyebrow and flapped his hands stopping motion.


"Pet names are kinda degrading. Baby is the worst. Makes me feel like a girl, and I am far from it!" he explained.

"Oh, I know that" Agron smirked wiggling his eyebrows and casting a glance to Nasir's groin.

Nasir snorted, then groaned as he looked over towards the cashier.

"You okay?" Agron asked concerned, placing a soft hand upon the smaller mans back.

"Yeah, no, I'm fine. It's just look who's at the tills..." He pointed over to Castus, the guy who flirted non-stop when he was held hostage in the bank earlier that week.

"Is that guy stalking you or something. Jeez, he needs to just give up!" Agron glared.

"Well, looks like he's not going to anytime soon...what are we gunna do? If he recognises you, which he will, what's to stop him calling the police?"

"Why don't you get the drinks and I'll pick a table?"

"That won't work. The second he sees me alone he'll take an early break and join me...then we're back to square one." Nasir shook his head, locks of his hair flapping over his shoulder lightly.

"God this guys a dick."

"Your telling me? Worst date ever this is turning out to be!"

"Oh..." Agron's face fell a little.

Nasir noticed and instantly reassured him. "No, I didn't mean like that! This is great, you're great. It's not you, it's him! Making everything ten times more annoying, although I guess we could go someplace else."

"No. If you want to be here then screw him, if he calls the cops he calls them. I'm breaking his nose regardless...and maybe his legs, that way he can't go all stalker on you for a while" Agron argued.

"You're right, let's just go order, maybe I can talk him out of it?"

"With your siren song? Well batter those eye lashes and flip your hair a bit, and you'll have him eating out of your hands!" Agron laughed,

"You got a better plan, criminal? No? Well shut up then. Dofus." Nasir mocked once again. "Right, here goes nothing"

"Wait!" Agron said grabbing his arm, "This isn't a damn fight to the death, it's one guy, who already harbours a crush on you by the way, just act natural. Just-just don't flirt too much." He reasoned.

"Nawwww, is Aggie all jealous?" Nasir cooed,

"Shut up." Agron said crossing his arms,

"Now, is that any way to talk to your date?".

Turns out Castus was entranced by Nasir so much that he hardly noticed Agron at his side, barely looked over once, and even then didn't seem to recollect where he'd seen the man from.

"So what you up to tomorrow? I've got this new TV, like massive, with surround sound and an LCD screen. I was thinking maybe you would like to come over for a bit, test it out and that. You can totally pick the movie, I have loads!" Castus drawled, inching closer to Nasir over the counter. Agron was actually glad there was something separating them because the way this guy was going on he could talk the pants off anyone. Anyone wit the exception of Agron who though he was a total dick; although he may be a tiny bit biased.

"Ahw, I can't tomorrow, I'm working. Sorry. It's a nice idea though, maybe give me a call to rearrange? It's not like I don't know where you work." Nasir smiled shyly, smiling a little and tipping his head down adorably, letting his hair cascade down his face.

Agron stiffed beside him, wanting nothing more than to punch the jerk.

"Between you and me, I only got this job cuz I knew you came in here a lot. I thought maybe I could spend more time with you that don't mind do you?" Castus asked writing he drinks orders on the paper cups without taking his eyes off Nasir.

"No, no. It's kinda sweet really." Nasir lied back, saying his goodbye to Castus as he walked further down the bar to collect their made-drinks.

Nasir shivered once he was out of Castus' eye line. "God, he's such a stalker" he said to no one in particular,

"What did I say? Told you he was a creep"

"Well I'm lucky I've got my macho-man to look out for me then, ain't I?"

"I should start charging"

"Will you accept payment in kind?"

"Mm, let me think. What were you preposing?"

"Well whatever your thinking right now...defiantly not that..."

"Buzz-kill" Agron whined.

"Can't go putting out on the first date, people will talk" Nasir smirked, grabbing their drinks from the bar in the to-go cups, not wanting to chance Agron being recognised by Castus.

"Technically this is our second date, our first was at the bank" Agron added matter-of-factly.

"Somehow I don't think spending five minutes in a room full of people is an actual date, correct me if I'm wrong."

"You're wrong."

"Nice try handsome, but you really need to work on your approach."

"I 'approached' you just fine, didn't I?"

"Get back to me when we've had a proper date"

"The cheek."

"What one?" Nasir joked, dragging Agron out of the shop, sending a return wave over to Castus on the way out.

"Totally a stalker, can't blame the guy though. I'd want to stalk you." Agron told Nasir after sipping some of his Caramel Latte and speaking directly into Nasir's ear from behind.

"Not the best thing to say when your on a date with that person."

"Neither is robbing a bank when you first meet, but somehow I think I've passed the boyfriend-material test when you replied to my texts".

"Don't get too full of yourself, or there won't be any room for me" Nasir winked.

"Woah, making a sex joke on our first date? I'm actually feeling attacked right now. I mean I know I'm gorgeous, but contain yourself man! We're still in public!" Agron mused.

"You wish!"

"Don't need to."

"Carry on like that and it'll be your only option" Nasir turned a corner, grabbing Agron's arm and pushing him against a wall in the alley. He leaned up and kissed him with full force before the other even had time to comprehend what was happening.

Agron placed his hands on Nasir's hips, gently dragging them down to cup his ass as the kiss wore on, ending with him taking over and biting Nasir's bottom lip gently and then licking along the abused area.

"Your not actually thinking of going to his place, are you?" Agron asked a little breathlessly.

"Wouldn't dream of it" Nasir admitted, pulling the man back against him and the wall.

The Talk.

Chapter Summary

Duro finds out exactly who his brothers dating, and is less than pleased to know they've already met.

Chapter 6: The Talk.

"Someone's in a good mood. The date went well then, I assume?" Duro asked, plonking himself down on the sofa beside his brother whilst changing the channels on the TV.

"You could say that" Agron replied, staring down at his phone and smiling at a text from the man in question...Nasir.

"So when am I gunna meet this handsome devil? When your married and have babies?, living in a house on the top of a hill and being utterly love-y dove-y to the point of it being sickening?"

Agron thought about telling his brother the truth, he hated lying, but didn't know how he would take it. Biting the bullet, he spoke.

"You-uh, You've actually already met" Agron said as casually as he could.

"Really?" Duro said in surprise, trying to recall anyone that looked remotely his brothers type.


"Come on then Mr.Mysterious! Who is he? Where have we met? Spill the beans!"

"In the bank" Agron mumbled quietly.


"In the bank..."

"The bank...gunna need a little more than that, brother dear."

"The bank, bank"

"Yes a bank, I got that, which one? Wait. Was he that hot blonde who served you when you made that deposit yesterday?"


"So who then? Come onnnnnn!"

"I met him in GrandeMoney, okay?"

"The bank we robbed?"

"Yeah...he was...he was one of the hostages."

"Say that again I didn't quite catch that last bit, because I know you aren't stupid enough to date someone you kept hostage and think that's okay." Duro said turning angry at his brothers sheer stupidity.

"He's over it. He's actually really cool about the whole thing, making jokes and that. Chill out."

"So in all this you didn't think to question the fact that it's a little weird, you know, that someone who you could have possibly threatened to kill whilst simultaneously robbing their money was just okay about it? That he's not working with the police to get more information out of you to make a solid arrest? Or have any other ulterior motive?"

"Well. Yeah."

"Then you are stupider than you look. God, why was I the one lumbered with a totally incompetent brother?" Duro groaned, exasperated.

"Your making a mountain out of a mull-hill here, the guy is not what you think. He's funny, and intelligent, and totally gorgeous, like utterly made by the gods themselves."

"When your quite done pulling your head back out of cloud nine, I'd like you to text him and tell him you can't see him anymore."

"'The fuck bro?"

"Call him if it makes things easier. Just end it. We can't afford a slip up like this. Do it, and do it now. I'm calling Spartacus, hopefully he can talk some sense into you!" Duro ordered, leaving the room in search for his own phone.

"You can fuck off, I'm not doing that!" Agron shouted, trailing after his brother.

"Well you are, and if you don't I will. So how's is gunna go?"

"I'm going out, I'm not listening to this shit. Seriously Duro, I thought you of all people would understand."

"Understand? Understand why your so stupid as to throw yourself under the bus for some spy? You're right, I don't understand."

"He's not like that."

"And you know that for sure, do you? After spending all of an hour with the guy?"

"Eight hours, actually. And yes I've been counting, he's the one Duro. I think he's the one."

Duro smacked his palms against his face, dragging them down his features in frustration.

"Look, I get that your taken with the guy, he was cute, I'm not blind, but don't you think he's a little too perfect?"

"You're just being suspicious. Like you would with any guy dating you brother."

"No I'm being practical, and not totally blind to everything around me. Wake up brother, he's using you for information. It's clearly obvious."

"Well, I'll invite him round for dinner, then you'll see he's no spy and you can spend months making it up to the both of us...yes me AND Nasir. Spy my ass!"

"If it doesn't confirm my theory, which is highly unlikely."

"Whatever. Just wait, you'll see."

"For your sake, I hope I'm wrong." Duro sighed, looking affectionately at his love-blind brother and wishing against everything he's known that its just a case of him being over-protective.

If Looks Could Kill

Chapter Summary

Duro is making staring an Olympic Sport, Nasir tries to prove himself, and Agron wishes he was anywhere but there.

Chapter 7: If Looks Could Kill.

The day started off with Agron texting Nasir to see if he wanted to grab some dinner at his place following the success of their previous date. Not only was it a chance to see the man again, but also an opportunity to prove to his brother that Nasir was anything but honest and trustworthy, and totally not a spy.

Hey Nas,

Dya feel like coming over to my place for dinner this evening?

i'll understand if you've already made plans, this is last minute but I just wanted to see you. Xx

Agron wanted to ask his brother if that came across as pathetic but after the way he flipped at the mention of Nasir, he mulled his thoughts over in his head instead.

Dinner sounds lovely.

Do you want me to bring anything? Beer? Wine? Snacks? Films? X

One kiss? When Agron sent two. He hadn't been in a relationship for a while but he knew that was probably a bad sign. Or he was just reading too much into things. He hoped it was the latter.

Nah, just bring yourself in a pair of tight ass jeans and I'll be set ;) xx

Typical, Nasir thought, but smiled all the same. Maybe adding another kiss wasn't misleading and solely just an extra character on the message.

Wearing the baggiest jeans I can find just to spite you now. Know that you brought it on yourself! Xx

Upgraded to two kisses now? Must be doing something right Agron mused.

You could wear a black sack and pull it off. Second thoughts, you'd look sexy in nothing but a black sack...wear that instead. Or better still, nothing at all. Xx

Are you implying I'm trash? Black sacks can, and will only be used for coating bins. Looks like your compliments need work too... Xx

Noooooooooooo! Is 7pm okay for you bin-baby? Xx

Seven's fine, although if this is one of your hidden kinks, count me out. Xx

Ew! Do you want me to pick you up? I'll make no more rubbish comparisons, I swear. Xx

Haha! In both senses of the sentence I hope.

Thanks for the offer but a walk will do me good, text me your address later yeah? Xx

Sure thing, sugar! Xx

Another of those hateful pet names... Xx

I'll find one you like soon, don't worry your pretty little head! Xx

Was as the 'little' Intended? Hope not for your sake. My knee to the balls is legendary. Xx

I'd expect nothing less, although could I swap the knee for a hand? Much more pleasurable ;) xx

Play your cards right and I may be persuaded. Xx

I'll be on my best behaviour, but I can't say the same about my brother :/ Xx

Does he hate me already? Cuz that would really suck, and make coming over even more awkward. Xx

Nasir, I haven't been entirely straight with you. Xx

I hope not! I'm definitely male, and no, I'm not having a sex change. As lovely as you are Im quite fond of my junk Thank you. Xx

Haha! No, I mean, my brother was there that day at the bank. Duro? The dude with the dreads and the attitude? He seems to think your some sort of spy, only dating me to get information in order to have 'The Rebels' put behind bars once and for all. I don't think that AT ALL but I can't sway him to think differently.

I understand if you don't want come over. I've tried to get him to go to around Spartacus' for the evening but he's as stubborn as a mule! I'll be your knight and shining armour for the evening, but just know whatever he says, I don't think that about you. Xxx

Well I'm telling you now, I have no game plan. I'm not using you. And tell that idiot brother of yours I'll see him tonight, and any doubts he has he can say to my face rather than meddle with our relationship behind my back. I would try to get along with him for your sake, but something tells me he will be less than forthcoming. Xxx

You don't want to break up? Xxx

I wasn't aware we were going out. We've been on one date, relax. Not even your brother can scare me away that easily, or do I have to remind you that you hit on me whilst you had a bank at sword-point?...that's a thing. Why don't you guys use guns? They're a hell of a lot more efficient. Xxx

Spartacus (that's our leader) thinks that swords are more 'noble' and seeing as we don't actually keep the money, guns would make us appear more aggressive.

Any other questions before you meet the worst brother in the world? Xxx

Nope. I'm good. See you at seven. Xxx

Oh! I forgot to ask, are you allergic to anything? Xxx

What did you have in mind? For dinner that is...not generally. Although I could probably guess that too. Xxx

What do you think I was planning? Just curious. Xxx

Takeaway? Most probably Pizza, although Chinese could be an option... Xxx

I was thinking more along the lines of Oysters, champaign, a Chocolate fountain with banana to dunk in. Maybe some honey for later ;) The body paint hasn't arrived yet :P xxx

Your telling me you plan to get me drunk on champaign, before handing me an array of foods that are known for their aphrodisiac properties whilst coating ourselves in sticky substances that are less than innocent? Need I even go into the addition of Bananas?

...Yes? Xxx

You are extremely lucky that I am easily persuaded, or tonight would have ended badly for you Mr. Xxx

What can I say, no one can resist my charms! Xxx

I still can, although I wouldn't want all that food go to waste xxx

I haven't actually brought anything yet...oops! Xxx

Well I suggest a trip to the supermarket pronto. Or I could always bring take-out? Xxx

I wouldn't dream of it! You are the guest, therefore you must be spoilt. It's not very romantic bringing your own food to a dinner date... Xxx

Okay Mr.Lovva-Lovva, whatever you say. Xxx

A loud knock cause Agron to drop the bottle opener he was holding onto his foot.

"Ow! Fuck! Duro, get the damn door will you?" Agron asked picking up the device and rubbing his foot in pain.

"Lazy shit." His brother replied, although answering the door anyway.

"Oh. It's you."

"Yup! It's me, I trust Agron actually told you that I was coming over?" Nasir sniped back in the same bored tone, he wasn't expecting a warm welcome but he felt unwanted already. At least the guy could have made an effort.

"Course, but it don't mean I have to like it...or you for that matter."

"Well that's good because I don't like you either so we're even." Nasir said barging passed his boyfriends brother to find the man in question. "Hey, where shall I put these?" He asked, gesturing the six-pack of Budweiser he held in his hands.

"Hey! I'm glad you came! You didn't have to bring anything." Agron smiled, taking the beers out of Nasir's hands only to wrap his arms around his waist still holding them, and placing a rung-out kiss to Nasir's lips to spite his brother. But also because Nasir's lips were utterly kissable.

"Mm, well, I could have you paying for everything now, could I?" The smaller man replied pulling back a little. "Put them away, I'll go and set the table if you want?".

"I-Uh" Agron started before his brother rudely interrupted,

"Oh no, it's not that special. Just some take-out like always. You know, eating out of the containers, your arrival doesn't warrant us to pull out all the stops."

"Duro!" Agron growled, glaring at his brother only to receive the same treatment back.

"What? Just being clear. If he wants five star service maybe he can make use of the hotels nearby. Or better yet, just go back to his own house for dinner. Freeloader."

Nasir felt Agron stiffen beside him beside him, face turning red in anger. He placed a calming hand on the side of Agron's face.

"Ignore him, he wants to get a rise out of us, don't let him see that he's affecting you or he'll do it all the more" Nasir whispered in the others ear. Agron sighed and smiled, pecking Nasir on the lips once more.

"If you want to bitch about me, maybe say it out loud, you pussy!" Duro chimed in.

"Oh, believe me, if I wanted to talk about you I'd say it to your face, but funnily enough the world doesn't revolve around you. I was just talking to my boyfriend, you got a problem with that? No, don't tell me, it's clear from your attitude that you have and I think it's pathetic." Nasir defended heatedly.

Agron practically had to hold the little man back.

"Huh! Boyfriend. Honey, I hate to break it to you but you won't be around that long. My brother will have someone better by this time next week, and he won't be a friggin' informant I'll tell you that much!"

"Oh, you still think that? Seriously? Why the fuck would I bother meeting my boyfriends family if my only goal was to daub him into the cops? Sure you were there that night too, and I could be getting information on you as well, I dunno, whatever your over active imagination can concoct I suppose. I just want a quiet night in with Agron, okay? I'm not here under false pretences, I generally want to spend time with your brother, so yeah, you can spend the whole night hating me, cursing out jibes here and there, or you can suck it up and try to get along with me for his sake, because 'honey', I intend to be around for a long long time and if you can't deal with that, then that's tough!" Nasir argued, raising his voice and trying to free himself from Agron's hold.

"Jesus, do you have to pick the mouthy ones? I'm getting a headache." Duro said to his brother, turning back to Nasir, "Whatever man, just stay outta my way and I'll stay outta yours, but know if you break my brothers heart I'll personally rip yours out of your chest. You got me?".

Both Duro and Nasir stared at each other, breathing heavily and not giving up.

"Okayyyyy! Now that's sorted, who's for Chow-Mien?" Agron called from the sidelines.

Just Take Me Home.

Chapter Summary

Nasir meets 'The Rebels' again, but under more positive circumstances.

Agron gets a little jealous and Nasir has to admit the man looks all cute when he's puzzled.

Chapter Notes

So last chapter guys! I know it's a little short but I didn't want to drag it out too much, and I have a couple fics that need finishing as I kinda abandoned them to write this one...oops!

Thank you for your continued support, comments, kudos and for taking the time to read. It's greatly appreciated!

Chapter 8: Just Take Me Home.

It was weeks later that Agron had to attend a meeting with 'The Rebels' regarding their next hit. He hadn't seen much of Nasir lately as his little man had been rushed off his feet with work, poor thing didn't have a day to himself, although Agron knew that Nasir would never say no to Chadara.

It was hard for Agron to concentrate on what Spartacus was saying, mainly because Nasir was sat in his lap, listening intently with that look on his face that the taller man found absolutely irresistible.

The day started with Agron apologising to Nasir, telling him he had to go and that he knew it was his only day off and promised head spend it together but he couldn't not attend. Nasir was anything but accepting. He urged Agron to go and offered to cook for when his man got home. That's when Agron invited him along.

"Your serious." Nasir looked at Agron questionably.

"Yes..." Agron couldn't see the problem.

"Have you lost your mind? I mean, are you feeling okay? You haven't hit your head or anything?"

"Well, I did a few times on the wall when we were in the bedroom earlier, b what can I say? Pounding into you was worth it!" Agron all but grinned, pulling Nasir in towards his body and wrapping him in his arms so that his front covered Nasir's back.

"No, I mean. You see how bad an idea this is, don't you?"

"Meh" Agron uttered, nuzzling Nasir's neck.

"Stop that!" The smaller man chastised, knowing he'd loose his train of though if his lover continued.

"Mm...No" was all that the other had to add.

"I just don't think your 'gang' would be very happy with me turning up is all." Nasir sighed.

"Why not? How can anyone not want you around? You make everything better."

Nasir laughed, "Its just, they kinda held me hostage, I highly doubt they're gunna want me there listening in on all they're plans and stuff. Especially with your brother thinking I'm some sort of James Bond"

"Your hotter than James Bond"

"Agron! I'm being serious here!"

"They won't mind, I guarantee it."

"Fine, but your telling them it was your dumb idea."

"Can we go back to the bedroom now?"

"Your so vanilla" Nasir snorted, but lead Agron there anyway.

"What's he doing here?" Was the first thing that Duro said as Agron walked into their HQ wi Nasir in tow.

"It was his idea. I objected, but Agron is quite persuasive" Nasir told Agron's brother whilst looking at his man, smirking.

"Fucking under the thumb or what bro? Spartacus won't be happy about this!"

"About what?" The man in question said walking into the room and acknowledging the new mans presence, "Hey Nasir" he smiled.

"Wha-?" Duro questioned,

"Close your mouth, brother, your catching flies." Agron laughed.

"I'm sorry about this Spartacus, is that your real name? No, ignore that, forget I said anything." Agron's boy asked, then thought the better of it. He was pushing his luck just being there.

"It's fine. And of course not, but it makes me sound all authoritI've, don't ya think?" Spartacus replied casually.

"I suppose. Is it okay for me to be here? Cuz I can go if you want? Agron dragged me down here saying it would be alright but I'm kinda skeptical" Nasir admitted sheepishly, lowering his eyes after speaking.

"Of course, your part of the family now. Agron's boy. I'm sure he's already told you a number of things, it's not as if he even tried to keep this from you, so there is no point not involving you when he is likely to tell you all this later anyway" The leader said cooly, looking more towards Agron than Nasir when he spoke.

"What my friend here should be saying is that if anything said here leaves this room, or ends up being regurgitated to a cop, I'll end you." A new face informed, walking over towards him and sitting uncomfortably close by on the boardroom table.

"I wouldn't dream of it. Getting you guys in trouble would be bringing Agron down too, and I intend on keeping him around, if not for his looks than for his performance in more intimate matters" Nasir smirked, trying to lift the mood.

"I knew you only wanted me for my body!" Agron laughed, pulling Nasir closer to his chest where he was resting on the taller mans lap.

"I'm Gannicus, and I'm pleased to finally meet the man that Agron won't shut up about" he said holding out his hand to Nasir.

Nasir took it, only to squeak a little when the man pulled him up by his arm and drew him into a brotherly hug. Pretending to trail his hands down lower to Nasir's ass and winking at Agron.

"I approve! He's a hot little thing isn't he?" Gannicus remarked, letting Nasir go back to sitting on Agron's lap with a blush upon his cheeks.

"Hands off, this ones mine!" Agron growled, playfully biting Nasir's neck.

"Okay! Enough of the welcoming committee. Down to business!" Soartacus called from the head of the table.

Agron tried his hardest to listen, he really did, but having Nasir on his lap was becoming uncomfortable. Not because of the weight; Nasir practically weighed nothing, but due to the fact that his lovers ass was pressed tight against his groin, and wouldn't stop shuffling around causing his cock to harden at the continued contact.

"Agron! Are you listening to any if this?" Spartacus snapped, pulling the man out of his riviera.

"Huh? Yeah! Totally...What did you say again?" Agron asked, trailing his hands down Nasir's thighs as he spoke,

"My point exactly! Focus!"

"The only thing he's focused on his his cock, and I really can't blame him" Gannicus leered from across the table.

Agron growled. This mans taunts were getting on his nerves.

"Okay, okay!" Gannicus held his hands up in mock surrender, "Just calling as I see it, I'm not blind."

"Gannicus, refrain from teasing. Agron, go splash your face with some water. Wake up a little. Come back when your ready to do your job." Spartacus ordered.

"It's gunna take more than that" Duro added.

"No, it's okay, I'll go and make you guys some drinks and something to eat. Any preferences?" Nasir announced, jumping from Agron's lap and looking around the room.

"Thats not necessary" the leader told him,

"I know, but I want to. Be back in a sec, and you!" Nasir said grabbing Agron's chin, "Focus!"

"Or what?" Agron challenged,

"I don't think you want to find out" Nasir smirked, leaving the room.

"Nasir, right?" Lugo asked, entering the lunch room to find Agron's boy alone.

"Yeah, just getting everyone refreshments. Do you want anything?" Nasir explained, not remembering the mans name for the life of him.

"I'm Lugo, but I'm sure you already knew that." he said walking over closer to watch Nasir work,

"Uhu! Sorry, did you say you wanted something?" Nasir asked a little nervous as 'Lugo' was a big man, and on their last meeting he wasn't exactly friendly. As well as the fact they were in a room alone.

"Relax, I mean no harm, your Agron's boy. He'd bust my balls if I so much as touched a hair on your pretty little head" The large man explained with a chuckle, taking a few bits of pulled pork from the counter in front of Nasir, crowding the man against it.

"God, your tense." Lugo commented, lifting his free hand to Nasir's shoulder, feeling him tense immediately, and continuing to eat his meat,

"I-I guess so, just stressed is all" Nasir tried to smile, internally panicking.

"You should get Agron to give you a massage, or I could?"

"Thanks, but I really should get this done or they'll wonder where I've got to. I'm sure Duro thinks I'm snooping or something" Nasir joked,

"Ignore him, he's just being an overprotective brother. He'll warm to you in time...Do you want me to help you carry those in?" Lugo asked gently, knowing that the other man was showing signs of fear.

"Sure, thanks." Nasir agreed, mostly because he had forgotten the way back to the boardroom.

"Don't mention it, your one of us now and we take care of our own."

As he walked back into the room all eyes fell on him.

Agron looked between the two men and asked, "Is he bothering you?"

"No, no. Helping me actually, there's so many plates and not enough hands" Nasir smiled not knowing Lugo's intentions.

"Hmm" Agron added, not buying it.

After placing the sandwiches down, Nasir went to stand by Agron's side before being pulled back into his lap.

"When this meetings over, I'm gunna spread you out on this table and take you till you scream. I want everyone to know your mine." Agron whispered into Nasir's ear, causing him to shiver,

Nasir looked into the mans eyes a blushed, jiggling on his lap innocently.

True to his word, when the meeting finished Agron lagged behind, closing the door soundly before picking Nasir up and wrapping his legs around his waist.

"Oomph" Was all that Nasir uttered before his mouth was being attacked, and body being caressed by wild hands.

"I've been waiting to do this to you all morning." Agron admitted.

"We already have done this, server all times." Nasir told him, pushing his hands under Agron's shirt and feeling the ribbed flesh there.

"Mm, can't get enough of you." Agron mouthed against Nasir's neck, nipping playfully.

That's the moment a loud banging of knuckles rapped against the door.

"Oi! Love birds! Zip it up and meet us at the front, we're robbing Charlton's in ten." Duro shouted through the wood.

Both men groaned, "Later?" Agron asked hopefully.

"Later." Nsaid agreed with one last kiss to Agron's lips.

"Remember, keep yourself safe, don't give yourself away like you did last time, and more importantly, no flirting with hostages or they'll be hell to pay!" Nasir ordered from his position flush against Agron's body, much to everyone's annoyed groans and sick noises.

"Anything for you, handsome." Agron smiled, bringing Nasir in for a final, passionate kiss.

"You betta" the smaller man quipped.

"Listen to him, or me and little man are gunna run away to the alps and have a goat farm together. We've planned it. Throughly." Lugo joked, sending a wink to Nasir.

"You wouldn't." Agron asked in mock horror,

"What can I say, Lugo's taller. I do love a tall man" Nasir mused, pulling back.

"Stay with me and I promise to ravish you tonight",

"I was under the impression that was happening anyway...",


The Connotations Of Red
john, sherlock, johnlock
Sherlock practically jumped out of the cab when he reached 221B Baker Street. He threw the money at the cabbie, getting an ‘Oi!’ in return, which he didn’t take notice of. He had just returned from Scotland Yard telling Greg –Lestrade- Or whatever he calls himself about the painfully obvious scenario of how the maid had killed the owner of the house because she was deeply in love with the mistress’s son and they had planned to run away together, with mummy’s money. Sentiment. No wonder they were caught; Sherlock snorted at the emotion. Sentiment is found in the losing side.

He made his way through the door, up the stairs; taking two at the time as usual. Excitement and adrenaline coursing through his veins, he wanted to share his analysis with John because John always listened. Told him it was amazing, or bloody brilliant, or any synonym or adjective that popped into his barely used brain at that time.

“JOHN! I was right, it WAS the maid…obviously…I told you, but oh no you didn’t think she had it in her. Well your hypothesis was not all incorrect, the maid did have a hand in the killing, she wanted that old crone dead as much as Henry…our killer!, but chivalry is not dead…if that’s the right phrase. Phrases, John. I don’t see the point in them, why not explain your intentions outright instead of dressing them up and putting them into code. The human brain, well, that’s probably the only code-breaking that the average puny little brain can cope with. Stupid really. All those brain cells, so active like electric to your nerve endings, so fascinating, yet underused.” Sherlock babbled as always, he’d say he never did such a thing but John begged to differ. He was traipsing through the flat, pushing every door open to locate John and having no luck at all.

“Probably out with Sarah, no, not Sarah, the new one….Meredith? Maria? Mmmmmmm…the one that snorts when she laughs. Odious…oh! That’s it! Muriel! What a horrible name”

Sherlock could hardly keep up with John’s conquests. They all had such boring names. Maybe John actively seeked the dull ones, their names were a dead giveaway as well as their desperation to agree to a relationship so quickly after meeting said man. They were probably single for quite a while, hence their promptness in agreeing, it was annoying. Obviously this meant that there was a reason why they were not being dated, but John would never deduce this, he would just blame it on him being lucky. Luck. No such thing.

Sherlock finally gave up and slumped into the arm chair nearest to him. He sighed, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his curls. He was tired, but sleep was the enemy. He needed to be awake for when John reappeared so he could go through the case, he was planning to write an entry in his blog about it. Sherlock pulled out his phone and text him.

‘Come home when appropriate –SH’

‘By appropriate, I mean when she’s boring you to death, which is every time she opens her mouth. Better just come home now. That seems the logical thing to do –SH’

He still had no reply. Ten minutes later he decided to bombard John with texts until her replied; he knew that really annoyed him.

‘It’s urgent –SH’
‘Say I’ve been taken into hospital after a collision with a car. I’ll phone you if you would like, pretending to be from the hospital’s reception- SH’

‘For god’s sake John, answer your phone –SH’ .

“Right that’s it!” Sherlock exclaimed before selecting the ‘call’ button.

It rang for a long time, causing him to curse John in every language he knew, but then finally someone answered. Someone who wasn’t John.

“Oh, hi! Its Jim here, how are you? Still worried about your flatmate. Ohhh but when I say flatmate there’s also something else there…can’t quite put my finger on it, but I will. When I engage the bomb he’s currently wearing. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that bit, didn’t I? Oh well, you probably would have worked it out when it was too late, shame on you.” Moriaty said in his most uplifting tone.

“Let him go” Sherlock all but snarled in reply, “Oh I don’t think so…what would be the fun in that?”,
“Put John on”,

“Sorry, John can’t come to the phone right now…if you leave a message, I’ll be sure not to pass it on” Moriaty jested in an answer phone impression.

“Put. Him. On.”

Sherlock pronunciated every word, getting annoyed at his enemy’s attempts at not co-operating, “Ooooh! Someone’s getting worked up! Tell me, is it because you and John are…how should I put this? Engaged with each other? What’s it like to finally give-in to normal human instinct. Must be so frustrating. Every touch, every look, every syllable. Seem’s like you have sentiment after all. Stupid really, that’s weakness right there. I could put an end to it…by it I mean John, then you wouldn’t have to worry that pretty little head anymore…whaddaya say?”.

“You know how I detest repeating myself.”

“So that’s a no? really? Don’t wanna phone a friend? Oh yeah, I have your only friend, and you are phoning him. Do you do that often? Of course you do. You love to show off…a lot like me really”

“I’m NOTHING like you.”

“I beg to differ, and so does John here…don’t you John?”

“Put him on! NOW!”

“Tut tut, patience my dear. You see…I would, but John’s a little unconscious right now. Well…when I say little. He’s currently having dreams of tea and jam, or you, or maybe both, ill be sure to ask him when he wakes. If he wakes.”

“What have you done to him?”

“Oh nothing major, just a few broken ribs, soft tissue damage, a coupla bruises here and there, mostly on the side of his head. Sorry about that, needed to get him…ruffled”

“What do you want?”

“Well, see that’s the wrong question, I could retort with a million different answers about new designer suits, oh! Shoes! Gotta love the shoes…or I could tell you of how I would love to skin you alive. Be more specific Sherlock. Your deteriorating all the time you are living with this leech.”

“Okay, I’ll rephrase that for you. What do you want from me in return for John’s freedom?”


“Finally! We’re getting somewhere. Give me a time and place and I’ll be there”

“Now, that would be too easy wouldn’t it? I know what going through your mind now…Am I touching John? Am I hurting him? What am I going to do to him next?. I’m sure your vivid imagination has come up with numerous scenarios. The power of the imagination is the scariest tool.”

Sherlock sighed. He squeezed his eyes shut. Moriaty was right, he was imagining John lying comatose on the floor beside him, Moriaty running his hands through John’s hair, over his jumper as he spoke to him on the phone. He could see John, all battered and bruised, coughing blood and looking so damn scared it hurt. But he was not supposed to feel emotion, he locked it up in his mind palace and threw away the key long ago…but it seems as if it’s escaping. Somehow. Oozing out of the locked door like the evils from Pandora’s box. He was crumbling, he could tell. He was uses pointless, human phrases and his mind was running wild. His control was slipping. All for John.

“Ju-just stop. Please. Tell me where you are and we can talk. I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t hurt him”

“Is that the sound of the great Sherlock Holmes, begging.” Moriaty laughed.

“Yes, it is, you’ve had your fun, you’ve made me beg, just tell me where you are…I want a location.”

“My, my, how the mighty have fallen”

“Location” Sherlock forced out through gritted teeth.

“Go to your window. Look across the street. Do you see the window with the red curtains.”


“I’ve been here alllllll along, right in front of your eyes, and not once have you questioned it. Your getting slow Sherlock”

“Oh, why didn’t it see that before! That is so OBVIOUS! The window is clearly visible from any line of sight looking from this perspective. I should have seen this. Why didn’t I see this!? How utterly STUPID!!!!” Sherlock growled letting out all that pent up rage.

“Come and get meeeeeee!” Moriaty sang before dropping the line.

Sherlock rushed down the stairs, ignoring Mrs. Hudsons questions as he all but ripped the door from its hinges to get out quickly. As he reached the door to the room which he calculated had the red curtains, Sherlock took a deep breath and put his hand on the door. John was in there. His friend. His only friend. Moriarty knew him all too well and using John against him would be his biggest downfall.

“Sentiment” Sherlock tutted.

As Sherlock opened the door he could see John, strapped to a chair and a bomb. He was unconscious and the bruises were starting to show. His head was bowed in sleeplessness and his eyes moving erratically beneath their lids. He would be waking soon.

“Ah, Sherlock. So glad you could make it…I would say take a seat, but I have no furniture.” Moriarty chimed.

“Enough of the small talk. It is utterly pointless and honestly a waste of our time. How’s John?” Sherlock said, his lip curling, fist clenching, trying so desperately to get a hold of his emotions.

“You brought rage I see, annnnnndddd, something else, Fondness? Lust?...all for John? Or am I the lucky man?”

“Stop playing games and get to the point!”

“Oh, but I love games. Games are fun. Games predict if Johnny-boy here lives…or dies.”

“What are you insinuating?”

“You mean you can’t deduce that from me? John here said you were good. I don’t see how”

Sherlock turned to look at John, really look at him. He has so much faith in Sherlock it was astounding. He didn’t know why. That perplexed him more than anything had before. Did he really have so much faith in him, getting him out of this debacle alive?

“I see you’ve brought your emotions to the occasion. That was a really stupid move.”

“Maybe. Maybe not, but I tell you what is stupid. The fact that you’re here alone.”

“Oh, but that’s not true, I have Johnny here to keep me company. To make me feel at home” Moriarty said with voice like silk, walking over towards John and trailing his fingers gently down his hair, but then violently grabbing his by the scruff of his neck.

“This! This piss poor excuse for a human is what you value the most? Above even your own brother…oh don’t look at me like that…I know about Mycroft. How could I not, we have similar interests….you.”

“Let him go” Sherlock snarled, someone touching John like that really riled him up.

“Ohh not yet, I’m not done with him yet…” Moriarty emphasised this by letting John go from his grip and smoothing his hair and collar down. He continued to stroke John’s hair, much like a pet. Sherlock was quiet. Too quiet for him. The minute he looked down at John with disgust, Sherlock had moved closer.

“Uh, uh, uh. Stay back.” He pulled something from his pocket, a keyring.

“What is it with you and explosives? Isn’t this a little repetitive?”

“Don’t know the power of explosives Sherlock, they are very effective, and so very dramatic…it suits our little quarrel here very well. Guns and knives are just tools, they can be taken too easily, one slip and your opponent had the power, but explosives, they make you really think.” He brought the key ring up into the light so Sherlock could inspect it. There was a button on top. It was red.

“Nice touch. The red.”

“Ohhh, you know me. Master of detail…and death. Maybe the other way round”

“Quit being so trivial with your stereotypes and get on with it. You bore me.”

“You really shouldn’t have said that” Moriarty raised the key ring for effect and Sherlock could see what was coming. He was going to push the button. He was going to blow John up.

“WAIT! Wait. If you press that button we all go up. Now just John” Sherlock shouted, holding his hands up in front of him and edging forward.

“I’m not incompetent. I do know.”

“Just think about this, surely there’s an easier way to do this…without this much collateral. A version where you don’t die”

“Dying doesn’t bother me Sherlock, everyone dies. It how we go out. What does bother me is knowing my enemy will get away. As long as this is carried out, I will be at peace.”

“Why do you hate me so much. I don’t even know you!”

“That’s were your wrong” Moriarty smirked. He went to press the button for a second time, but Sherlock knew he’d draw it out, he was dramatic after all. That’s when he lunged. Sherlock lunged at Moriarty, holding his arm down and prying the key ring from his hands…it was all too easy.

John was waking now, groaning at his pounding head and realising he couldn’t move his arms. Right, I’m still here. He looked up, eyes adjusting to the light to see Sherlock and his capturer in a scuffle. He smiled, Sherlock had come for him. It all happened too quickly, one minute they were on the floor, tumbling and grunting, punching and kicking, and then there was gun to his head and everything stopped.

“I can still blow him up you know…this device has heat sensors, you know what that means, don’t you? That means, the second he has no pulse, the second he goes cold, or tried to get the jacket off. BOOM!” Moriarty signalled an explosion with his hands, gun still aimed at John’s head.

“Lower the gun”

“Hand me the trigger device.”

“The gun”

“The device”

“The gun” Sherlock spat.

“What makes you think you have the upper hand here? Is it the button? Well, I hate to break it to you, but all It does is make the good doctor here go boom, and that was my end result anyway. I fail to see exactly how you’re in control”

“You, always the narcissist. You love being in control, of life, and death. There is a way to stop the bomb. Its obvious, encase this didn’t turn out exactly as you planned. Of course you thought it would end in your favour, you planned it to end in your favour, but what you didn’t plan for is me tackling you for this device. You thought I wouldn’t have the guts. Too much at stake by one little move”

“There isn’t, your wrong”

“No, I’m right, you wanna know how?”

“Enlighten me”

“What you failed to put into consideration is that John was in the army.”


“So, he dealt with bombs, he knows them quite well, do you really think he wouldn’t know if something was no right, something that is not typically on a bomb, an extra switch, per say. An off button. No doubt you’ve actually marked it as such”

“Go on then, try it, see where it gets you” Moriaty smirked.

“This is all an act, I can see right through you. John, flip the switch”

John glared at Sherlock. “Oh yeah, of course I can flip the switch with my arms being free and that, they’re defiantly not tied to a chair or anything”.

“Is he always this cranky?” Moriarty almost laughed.

“ Shut it you.” John glared once more

“Coming from the man tied to a chair”

“Oh don’t underestimate me, son.”

“What are you going to do? Go all Houdini on us? Let me guess, you learnt that in the army too.”

“You wait”

“For what? Christmas? I have plans you know, I don’t traipse around following people everywhere they go like a love sick puppy”

“You what! God, you’re gunna wish I was tied to this chair once I get my bloody hands on you!” John shouted.

“SILENCE!” Sherlock shouted, John and Moriaty looking around in shock.“Thank you, you can have your little childish spat later”.

“He’s only jealous he’s not that one giving sarcastic remarks, aren’t you Sherly-baby?” Moriarty teased. John laughed.

“You lack imagination. John, stop laughing, you’ll hurt your ribs”

“What he meant to say is, your laughing will hurt your ribs, what’s the matter Sherly? Your brain malfunctioning under pressure? How sad. I tell you what is sad, your affection towards Johnny-boy here, its touching, but useless.”

“Back to the subject at hand, I’ve got a gun.”

“Okay…am I supposed to be scared? You didn’t need to state the obvious, of course your armed, it would be stupid not to considering your going into unknown territory with someone who has explosives and your…friend. I’m surprised you didn’t bring more”

Sherlock raised his gun and aimed it at Moriarty’s head. He smiled before looking down at John and asking if he was okay.

“Apart from the splitting headache, the pain in my ribs, the gun to my forehead and the bomb strapped to my chest, just great!” John moaned.

“Sounds like I’ll be doing him a favour if I shoot him, put his out of all this pain and trauma” Moriarty pushed the gun closer to John’s head in effect.

“Thanks for the offer but I’d rather not be blown to pieces if it’s all the same” John retorted.

“What you also haven’t considered is if I was to shoot you first” Sherlock thought aloud.

“Pfft! Don’t make me laugh, John would be dead before the gun had a chance to dispense the bullet.”

“I’m quick”

“And I’m quicker”

“You mind having your little pissing contest when there’s not a chance of impending death?” John groaned, he’s back was killing him, along with everything else.

“I dread to think what he’s like at home, he must drive you insane Sherlock, why on earth do you put up with him”

“I am here you know!” John made his presence know, he tried to wriggle out of the chair when Moriaty looked down on him with a disgusted glance and held the chair sturdy with his unoccupied hand.

“Put the gun down Jim, last chance” Sherlock stood his ground.

“How about you put yours down?”

“Okay.” Sherlock agreed, turning to nod at John who had got his hands free of the rope after years of being tied up and tortured in the army. Sherlock knew this. Of course he did. He made a move as if to place his gun to the ground nice and slowly, distracting, and when Moriarty smiled he turned, shot him in the lung. This caused Moriarty to shoot his gun which he thought was aimed at John’s head. He fired but John was no longer there, whilst Sherlock was attracting attention, John had slipped out of the chair and to the window, signalling for Lestrade’s team to come in.

Moriaty was on the floor, Sherlock stood on his hand and grabbed the gun. Holding both guns towards him as he backed towards John. “Are you okay?” He asked, turning to quickly look John up and down, their eyes locked. When he looked back Moriarty was gone. All that was left was a word written in blood. His blood. ‘FALL’.
Sherlock couldn’t care less about the message, he’s think it up later. He looked around and there was no sign or the psychopath, and Lestrade’s team were pounding their way up the stairs. He called them before entering the building, he knew he’d need an back-up plan. He sighed, put the guns in his coat pocket and hugged John, it was unexpected but nice, they both needed this.

“Don’t ever do this to me again John.” Sherlock commanded.

“Me!? How was this my fault, he was your enemy and after you!” John explained, voice going up an octave or two.

“It just is” Sherlock laughed.

“Of course it’s my fault, I tied myself to a chair and strapped a bomb to myself to get your attention, I wasn’t getting it any other wa-“John joked before he was interrupted by Sherlock’s mouth pressing towards his. He stilled at first, but then softly kissed back and pulled away.

“Not that I’m complaining about your sudden display of affection, but we seem to be forgetting that I have a far few explosives around me”

“Lucky explosives”

“Sherlock!” John squealed in a very un-manly manner. He wasn’t serious though, he still smiled. He wouldn’t laugh because if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop, this wasn’t how Sherlock acted, it was weird.

“Yes, John” he replied, staring into his eyes, backing him into a corner. He knew about the bomb, but he had the trigger, he was in control. “I can’t do anything without risking blowing you up, I’m waiting for the bomb squad to get here to relive you of this tight spot” he smirked. Sherlock was using innuendo. Jesus.

“O-okay” John stuttered, Sherlock was so close; they both were high with adrenaline. John could almost taste Sherlock, he could feel his breath on his face, his eyes. God. His eyes were somewhere he could get lost in. He leaned forward a little, looking up at Sherlock and then back down to his lips, checking. For what he didn’t know. He urged closer, Sherlock was smirking now, and god if he didn’t do that well. It had his stomach doing somersaults. He could feel his heart beating fiercely in his chest, he was sure Sherlock could hear it to. He swallowed.

“John, stop thinking and kiss me” Sherlock sighed

“You… stop thinking” John said in the sound of an awkward comeback, it sounded stupid, he knew it did.

“Me, stop thinking, the world would fall!” Sherlock joked.

“Here was me thinking you were modest, Mr. Ego”

“Maybe you should teach me a lesson” Sherlock’s tone dripped with suggestion.

John blushed and cleared his throat. He swallowed twice before he spoke. “Oh god yes”. They both laughed, then Sherlock leaned in and captured John’s lips in a fierce kiss, pushing him fully up against the wall; mindful of the bomb. He really wished he could run his hands down John’s chest, but he settled for his hand in his hair, claiming him for himself. “I’m glad you’re okay, I’d be lost without my blogger” Sherlock muttered in between kisses, sucking on John’s bottom lips when he’d got his point across. “Mmm” was all that John could say, it was hardly coherent and Sherlock smirked once again. How John loved that smirk. He kissed him back, deepening, trying to convey meaning, all the lost words he was too blissed to say, Sherlock was gasping and kissing back with twice as hard.

“Sherlock! John! You okay? Bomb squad are outside now, do you w-“ Lestrade called before stopping when he saw the two men entangled and lip locked. He cleared his throat, they still didn’t stop.
“Oi!” He began, still nothing.
“Look, the quicker we get that bomb off, the quicker you two can go home, we don’t know if this bloke has another trigger somewhere, or a sniper. We’ve scanned the area and nothing yet. Oh, can you two stop for a second and listen!” Greg shouted, voice raising towards the end.

Both Sherlock and John parted. Panting heavily and lips swollen from kissing. They looked at one another and then back at Greg. Unconsciously standing very close together, like they were magnets being compelled.
“Thank you” Lestrade sighed.

A member of the bomb squad made his way in, establishing the type of bomb and how many packages of explosive material there were before approaching. He took John to a corner, Sherlock followed. The bomb expert told John to stay calm, he saw the heat sensors and decided he had to disarm the bomb and sensors before it could be removed. It was simple enough, this wasn’t your average complex explosive jacket, they were pretty unpretentious to a someone who had seen more explosives than hot dinners. He had the wire cut in no time, both John and Sherlock holding their breaths and hands together when it was cut. John couldn’t get the jacket off quick enough. Sherlock couldn’t get his hands on John’s newly exposed chest fast enough.
“And they’re off” Greg grumbled, thanking the bomb unit as they left. He was going to shout a goodbye but knew they wouldn’t hear him or even care.

“I’ll question ‘em tomorrow, won’t get much out of ‘em now” he said to himself when walking out the door.

Oblivious John and Sherlock were over each other like the other was their only source of oxygen. John pulled back breathlessly.


“Flat” Sherlock agreed.


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